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  1. On 1/17/2017 at 13:49, Jolly said:

    My two are 6 and 4 and are both pretty big on games; Nintendo stuff mostly. I don't feel like I've pushed it too heavily on them but then my son was able to correctly identify Mario and Luigi before he got a complete handle on the difference between Mum and Dad.


    The thing I find most difficult as a gaming parent is not to be snobby about the stuff they choose to play rather than the stuff I suggest. My daughter went through a stage of playing some FTP Pokémon/Strategy game hybrid on the tablet and I could barely hide my contempt until I realised it was exactly the kind of thing my parents were doing when I was listening to music that didn't have guitars in it.


    Favourites include Smash Bros, Minecraft, Pokémon, Super Mario 3D World, and "Joy Pack Pack Rider" (Jetpack Joyride). Other hilarious mispronunciations include "Wild Luigi" and "Peter Chu" (Waluigi and Pikachu respectively).  My daughter also once swore blind there was a Pokémon called "Classic Jones".


    Shameless plug, but I often write about gaming and my children:


    And This Little PEGI Went Wah-Wah-Wah - When I lost my mind and tried to get them to play Street Fighter.


    Super Mario Mister Maker- This is when I asked them to design the box art for a bunch of games based on my description


    Judgebox Jury - When I asked them both to review inappropriate games based entirely on the front cover


    Peter Chu - god I can't breathe! Oh god!


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