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  1. Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011) I’ve not seen the original, but Takashi Miike’s retelling of a tale of struggling ronin and social injustice in 17th century Japan had some great surprises along the way. Gut and heart wrenching in equal measure. 4.5/5
  2. I’ve been playing on medium mainly using water stance and mostly it’s been an absolute pleasure massively dominating every enemy I step to - duels and pole bastards are the only time I need to apply any thought to sword combat. Instead I’ve been having great fun with all the various gadgets, especially enjoying the
  3. For me the main draw (pun intended) is moments like this one, the anticipation during the build up, the flash of perfectly executed action, the iconic pose as the opponent pauses and then slumps to the ground. Of course there’s other stuff to enjoy but this right here is the shit!
  4. The block war bit was great, but yeah it’s a tough one. The ABC Warrior looked pretty dope...
  5. Thanks for the talk about holding triangle for those flurry attacks, been mixing these into my fights a lot more and they’re super effective. Went looking for a certain boss fight in act 2 and came across Those guys that set their swords on fire can fuck right off, got done in a standoff for first time in ages by one. They made an enemy that day! We’ll more of an enemy...whatever, they gonna die!
  6. To be fair that bit when Ellie and Joel are walking to her birthday present looked ropey as fuck...
  7. Outfit switching is the new weapon switching! They should have set it to a dial like the stances.
  8. Mate wanted me to do a Naruto for his son, I think he may have wanted the slightly older version tho. I prefer the cheeky younger one so really hope he likes it. Was strange drawing something for somebody else, bit more pressure not to fuck it up I guess. Really enjoyed doing it, markers are so unforgiving but at this size they’re a bit easier to control.
  9. I’m at a point now early into the second island where
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