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  1. Fantastic rant. https://youtu.be/UKzup7XDyq8
  2. I think the underlying texture is unchanged but they sample more often. Clever and elegant.
  3. Sometimes there isn't a 'good' answer. This system has a lot of negative aspects that are just facts. They can't really PR their way around it.
  4. It's just to make money for people with money.
  5. The last thing official PR will ever do is answer difficult questions.
  6. New reports saying the new machines are delayed for technical reasons and also that the small one WILL dock.
  7. All I can think of is that the smaller one can only run at the slower speed (due to lack of space for a fan?) so docking isn't happening. Although I don't see why they couldn't just have a 720p video out which just mirrored the undocked mode image.
  8. Hard to see why they would take out the docking capability though. It doesn't cost anything.
  9. It's clear some people don't get on with Zelda. They want a more directed game which tells you what to do and where to go. Zelda isn't empty or boring (subjective) but it does require you to make your own way and to be the sort of person who enjoys exploration and discovery over following a set path.
  10. I really enjoyed this weeks episode. The overall plot seems to be going nowhere though.
  11. So can you order it without someone coming to your house?
  12. That's how to get answers folks.
  13. Yeah there's no online multiplayer and they don't want to say they are using off the shelf emulation. What sort of licensing agreement would be secret? If someone licenced my tech I would tell the world so more people would license it.
  14. I bought it but I still don't understand it. You just wander around pretty but boring mazes pressing the win button. It didn't even register as a game with me.
  15. Hey guys. I'll answer questions with happy answers.
  16. Ian Livingstone and Jon Burton are creatives and (rightly) extremely well regarded. I don't know the others.
  17. Yeah, she's dreadful in that too.
  18. With Zub we've essentially reclaimed the character and used him in our comic. We spoke to the owners of Mastertronic at the time and they had no issue anyway. In terms of the original games, personally I prefer them not to be sold commercially. I managed to get them pulled from the Vega just by voicing my objection. I like the idea that people can download them for free.
  19. Of course porting across devices is possible. They still need some kind of client on every device. I disagree about fast paced games. All games benefit from a responsive interface. Even turn based games feel shit with lag.
  20. Nope. The client could still manage whether or not you have paid. Look at the Switch NES games you get with the online sub. They are downloaded (virtually instantly) and run locally but you still need an active sub to play them. Nintendo are doing it correctly. Antstream is arse over tit.
  21. @dumpster Just to address a couple of points. 1) I wasn't complaining about Anstream not paying royalties. I was complaining that they are/were claiming to be paying the game creators when in fact they were (quite properly - legally speaking) paying the rights holders who are in almost every case different people. They seem to be using this to gain goodwill from their potential customers who really like the idea of paying the original creators. 2) There's basically never, ever a situation where a developer sells the IP to their work for a bag of cash. Well, maybe the likes of Notch. In 90% of cases the developer had no choice in the matter. Usually the publisher is funding the game and simply insists they keep the IP. Particularly evil publishers (like Infogrames) would do stuff like withhold payments on one project so we were forced to sign a crappy deal on another. It's incredibly hard for a developer to keep hold of their IP unless they are very wealthy. When we managed to hold onto our Wetrix IP (and there's a long story there) we, despite being a profitable company, were hit with two publishers having money problems and all of a sudden something a million quid was wiped off income - we had to sell* the company to save 17 jobs. Sure, Ste and I could have just fired everyone and downsized the company to just the two of us and kept the IP but that seemed like a shitty thing to do when people had mortgages to pay. Maybe we should have done that I don't know. *for nothing essentially.
  22. I think you shouldn't be making claims that you are paying the creators when you are paying the rights holders. Sometimes they are the same people but mostly they aren't. You are using claims of altruism as positive PR when you are simply running a straightforward commercial venture. As for why creators sell the rights - well mostly they have no choice in the matter. They have to pay bills and there's no union or even tradition to protect those rights. I'd like to see video game creatives protected in the way they are in the entertainment, music and book industries but that's a big wish.
  23. Thing is, nothing I or Ste said was to belittle the contribution of those on the business side. I obviously know many of those people from back in the day, often I was in that role myself.
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