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  1. Finished this, although the temptation to keep messing about with it is huge! I’ll probably redo the mouth at some point.
  2. Bull A very poor man’s Dead Man’s Shoes…that ending, oh my days! 2.5/5
  3. I think he was just being a prick.
  4. Chill game becomes even more chill!
  5. Enjoying this despite feeling there are too many main characters. My fav thing is Steven’s little mumbled comments, very amusing.
  6. Finally got to see the finale and it was bloody awesome! What.a.show!
  7. I'll look into the Zorn limited palette, thanks for the suggestion, I'm using the oil paint brush so thats good to hear. I know that the answer is always keep practicing...
  8. Trying to push myself out of doing line art drawings and get my head around digital painting. Doing an Aloy piece mainly to have a go at skin tones and it's proper hard! Feel like I'm making some progress with it - although it took me longer than it should to realise I have a colour picker shortcut on the pen... Pretty happy with the eyes and nose, but really want to nail the lip bite - at the moment she looks like snaggle tooth though. More work needed on the chin (its wandering off to the left) and cheeks (feel too flat). If anybody has any pointers I'm all ears (thankfully didn't have to paint her ears)!
  9. All the old knives Enjoyed the switching timelines/Chris Pines 3/5 Pandorum Great set, but the whisper to shouty monster ratio was too much for me. 2/5
  10. Enjoying the album a lot - the lead singer does wander over into Lana Del Rey territory a little too often for my liking. Initially I thought she was spoofing her, but clearly no. Still, good stuff.
  11. Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness. Love me some Brolin, looking forward to this one! Trailer of course shows maybe too much...
  12. The Blu of Drive was actually stunning on my OLED, can't imagine the UHD improving on that...may have to get it to see...
  13. I’ve got serious mask envy. Trying to find an Apex Stormbird to fight is proving near impossible...game is only spawning the diet coke version.
  14. You can now switch off the pick up resources animation in the settings speeding that process right up. Now just need an auto pick up option like in The Last Of Us 2. In other news I did the 'wings of the ten' mission last night - game keeps getting better.
  15. I was doing the same and got to say that is a mistake - the side quests are often brilliant and take you to some stunning locations that you'd likely never see from just roaming the land doing the main quest.
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