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  1. I can imagine no 'deliver' Cortana missions at all.
  2. "That's what you get for messing with a Spartan, huar". Cringe.
  3. Yeah - really bad in places. Still - the origins part 1 and 2 were interesting.
  4. Funny looking back at halo legends dvd - from a very similar timeframe - Cath Halsey is stupidly young, looking just like Cortana (and, shockingly saying every line she says from the 3 games). Looks about 40yr older in the vidoc. JRPG Style!
  5. Haha yeah. I am the best Spartan in my house at least, well I think.
  6. Kinda thought similar but the only Spartan ii is the big guy right? Bungie.net has crossed out info for noble 6, but still. Chief had other ish on is plate in the fall of reach.
  7. They are the 'best Spartans' around because its you, the player. Pretty crap vidoc tbh.
  8. Bungies last Halo - can't help but be hyped.
  9. Is Chun moving towards hawk or flying away? That is some shocking artwork. After only recently browsing through 'Capcom Design Works' it's hard to believe stuff like this was allowed to be sketched, let alone published.
  10. How come Wii Fit keeps coming into the price equation?
  11. Apple won't make an app store for desktop - they are neglecting the desktop systems already.
  12. Ordered from amazon - says it will ship on the 13th so made sure I checked 1 day delivery.
  13. I know! I only want the book though to be honest. I've wondered this before.
  14. Finally pre-ordered. (l ordered the limited, wimped out of the legendary). Hyped. Hyped. Hyped.
  15. Fair point - but Halo Wars is a different type of game - not everybody wants to play halo like that. I'm not saying I won't be interested in the next halo games - but I won't be surprised either if they lack the craft...
  16. Reply of the decade. Sorry, but that's some funny shit to me. Seriously though - it's a scary thought going forward thinking about an halo game without the dedication, craft and enthusiasm of bungie, and as big as a fan I am of halo - I'm looking forward more to what bungie brings to the table yet. Reach for many could be the last - but that can be a good thing too, IMO.
  17. Sos. Yeah meant Noble team.
  18. That's going to be leaked in minutes Are you playing as noble six, or alongside them?
  19. That fan trailer hypes me more than the official bungie one. That fan trailer hypes me more than the official bungie one.
  20. Kryton - lmao. Except for spartan armour - marines have always looked pretty drab. I guess the extra definition and better textures to bring this out more. That being said, I do think the series has lost a bit of it's 'game' feel - but damn, reach looks spectacular. Dr H is in one of the episodes on the halo animations DVD - almost every word she says is something cortana says later in the games...
  21. Missed firefight yesterday - sorry!

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