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  1. Yeah, I got wrecked so bad at the start by his mates that when I got born again hard I went hunting him. I do have a gloom helmet, but I don't think it's part of the same set.
  2. I do like the potential for combinations of stuff in this game. Spoiler for previously mentioned weapon and depths costume.
  3. You get those from a certain enemy, they have an element to them which means you tend not to use them for long... You'll see when you get one...not sure if you can fuse anything to them, will have to give that a go.
  4. I just made the 36 sword by fusing a bit I got off one of the robot dudes I found in a camp in the marshlands. Not hit anybody with it yet. I think the spear was from the same place. I get through weapons pretty quickly, there have been a few weapons and shields that I miss when they break. I do love the cuddly toy shield...just because it looks cool when ascending through stuff.
  5. Hee Hee, I went the other way… So I’m 63 Shrines, 68 Lightroots, 3 Sages and 35 seeds having played 90+ hours. Weird thing is I feel like I’m only just getting started still.
  6. I do have a nasty feeling about that, so going to try and just get enough for one more cell bit then put my fingers in my ears...as you say, Summer is coming.
  7. Been beating up the big fellas in the depths! Nearly there…
  8. Michael Shannon Amy Smart Jeff Bridges Samantha Morton Billy Crudup Steve Buscemi Denzel Washington Hailee Steinfeld John Cusack Ana de Armas Nicolas Cage Rosie Perez Keanu Reeves Margot Robbie Samuel L. Jackson
  9. I had to get out of the depths for a bit. Went topside, put on some classic Link clothing and equipped my shield with the cuddle toy fussed to it, did some shopping and some cooking, bought some
  10. How long does it take for the refineries to restock? I’ve just realised that I’ve been over mining and have more resources than I can spend right now!
  11. If you get sick of the skeletons that appear at night where you have to chase their stupid heads as they roll about...
  12. My current nemesis in the down deep is I feel sorry for its kids as I’m their nemesis.
  13. Happy Birthday Day! My TOTK widow came home yesterday while I was playing, stopped to watch me for a bit then started laughing. It drew attention to something I'd forgotten I was doing which is when an NPC asks Link where Zelda is or whats going on and he does the explaining hands gesture moment, I fill in that gap quickly explaining to them, like "Zelda still missing, we need to meet your ancestor so you can come adventure, I'm gonna fuse your cuddle toy to my shield!"... Not just me, right..?
  14. I love the X on the map you get in the Depths. It sent me on a two day mission trying to get to it which involved
  15. I’d hit up the towers and do the glyphs for a bit…see what other stuff you get into while doing those.
  16. It's an odd show. I decided to stop watching it when
  17. The only bug I’ve had in this game after stupid amount of hours played is the shrine music cutting out briefly for a second. Seriously, that’s it!
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