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  1. Quote of the day. Madge looks dope though.
  2. Maybe stating the obvious. But with all the new armor abilities etc - prob takes a lot more time to craft maps that can't be exploited etc. Preach - yeah - they should have at least let you skin the pieces or something to make things more unique - but still, I can imagine some very creative maps. See you online sat also. Leaving for 343 like frankie - some just can't leave the halo universe...
  3. Also - it doesn't seem like anybody over there is actually playing it - just going through what the modders are reporting - map based. Crazy news is that shishka has been sacked from bungie
  4. Gaf is saying the ending is already leaked. WTF. Best keeping your head down now.
  5. LOL. Think it's been there for a while. But the 'modders' found a way to download. Buggers.
  6. Kicking off on neogaf now. Argh!
  7. Lol. I get the reference. I think a lot of this came up in the reach thread - the pro's and con's of a drop in system etc. In the end, it's terrible - spoils the fun and turns the odds either way. Maybe major penalties are the only way to stop this.
  8. The forerunner kept samples to try and find a reversal for infected. Or so the saying goes.
  9. The skirmishers are wacky like flava fav
  10. So really, it's bloody cortanas fault we are all discussing this right now. And she had a choice.
  11. The covenant were already on the weapon no?
  12. And that floating laptop is actually a dell 10 mini, with ubuntu.
  13. Nah. Noble Six is actually Guilty Spark. Serious.
  14. Not too long. But still too long.
  15. Everything in Bungie games comes from the engine right?
  16. I know you have a 360 - you're on my list from before! Next weekend probs out of the question - reach will almost be here. Leeds fest too.
  17. Anybody up for Halo on the weekend? (MP, Campaign, Firefight?) Jon? Smitty? Snow? Gonk? Anybody else? Some halo with the hyped fans?
  18. Actually yeah - looks massive there. Maybe it's because he's usually lowered down by the turret. Still a fat git though
  19. Ha. Jorge is actually my least fav character (before experiencing the campaign of course) Seems short and chubby, not exactly Spartan II vibe.
  20. Evereeebody Ged dowaaown. Arghh!
  21. Boom, badoosh. How you doing. Lol.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b-W66LvMag&feature=player_embedded#!
  23. I can imagine more 6 in the morning finishes.
  24. Not sure. But Chief/Cortana etc are all elsewhere handling their ish. I can imagine you moaning about lag in multiplayer - and that's a fact.
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