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  1. From what I've seen they've managed to walk that line and walk it very well. There seems to be a clear distinction between what is happening with Steven and what the show is doing with Egyptian mythology/superhero fantasy - at least so far. I was so involved in the human drama of the latest episode that I almost forgot I was watching a Marvel Superhero show. Isaac is such a great actor!
  2. Just finished watching this, the characters really grew on me. Last few episodes were excellent and I laughed out loud often!
  3. I'd like to see half the sequel based around Gordon and Batman's relationship growing in a prequel to The Batman way (so everybody is weirded out by him and he still feels like a freak) and capturing and then the second half based around recapturing and him doing heroic stuff.
  4. Those last couple of episodes were even crazier than I’d hoped!
  5. More digital doodling.
  6. How It Ends Needed to really knock it out of the park in the final act…it certainly did not. 1/5
  7. I mean if I wasn't self-isolating then maybe Handsome Boy Modeling School... but yeah.
  8. Yes, it is a shame that you can't now get back to that wonderful balance of the first series. Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
  9. Saw it last night and glad it felt different enough from the previous Batmen. He's more like a tank in this one, initially I though "man, he's got some heavy boots", then realised he's just completely covered in bulletproofing. Those clunking footsteps as he stomps out of the shadows and into the next fistfight, pretty far from Ninja Batman. He really needs his grapple gun just to get around in that thing. The first crime scene scene is probably my fav thing about the film, the way everybody is reacting to him. Gonna have to watch it again for that bit alone.
  10. Metal Lords As cringe as you think it’s gonna be. 1/5 Exposed Apparently the studio butchered this one, which considering the subject matter is in very poor taste. Director took their name off it. Keanu sleep walks through his scenes (except for a comedy outburst in his car), Ana gets a pass this time…Still, great to see Big Daddy Kane in a movie, shame it was in this mess. 1/5
  11. That shot of the desert was all the eye candy I’d been waiting for!
  12. Lost In Space 4/5 Binged seasons 2 and 3 over the last couple of days due to COVID and really enjoyed it. The high level of effects held up throughout and the cast really grew on me. Very satisfying conclusion too. Of course I’m sick so probably shouldn’t take me at my word right now.
  13. Outer Range didn’t really grab me in the way I’d hoped. Maybe because everything shown is about the concept so characters aren’t given any space to grow? Two episodes in of course, will stick with it. Cast is good. Regarding the mystery:
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