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  1. Played about 15 levels today, it's delightful. Girlfriend says/suggests "why don't you play on your 3ds later so I can play that mushroom game?". First game in years she has taken notice of and wants to play.
  2. Rez HD. But it's the same every year. Real best game for me this year was XBox Live. Finally having most of the old crew from 360 back online and playing again; gaming doesn't get any better. Rllmuk has been a fun game to play this year too, some fun times and some real tough end boss levels (Smitty & Angel providing some of the best boss moments I've ever had on the Internet). Every Day is Play book got the most hours, literally spent around six months solid on that game, but the gold rewards at the end made it worthwhile.
  3. PG Tips: I love the 80s Edition
  4. Some funny games last night, and generally no nonense with getting games. Dropped the bloody bomb, but lol - http://xboxclips.com/gamepaused/6537e29c-87f7-4805-827a-3d4d76d7aa77
  5. I was sat on couch and I said "Emma pass me the pad" and I didn't even have to move.
  6. Friends been fine for me - but whenever you have been online, your tag has popped up every 15-20 mins saying you're online. Funnily, as I wrote this paragraph, it just did it again. XO UI has been hanging though, but no idea why. Couldn't wipe my account on ps4 earlier until psn let me login. Finally did it and it's packed and already sold. Only other issue I've had today with the bloody fiasco is not being able to connect to psn store with the Vita. 3DS rescued the day.
  7. Condescending yeah, but damn you should have a blog. Great post.
  8. lolkids need those networks to tweet/post about their l33t haxz
  9. Yeah I was trying to be funny but also actually explain myself too, it's all good.
  10. I grabbed an Xbox headset adapter a while back for using my astro a30 originals. After updating the firmware on pad, I'm still getting some noise on the headset; amplified when having the chat/voice set closer to voice. Astro have a firmware update for the actual amp that comes with the a30s, but it's for a newer model (amp pro). Anybody know about updates for the original?
  11. I'm sure a billion non working ten child mums would be going mental, but I'm not going to generalise a community. Think my point is the fury people would have on a largely used free service. For services we are paying for, this is hugely unacceptable.
  12. Imagine if gmail or Facebook went down for 3-4 days. Don't know what my point is but let's all just imagine the madness.
  13. Still feel halo gets the 'team' feel right. Throwing a flag over a grav lift and a friend grabbing it the other side - never ever gets old. Older halo maps have an iconic feel, you know where you are immediately when spawning, and the whole game changes pace depending on what weapons you're holding. Think this is what destiny was lacking after the honeymoon period. Extra realism ultimately looses the 'game' feel that Halo is. For me though, I think some of the pull is just loving it and being used to it; after spending a few years playing with some great friends. Every game I've played of Titanfall is crazy exciting, but I don't think I've put enough time into it to truly appreciate it all so I default to wanting/yearning Halo. It's obvious why they (Bungie/343) added so much more and changed it though, shooters need change and also need to keep pace with what new gamers expect. In the end, I'd be happy to play any shooter as long as the full crew are playing, truly think that's where the fun/stories really are.
  14. Next level baiting, Remastered HD
  15. I was drunk on Boxing Day and real life dropped to around 14fps.
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