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  1. Really enjoyed first two episodes, looking forward to next week’s. Making the main character was a nice change to the movie.
  2. The Call Of The Wild Always loved dogs, was crying within 10 minutes! Falls off in the last act a bit, but lovely up to that. Great to see the lass off The Expanse 3.5/5
  3. Lethal Weapon Never noticed the Free South Africa sign on Murtaugh’s fridge before. 4/5
  4. River’s Edge Much closer to my adolescent experience than the 80’s movies I adored (John Hughes), Crispin Glover dials it up to 11 while Keane Reeves and the girl from Say Anything bring a little glamour. Dennis Hopper meets his match with the film’s other crazy. A true hidden 80’s gem. 4/5
  5. Alita: Battle Angel Doesn’t have an ending... 2.5/5
  6. Me and Mrs Spags have played a fair amount of Everdell and more recently the Pearlbrook expansion which adds in a new resource and higher scoring event pieces to aim for but didn’t really blow me away (good to get new construction and critter cards tho). We played the Spirecrest expansion this afternoon and if you dig Everdell it’s a fantastic addition. You get a mountain section that attaches to the bottom of the original board with your new rabbit traveller going on an adventure at each change of season. The weather element presents new challenges to the fundamental town building aspect of Everdell, the big critters are great and the map tiles are something new to get resources for. The missus beat me by 2 points (the last few games have been 1 point in it) so it’s not broken the wonderful balance at play. Took a couple of hours and can’t wait to get back for another go.
  7. My ship from No Man’s Sky
  8. Did this awkward slave Leia yesterday for May The 4th day.
  9. Part of my lockdown virtual socialising has revolved around regular sessions of Ghost Recon Wildlands with some old school mates. It wasn’t long before I started getting into the collecting side of the game with all this time on my hands, mainly hunting down guns, upgrades and medals. However, I’ve recently switched on Tier 1 mode which gives you prestige points each time you progress a level that can be spent on a random loot crates. You get guns and costumes, but I’m obsessively after the different vehicles you can have the rebels call in for you. But to be honest this was just an excuse to post these pics of how a gas mask I got from a prestige crate has made the cutscenes terrifying.
  10. More samurai rabbit...
  11. Oof, this is rubbish. At point I said to Mrs Spags that the flashbacks to potatohead’s earlier life would be much more interesting to watch. Then they proved me wrong. I still don’t understand why they made the character in Shogun World look like an actual Yakuza boss. I’ve been playing a stupid amount of Ghost Recon Wildlands lately and so have the show runners it would seem. I thought maybe I was losing it during that part...I even said out loud “synch shot”.
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