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  1. I've learned to love Bugs off Pearl Jam's Vitalogy. I used to dislike the Dinosaur Jr songs that Lou Barlow sings because his voice is so jarringly different to J's...but even that I've come around too. I think I've become more easy going in my old age. Love Song by Alice in Chains on SAP is a hard pass tho.
  2. The biggest mystery hanging over that episode was
  3. Yeah, I binged this a was back - great show. I'm a sucker for that Boston accent/attitude.
  4. I had another pop at this, seems that running around like a madman is a legit strategy. Also looked at the skill tree for the first time...damn son! OK, getting sucked into this game. I’ve got a shotgun that is stupidly powerful and heals me, plus I can set the rounds on fire with my ability and just got some trousers that lets me do it to two full clips. This is like Resi4 Mercenaries on crack! Its got to be said, the teeth in this game are ridiculous.
  5. OK, I seemed to be getting peppered running from cover to cover - I guess I have to level up to bullet sponge status then run around setting enemies on fire. I'll put some more time into it and see if it clicks.
  6. Seriously? So I should be playing it like Gears then? Hmmm might just play Gears.
  7. I had a go at this last night since its on Game Pass, only played through to the first fight in the basement of the town place you are taken to so don't want to judge it too harshly - but its certainly not Destiny. I don't think it helped that I created a character who looks like a tall baby with a mohawk. Does this have a jump button or do you have to level up your abilities to be able to jump?
  8. This sounds like the most hardcore game ever! All those obstacles to overcome and thats before you can even play the thing...which I really want to as it sounds great. This gen is the ultimate prick tease.
  9. I made the mistake of biggin' her up for not being part of the Sex and the City reunion - if I was my wife I’d still be taking the piss out of me for that one.
  10. Evan Peters is great in this, really enjoying his partnership with Winslet. I spent the first three episodes thinking Kim Cattrall was growing old gracefully until the wife set me straight...
  11. I was all in on Fields so when the Bears traded up and snatched him I was sad, then Jets trading in front of us I was shook! But we got a QB, who walked onto the stage like Joker leaving the hospital...I'm excited!
  12. I give Bucky a pass on this one, mainly because he’s character has always been pretty one note and they didn’t really mess with that. Everyone else, especially Sharon Carter, have come out the other side of this worse off. That final was laugh out loud bad.
  13. It’s great with two players, we played it so much we got the European Birds expansion after a couple of weeks. Fantastic game!
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