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  1. I think the underlying texture is unchanged but they sample more often. Clever and elegant.
  2. Sometimes there isn't a 'good' answer. This system has a lot of negative aspects that are just facts. They can't really PR their way around it.
  3. It's just to make money for people with money.
  4. The last thing official PR will ever do is answer difficult questions.
  5. New reports saying the new machines are delayed for technical reasons and also that the small one WILL dock.
  6. All I can think of is that the smaller one can only run at the slower speed (due to lack of space for a fan?) so docking isn't happening. Although I don't see why they couldn't just have a 720p video out which just mirrored the undocked mode image.
  7. Hard to see why they would take out the docking capability though. It doesn't cost anything.
  8. It's clear some people don't get on with Zelda. They want a more directed game which tells you what to do and where to go. Zelda isn't empty or boring (subjective) but it does require you to make your own way and to be the sort of person who enjoys exploration and discovery over following a set path.
  9. I really enjoyed this weeks episode. The overall plot seems to be going nowhere though.
  10. So can you order it without someone coming to your house?
  11. That's how to get answers folks.
  12. Yeah there's no online multiplayer and they don't want to say they are using off the shelf emulation. What sort of licensing agreement would be secret? If someone licenced my tech I would tell the world so more people would license it.
  13. I bought it but I still don't understand it. You just wander around pretty but boring mazes pressing the win button. It didn't even register as a game with me.
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