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  1. Very nice for a fan video - some great cuts and the score works sweet. HYPED.
  2. You do happen to be pretty dope with the warthog. I guess having control and movement on two analogue sticks gives one a lot more precision. And yeah, drivin' teh hog is a tonne of fun.
  3. I go the good route, every time. I'd say I'm overly aware about it too. Even in ODST - I didn't kill a single engineer (shot one a few times and it never fought back, so left them alone). In the end made it easier to get the achievement for killing 10 of them.
  4. Who are these 'noble 50'? Each to their own of course. Some families would really enjoy some of the content - but it's far fetched to see them committing to it all, especially with pricing.
  5. True - moaning of him negging, is in fact, egging him on.
  6. Loving the almost 'untextured' look of the promo images. Dark Batman, all light.
  7. Appalling sales will probably = no new games.
  8. Be nice. We would take interns on at attik and no matter how great a designer they were, if they had an attitude, bye bye. CV wise - 1 sheet is the rule. Never over designed. Focus on structure. Content wise, put the obvious, but be sure to write in the same person (a mix of 1st and 3rd is odd). Personally, 3rd. For another take on things I can DM you my cv etc. As for work samples - yeah - quality counts, but i'd maybe show a bit more than 2-3 pieces. 8-10 will show a greater set of skills - a good mix of personal and brief based work should do the trick. I always find that gamepaused.net (personal project) makes people take notice - shows I'm on with things. It's not such an hard industry to crack, seriously - in the end, no matter what, great work brings great work. I wish you luck!
  9. Exactly - this game would have been BIG back in the day. Impressed.
  10. Microdollaroft, in a russian tone.
  11. Wrap it up - you're near the end! Arcade game of the year for sure (for me at least).
  12. Bungie said something similar a couple of weeks back on the weekly update. It would be almost impossible to just 'pass it over' to 343.
  13. Reach Gold Master accepted apparently (according to HBO) - duplication! Hope they did actually put more MP maps in.
  14. The Mortal Kombat one is dark! Lol'n.
  15. Sorry, had to join in. Erect Adventures? And ant - can you stop negging me. FFS.
  16. Online co-op - xbox surely deserves this
  17. WOW. Reflection is looking seriously fresh.
  18. Now angry birds is coming to ds - it should play better with a stylus no
  19. Stating the obvious, but if there are maps based on campaign sections then fingers crossed they are just hiding them from the list. A lot of time will have been put into the MP maps FWIW
  20. Just read it now. After the ballsy statement on the cover I thought they were going to go to town on it, but yeah, they seem pretty chuffed with it. Lots of praise for Move too.
  21. Yeah H3 Campaign is great. Been wrapping up the score based achievements this week and it's been ace. Finding it best with Heroic, Tough Luck and Catch on. Jon - I know Heroic is for [insert any profanity here] - so no flaming.
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