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  1. I feel like the child wasn't a product of either and isn't actually real - well, as real as Joi is real, but neither human or replicant. I like that the first film has this preoccupation with whether Decker is human or a replicant, but the second resolves this issue by saying that ultimately it doesn't really matter. He loved Rachel, K loved Joi and Deckard decides to accept what is presented to him, as unlikely as it seems.
  2. Wow, is this the secret project David Lynch has been working on - looks stunning!
  3. Stop what you are doing and go watch Jibaro episode of Love Death + Robots!!!! 17 minutes of pure amaze!
  4. You've put Manhunt at number 1 Seriously tho, you've pointed out an error on mine, I've not put in Cuphead!
  5. More Star Wars…I’m such an unoriginal geek. Progress pic because I always enjoy these when other people do them.
  6. 1. Viewtiful Joe 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 3. Resident Evil 4 4. Killer7 5. Valkyria Chronicles (video game) 6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 7. Metroid Prime 8. The Last Of Us Part II 9. Bayonetta 10. Returnal 11. Rez (video game) 12. Ikaruga 13. Ōkami 14. Shadow of the Colossus 15. No Man’s Sky 16. Horizon Zero Dawn 17. Ghost of Tsushima 18. Cyberpunk 2077 19. Left 4 Dead 20. Portal 2
  7. Another big up for this recommendation - I'm always living with huge dog want so this was perfect for a Sunday evening watch.
  8. Huge letdown of a final episode in a show that had some wonderful moments, and some really poor ones.
  9. Just used the marker pen for this playing about with opacity. Trying to loosen up and avoid drawing black lines around everything!
  10. I was starting to lose enthusiasm for the series by episode 6, but the last 2 pulled me right back in! The CGI is weirdly shite considering how great some of the cinematography is. Hopefully they fix that next season. Hopefully there will be a next season.
  11. Been wanting to draw this cockpit shot since he jumped into that reconditioned N-1 starfighter.
  12. Playing with the marker pen in clip studio paint.
  13. 20 minutes into The Pentaverate and it if continues at this level then I won’t be watching episode two… Fucking hell that was bad!
  14. That dude with the big head is never not gonna be funny...
  15. Did a redraw of Aloy to play with the lasso tool. Rewatched Rogue One at the weekend, since it’s Star Wars Day here’s a quick sketch.
  16. Isn’t it in keeping with the way the blue creatures talk? I’ve not seen it since the cinema so may have that wrong, plus I’m hungover.
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