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  1. Surely Skolas has scaled to the weapons — would be x2/x3 as hard otherwise?
  2. Quick update showing some of the stuff sent in. Blowing my mind with crazy styles!
  3. We are looking for a new team going forward (XO)
  4. Is anybody around right now for Skolas on Xbox One? Need +1
  5. Super - will fire a email over this week. Ace!
  6. I might be interested in this (art). Can send some examples of work etc.
  7. Thanks! Submissions coming in fast for the Mario book — as usual I'm blown away by the things people come up with. Re: other books. I've managed to secure the .com now after 10 years of trying. Going to get my work balance in check and get back into gp in a big way. Icon books will progress! Think I might have to offer something a bit less Nintendo next though!
  8. Had a mental (fun) couple of weeks back on the game. Went from lv30 to 33.5 mainly doing Moments of Triumph plus PoE 28/32/34. Just have lv35 PoE to wrap up (with Poop Who). We got kicked the other day on the last stage :/ Was hoping Variks had the last piece I need upgrading today but the twat has gauntlets. So to get to lv34 (and make skolas less of a slog) I need another Etheric Light. Q. With the update today, do I need a light to level up, or will the new system be in place so that EXP puts me up to the current max of 34? Just wondering if that would be faster than doing a PoE 34 before the 35. Argh!
  9. I've actually considered giving up gaming for good. But we must knock the dickhead out next time.
  10. The game black screened on final round last night on Poop Who and Me - nightmare. Are you still looking for somebody?
  11. Looks like I'll have to buy it. Poor Matt.
  12. Jon and I looking for a single XO player for PoE 32. Halp!
  13. I usually get up to the second disk and never push further. Did this on PS1, a ragged version on PSP and then on Vita. Controls or not, I'm going to grab this and finish the bloody thing.
  14. Coming today! http://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-vii-comes-to-ios-today-1725045496 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Xdbr60wcg "This is a port of the PC version, and it should be sufficient distraction for FFVII fans until the remake, which is currently scheduled to come out for PS4 and other platforms in 2073"
  15. Ha ace — thank you! Would love to do loads in a the series, but it's a tricky one with normal work taking up so much time. Seriously enjoy these smaller books though
  16. Update showing the two colour swatches in full effect. (Images ©Drew Wise / Game Paused). Submissions really starting to come in — always the most fun bit!
  17. It's almost like a blue slipcase that houses both of the brothers should have been planned.
  18. Haha brilliant! I don't think this would fit the format, but there is definitely room for something Ascii based. Could be super graphic and use the two colors to full effect!
  19. Luigi book is sold out in UK, but fangamer have copies. Will need a few weeks to print if I do it in the UK - not sure for a production date if FG publish it. No rush this time though!
  20. As a follow up to the small fanzine I did (Game Icons: Luigi) I thought it would be great to follow up with Mario now that we are approaching the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. I think the book will not only celebrate the legend himself, but show how he has provided creative inspiration to others. This is an open invite to everybody. The Luigi book was mainly a test run with my local printer before doing the big yellow EDIP book. It came out great and we had a lot of fun doing it, but it was based on restrictions (time, cost, postage etc.) - it was a closed invite of 32 artists to make sure it all fit in a small enough envelope to post out at reasonable costs. With this being based on Mario, and after getting a lot of disappointed emails from gamers/artists who didn't get chance to take part I've decided to make this one open to all. No page restriction, no 'famous artists only'—everything will be considered and the outcome could be a lot bigger in depth/weight than the first book. This is a good thing! Where Luigi was tall and slim, this will be short, wide and big boned. If you have fun ideas and would like to take part, please do! Rough deadline is end of September. Full Submission guide detailing the full process, artwork specification and more is available here: http://www.gamepaused.net/submissions/GP-I02-MARIO-SUBMISSIONS.pdf Luigi and Mario: Some shots showing the general vibe of the Luigi Book: The book will hopefully be produced by fangamer.net (they are handling all GP stuff atm). Failing that I'll either fund the project myself or if the scale is too large, will Kickstart it to help cover production costs. Ultimately, on top of exposure for artists, I'd like every one to receive a free copy of the book—but can't confirm that right now. There is also an opportunity for a range of designs featured in the book to be made into other products (t-shirts, posters, badges etc.) with fangamer. They would at that point open direct communication with artists and organise a deal for $ per product sold (that would be nothing to do with me at that point). Looking for fun ideas, visuals that tell a specific story or memory from peoples enjoyment of the Mario series, and generally great art styles. I mentioned at the start that it's open to everybody—do share if possible! Would be great to have some mukkers onboard. Thanks, Matt!
  21. Would love to do the hard raids! (I'm playing again), sure Jon would too! Still a lv30 but nearly 31. Getting my head around how it's changed.
  22. Wow, just wow Gary! Started playing again (today!) and managed the two dlc story bits. What is the best site with super up to date info on everything that will help me understand what everything does?!
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