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  1. Aye - final room in house so went a bit wild having free reign to do what I wanted
  2. Not been on here for a while but recently moved the gaming setup. 90% complete just calibrating the gear and plugin units in. Wife obsessed with reality TV so had to move it all to get time on the telly — hardly played anything but handheld switch for three months. I CAN close the windows for light — but couldn't really put a projector in a bright room (but nearly did). Game on
  3. Its all messed up now. Finishing top 10 generally but gets a bit wild in top 5. Still don’t fully understand a strategy for using the sticks for sending to the right people. So much fun
  4. Peaked way too early and forced to break this single streak. Super addictive, and the block movement, locking feels solid (like Tetris DX). Just wish I could move hold to a trigger vs bumper. Free too!!!
  5. Site all working now! Get a peek at some of the views from the press kit - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0q2ugrc9z3ee1r/AABLi4Fl3eLCnuxj_0Qkxijta?dl=0
  6. It's one of the mirrors we are using while DNS is sorted — whole site had to be moved.
  7. Got a mirror up now - https://d3ov7adlwesbyb.cloudfront.net/mega-sg/
  8. Worked on the product design of this for the last 12 months with Analogue — hyped today!!! Website should be back up shortly — we launched earlier today after lots of testing and it's killed the hosting server. Anybody with a VPN should be able to get on through a USA address. Moving the lot now to new hosting... shouldn't be long.
  9. I'm raising my eyebrow right now - shouldn't you be at work m8?
  10. Turned out a good thread in the end yall’
  11. Fancy term for renders. Not an advert as such - just a bit proud of helping them build the new site.
  12. We just launched the new product expression and website for Analogue — and the new console is a stunner! If you missed out on a Mini SNES... https://www.analogue.co
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