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  1. Time for that title screen Kraftwerk vibe today!
  2. 100% — the whole industry needs to do this. Integrity.
  3. I installed a few from that list that I had on 360. Super Meat Boy worked perfectly, but N+ has serious framerate issues. Not tried anything else yet (I have Mass Effect and Perfect Dark available to install). Backwards compatibility had me buzzing in the announcement, and I'm hoping the list swells asap. Dying to play REZ HD in the living room again!
  4. Ah shit! Thought it would be more in line with something like those pro razor pads last gen!
  5. ^post of the forum, 2015. <3
  6. Surprised this only has a few posts — looks great. Met Bithell last year at Eurogamer, amazing chap with a serious interest in hardcore graphic design. Loved him. This will be great.
  7. Little issue with systems in the house. One of my daughters hasn't been playing 3DS (or nintendo) much for ages, but I'd actually bought her an import New 3DS for xmas. Another daughter wants it so she needs to transfer her account back to her old 3DS (for when she does play). Problem is —it seems you can't transfer from a new 3ds to a standard 3ds. Redownloading purchases from eshop — is this still a no-no without a system transfer?
  8. Ha! I probably wouldn't have known about the pad if I hadn't wanted it so bad as a child.
  9. Yeah, around 250 copies left only; all at Fangamer.net Briefly looked at options for a reprint/publisher deal but client work keeps getting in the way. Got this picture sent of Nolan Bushnell reading his copy though; made the whole gruelling process worthwhile
  10. Yeah - Jon fell asleep mid game (party leader) and his character was just spinning around on the spot. Chuffing pillock.
  11. I'm popping on in 10. Wah is on that's a four.
  12. It was baby steps, but a mix of party chat / edgy music / rush of police made it a real heart racing experience. If it gets better from tutorial stage onwards can't wait. Think this + Destiny raid are the beginnings of a greater depth in team interaction for mp going forward. This gen is really shaping up!
  13. Imagine Animal Crossing on Mobile though. I'd still be playing it.
  14. True. And to be fair — I've filled in (onto my account!) all my kids games. Still, it's not hard to see that their market is pretty much 30+ nostalgia. Two of my kids heavily raised on Nintendo now hardly touch their handhelds. I'm a bad parent!
  15. I fully agree on filling them in fast with no attention (for every bit you have to fill in with actual text, I always answer MARIO no matter what the product/game). But for what it's worth — those age numbers look like people paused for a second and selected the correct age; the first option would be <12 no?
  16. Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest Exceptional platforming action with an almost endless amount of levels and collectables. Level design is outstanding; and Olaf's huge array of special abilities makes the whole journey through Arendalle one of the most memorable in recent years. Comedy fun is enjoyable throughout and will have even the most stubborn of gamers laughing with joy. Voice acting performance (and killer soundtrack) combined with vibrant graphics show that Disney really know what they are doing. Probably one of the best handled licenses ever seen on a gaming platform.
  17. Play the 500gb meta-game. Put games 'to complete' as pins on your home screen — once wrapped up/done, remove and delete! Working for me at least, both making me play games properly and reminding me about the pile of shame.
  18. AR beards all over the house Hipsters play Atari.
  19. Yeah but they could shrink it to normal glasses. Which nobody likes to wear.
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