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  1. Pwned. This ip app for iPhone didn't put me on the last page of comments, so sorry for resurrecting an older issue. Ouch. Campaign previews sounding dope! Hyped. Might finally launch an halo tee to capitalise on the hype.
  2. bcass vs the world. Funny. Personally, I usually play with a set team of people so this is an non-issue for me or team (although I'm still a bit shit so maybe the team would benefit if I quit). When I have played random team matches it has been a bit crap with people dropping or team killing, but on the whole it still feels like a team effort - not once have I felt that with cod or similar (even when playing with a real team of friends). Dropping new randoms into a game half way through just removes the team experience - IMO. bcass - sorry if I missed it, but out of curiosity which maps do you actually like?
  3. LOL. Best thing I have read on the internet today.
  4. The 1:1 thing is what we were promised all those years ago. Gotta feel sorry for Shigsy in that presentation...
  5. HAHA it was ace. On my fileshare I saved the third flag - stopping it a metre away from scoring in sudden death... Ace.
  6. Wah you should have took it. I've had one game with ant and that's all. Ginger is in Amsterdam. Par.
  7. They want to add waggle. Seriously though - for us bungie fans at least - maybe we can get some handheld gems now.
  8. Wordpress would be cool, but for something portfolio specific, indexhibit
  9. Yeah, true. I guess it knows you are actually doing what it is asking you to do though - so in theory at least, it could say, accurately tell you how much fat you burn off, because it's actually watching you do it.
  10. Canabalt is dope. Super pick up and play. Single button, but depth. Scales up perfect on iPad also.
  11. It could do wii fit better because it's more than a set of weighing scales. But yeah, couldn't care less still.
  12. I know it is slightly off topic, but my 2 year old daughter spilt a full glass of water on my renegade. Thankfully still working. Good points though, and yeah - roll on DJH2
  13. As with everything. It's all subjective. It was ace though
  14. Played it on both, enjoyed. Waggle was pointless. I remember the original teaser for Revolution - I thought I would be swinging the sword around. All in all though - a great zelda, fanboy or not.
  15. Yeah - i got the superjoy adaptor and works with my mac perfect.
  16. Lets try and remember one thing though - if nobody tries new things - how will our experiences change?
  17. The poster thing or london branding ;-D
  18. Did the vidmaster on co-op last night. Fun, but looooooong. Highway was hard - last battle way too easy.
  19. Yeah exactly. We pitched also (ATTIK) - did quite a lot of work for it also.
  20. It is. Did you see the london brand pitch that went out to, THE whole world? It shits on the design community at large, degrading what we actually do.
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