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  1. ZX Speccy four eyes, can't wait. Like life, technology always finds a way. They will find ways to shrink it down, make wireless, figure something out for rgb to work etc. I think the bigger problems AR faces is more to do with user behaivior rather than is it possible. Outside gaming/tech lovers; who would use/wear any of it? Think we are looking at something that will need years of (mind) change for it to be something a general user would be comfortable to use on a daily basis. Makes sense for gaming I'm all up for immersion. Outside of entertainment, I'm not sure. I can change a lightbulb myself, and even as a tech lover, I'm not sure how invasive this all looks. Imagine a UI over your baby saying the nappy is 67% full (the kind of 'innovation' app developers now come up with), it's like our basic instincts are being replaced. Holy shit I'm getting old now.
  2. Oh I forgot to reply to the DM - sorry! If nobody wants it I can sort it out Best thing everybody has said about it - thank you! I'm hoping it can still do the same in ten years time
  3. Regardless of how the content is stored, it's the content we want/pay for. That's the true value. I'm mainly digital with everything now, and the convenience outweighs everything else. That being said, it's still scary that at any point in time, we could lose all our purchases. It's deffo a service issue though like said above. I've still got my original 360 to play arcade games on, and some discs left too; the fear here is more towards the 360 actually dying (like it has done three times before). Since going mostly digital, I've found myself buying tonnes more game related merch and art books/albums. This for me has a similar longevity to itI'll fondly remember games and times through these items as much as I would with boxed/physical media.
  4. A lot of grime/hiphop artists name check tonnes of games. D Double E (Grime MC) did a full track about Streetfighter: For true nerd rap though — check everything out by Y T Cracker! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPCy5fT_qkE Can't forget Biggies lyric "Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn't picture this".
  5. Jon asked me to play at midnight - then had a right doozy because I said no.
  6. Anyway — who is playing some of this broken game tonight?! Jon is in! Wah? Boris? Krypt? You coming on Smitty?
  7. At launch we were all criticising them you pillock. We lived through all the bugs. We swore after waiting for two hours for a game and wished somebody would give bungie a call. We even pulled down 343 in this very thread when people were mentioning that 343 staff would be putting in hours late to fix it. You're not getting the point — you hadn't experienced any of it but was so sure about the 'state' of it. Like moaning about the oversteer on a 911 when all you have driven is a focus — doesn't make sense for you to endlessly moan about it. Adult. I'm not the one telling people they suck cock. Smile. Play some games. Fuck off.
  8. The larger problem is taking everything as an insult smitty. Smile, and the world smiles with you! x
  9. I was asked how MS cock tasted too, many pages ago. I'm seeing a theme for our new clan name at least.
  10. Felt dirty kissing two ladies. Edit: Just posting photo proof once and for all that i'm not just cuddling a bloody XO in an empty room.
  11. For the last time Smitty — I'm not in bed with microsoft, at all. Stop mixing up 'me defending things' with you 'putting things down'. Fair lady Microsoft's honour?. Smitty pls. The post you are referencing was based around you slagging things off (as usual) about games you have yet to play (as usual). Stop telling people to grow up, and grow up. Go play some games Smitty.
  12. So much cock talk smitty. You said the same to me a few weeks ago. Not getting enough?
  13. Purchased a New 3DS from AUS last year, and love it. Still wondered why I didn't get an email though. Logged in the other day and checked the 'promotional' email checkboxes on account — and just now received an email saying I am eligible for an Ambassador edition. Problem is — it wont let me login!? :/
  14. Exactly the same story. We would alternate with mario kart, fzero and snowboard kids every weekend - stoned up until 5am, then watch the tellitubbies. Great times.
  15. I loved GX but it was a very solo affair for me, in a period where my friends and I had just got to an age where we stopped going round to each other's houses to play games; and before online play. Compared to the N64 days, everything on the cube was like this. Not sure if friends/nostalgia, but X left a lasting impression on me. That 'silence' track is still brought up in pissed up memory talks in the pub.
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