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  1. Can't seem to get a poll working. Should we pursue this for 2015?
  2. Oh — Halo 5 beta officially begins tomorrow!
  3. It might just be me that can't spot 2 duplicate frames happening for 33ms; either my age or that I'm sliding around a corner dodging shells and having fun. Whatever the case, it's not glaringly obvious. If I see it next time I play I'll probably trade the game in. Back to XO, just sat down to finish Game of Thrones short but sweet. Looking forward to the next episodes.
  4. Mail me in the new year (play@gamepaused.net) and we can sort something out
  5. Yeah - maybe there is an optimal way of playing it for the smoothest rate. Final warthog run always seems choppy, but not sure if that is partly art direction; adding to the destruction feel and feeling unpredictable throughout.
  6. Had slowdown on most levels in h3 on an heroic run. Had a few skulls turned on to aim for par scores (grenades going everywhere). Generally have the non-scoring skulls on too for lols (party head shots and mega explosions). Think all the physics etc adds up to the drops.
  7. I can understand seeing a game drop to 50fps from 60fps from a visual point of view, but seeing a doubled frame every 33ms per second seems impossible unless you're superman with MLG yellow glasses on, on a large bag of fet. The 59fps is happening in Mario Kart of course, just can't see (lol, intended) how without measuring the frame rate using computers, anybody can see it at all. Halo 3 has visually dipped for me, not played enough of H2 on single player to notice anything.
  8. Yeah makes sense. Best thing for me with the kinect is the IR blast. I've finally sorted the settings for the TV (Panasonic) which needs a longer blast than other makes. The kinect is now properly turning on and off the TV on startup/shutdown. Found the hotel mode on TV too so it's booting directly to HDMI without a bloody av button press. Jon done the same with an £8 cable thing though! Xbox on, or a press on the media remote boots everything up = love it.
  9. I'd be more than happy to let people come and pick a copy up - so many haven't arrived with people that I'd rather not post anything out ever again. Got the special posters in too; which people would be more than welcome to take one.
  10. I'd always thought that the standard headset should have been able to do it. It's usually in game you need the voice commands (at least for me).
  11. Also think that snapping apps is a bit slow/laggy at times, especially when compared to the quick menu on 360. A constant joke when playing in a party online is my inability to double click the home button - no matter how fast or slow I click, it takes me home instead of showing the new quick menu around 99.5% of the time. Think it's the button itself though.
  12. Windows 8 feel made me a bit uneasy too, but I think the boxes are the simplest way of showing the info/content with good context. Saying that, I've ended up pinning nearly all my games so I can get to them straight away. Keep telling myself I'll removed the pin once a game is complete, but my digital pile of shame is getting out of hand. Not had my PS4 on for ages, but the long horizontal list would be madness if I had the 25+ games I have pinned from the xbox on that UI. The large boxes on XO also give enough pull to content; It's really easy to spot things on a single view. Disregarding the subjectivity around the visual style, I'm certain the interface is more than usable because my girlfriend and daughters can navigate it all with both the joypad and media remote; across games, tv, Netflix etc. Rarely asked for help - which happens with the Apple TV, iMac and Wii U. Bigger issues for me from an experience PoV are really my controller disconnecting if my knee is in front of it, and the sound issues sometimes when going from dash back to game.
  13. If I land the pub deal it will be available everywhere. I've a few copies at studio - where do you live?
  14. I've explained my point over the last few hours while defending my original post. What more do you want from me?
  15. Think you've missed my point. Think this has run its course. All good.
  16. So silly in here. How am I being an hypocrite?
  17. That would be silly surely? XD
  18. Nice^ This gets to my point of ways people can make it all better - your friend is actually on the team. Instead of people saying how shit it is, maybe the discussion could be about how it could be better could be passed on this way and actually be heard. Also, looks like MS have a lot of roles available https://www.linkedin.com/job/microsoft/ui-designer-jobs/ Get your CVs together peeps!
  19. And there's being literal, yet the fact remains that there are things people can do to help a company make a product better. Am I being silly about this? But yep, Skype is a bag of bollocks no doubt about it.
  20. Speaking with Chronicle Books about a proper publishing deal. Trouble with doing another run myself is cost of starting it up again, would be a new job, so around £20k just for the books (1500). Had a bad experience in general with Royal Mail and then shipping houses; so really want to just pass the files on this time and have somebody else handle it all. Still shocked they sold out so fast - and thanks for still being interested!
  21. Remember - you can be anything you dream to be!
  22. My original comment was in response to no criticisms at all - just that both console UI designs were 'shit'. For what it's worth, my design partner left a few years ago, with no formal design training and is now a senior UI guy at Skype. It's not that hard to get good roles anywhere.
  23. I agree with the criticisms, and I've some that nobody has even mentioned. My point is more about doing something about it, rather than just speak about it again and again; on forum that nobody who can action change will take note of. Nearly 34 and just bored with the negativity everywhere, not just on here. Might be trying to push the opposite a bit much here though - and it always ends up in a little scuffle over not much. Sorry for being a positive friendly twat all the time.
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