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  1. Krypt - your with us tonight, ernie told me.
  2. Wonder if we get to play as chief, and do the space jump he does from ship to ship in the book reach. If they spent a year on ODST, reach is going to be sweet.
  3. Edge gets uglier every issue, but anyways.
  4. Played on a dev kit at rare - the technology is impressive and accurate - as usual (ds, wii, iphone) - it will be the new genres/styles that will shine with this, why do we even bother thinking about how to apply these new (added, not replacement) controls to current genres? And for the record, I haven't 'waggled' for at least 6 months...
  5. No - I think he might offer a solution to gingers connection problems. Actually jon - did you purchase your broadband while you were out in india?
  6. Standard rate for freelance is £25 per hour these days, and yeah, you get what you pay for. Finding a good student is always a great way of getting quality design on the cheap cheap - they are usually more than glad to get some real work and build their portfolios - treat them nice and they will be reliable whenever you need it.
  7. Halo 2 map downloading is the same - you have to put the standard cables back in to run that part of the disk.
  8. Mad going back to halo 3 multi after firefight...
  9. It's habbo halo hotel! Amazing - really nice!
  10. Pic above - the c64 green and purple - really bright rgb - amazing colours (must use for a design...)
  11. Matthew Kenyon


    The blue one looks sweet. These were supposed to be for japan I hear though *cough* but now for US
  12. Massive Fanboy Purchased on Release Played through zelda, resi 4, galaxy, elebits etc etc Got bored Moved onto 360 Playing multiplayer on Live changed everything (funny - after live, normal wii online was poor. Mariokart - we had to keep our 360s on with our headsets to talk). Bought more games on 360 in one year of ownership than I ever did on any other system, and played them more too. My wii is keyed up, but I still don't see any game worth a dl. ... Still a fanboy though...!
  13. Hmm. Would like to know too. I got one from Lik-Sang when they had them in!
  14. Ridge Racer Rev - remember not going to school, hiding in park until mum went to work, then running back down from park to play. Classic
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