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  1. Made some progress today, getting tooled up! Thought I’d be finished this weekend but still got the wing and all those tiny stickers to do. Good value for money this, innit!?
  2. At times it was great! At others it was like that
  3. Anybody come across this problem? These two pieces are meant to just slot in under the yellow vents but the slots are bigger than the connection so they just fall straight out? The build has been so well engineered so far it seems insane that this could be a manufacturing fault. I guess I could leave them off, but hoping it’s something I’m missing? Edit - nevermind, some how it clipped together in the end - no idea what it’s clipping to in there, must be magic!
  4. Don’t wait for me, post away - I love looking at pics of these kits! Gratuitous cock shot...
  5. I’m trying not to rushing it but glad the legs are done now. Getting into the panel lining groove - pun intended...
  6. I cracked open my first gunpla box last night, I’m completely new to this but after going down a Gundam rabbit hole recently decided I’d give the RX-93 a go. First thought was “boy, there are a lot of plastic sheets and their individual letter codes aren’t the easiest thing to spot”. I’ve seen vids of people creating separators to put them in order and had lolled at the idea, but now I understand. With the instructions pulling from several sheets for one piece it makes sense, but for now I’m happy enough diggin through the pile. I bet the higher grade ones are crazy with it. Anyways, started c
  7. Probably old news but been listening to a podcast by Prince Paul and Open Mike Eagle called 'What had happened was" - it's nice.
  8. I vote MG Hi-Nu ver Ka, just to spice things up...
  9. For anybody that scrolled past this one let me just say... Melissa George is in this!
  10. Rocket’s face when they do the hyper jumps tho...
  11. Get Wes Anderson to do it then?
  12. This was a brilliant watch, ended up bingeing the last few episodes. Harold Torres is a bad motherfucker!
  13. I'm watching it as a prequel to The Expanse.
  14. I’ve started watching the alternate space race series For All Mankind and really enjoying it so far. I’m only about 5 episodes in but very interested to see where it goes.
  15. I watched this, it’s proper trash and I kept thinking the hotel manager was Slipping Kimmie from Better Call Saul taking the piss.
  16. The first episode didn’t grip me, probably because the characters haven’t yet been established which left the drama somewhat empty. I like the casting tho and the scale is impressive enough that I’ll certainly continue with it.
  17. Was I meant to understand what happened
  18. The Dig A lovely score, some charming cinematography and fine acting made for a rather enjoyable Sunday evening watch. 3 and 1 half crumpets out of 5
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