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  1. Still can’t work out what that first frame is, but got it on the second.
  2. That was the method I ended up using too, but for some reason I had run out of wood to make arrows so ended up having to use everything in my weapons wheel and then all the traps I had available. Great fun fight in the end.
  3. Its hard to do as it reframes what you are watching, like I used to enjoy Kevin Spacey 'playing' a bad guy...
  4. The Happening is great! It depicts the human race under attack by an invisible enemy that forces sane people to take their own lives, desperate to understand what is actually happening a theory is offered that the planets ecosystem - more specifically it's plant life - could be responsible. It's the sort of hokey plot that you'd expect from a 1950s era Science Fiction film, such as The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Instead of Communism, we have our current preoccupation with the climate crisis. Viewed as a modern attempt at this classic genre I believe that The Happening was one of the most enjoyable films out in 2008. Mark Wahlberg is superb as the vacant school teacher desperately trying to wrap his head around the unexplainable, while queen of kookiness Zooey Deschanel makes the perfect partner for him. The acting is as joyfully hammy as the script and as amusing to watch as the elaborate suicide scenes. People get too hung up on M Night Shyamalan's intentions, saying he had not set out to make a comedy throwback movie to a more innocent time, but I have nothing but sympathy for them...with the right mindset this truly is a four star film.
  5. It’s not pulled me back for the latest episode, just too glib for me.
  6. The DLC is great, I’d forgotten how fast this game is. Didn’t make it very far but I’m sure I’ll be knocking the rust off soon enough. I can’t believe they’ve given this away for free tbh. I take it the trick is to get to the exit point as quickly as possible once you’ve cleared the room to stop the multiplier from falling? You then get caught in the dilemma of collecting items Vs losing multiplier- and the mad scramble to locate the exit. It’s genius stuff as it keeps the pace at a heart pounding rate. I got a permanent malfunction that reduced my weapons damage by 75% when stationary which made things even more hectic and I scored much better for it. Loving the little secrets they’ve thrown in too. Only had two runs so far, but it’s so good to be back in this world again.
  7. Loving this still, the introduction of @Gotters
  8. So I recently discovered that William Hootkins is also in Batman! Who you got?
  9. It was being put outside the cauldron floating in this weird no man’s land when you die that did it… Annoyingly the game still looks great even when it’s broken…
  10. Games gone tits up on me while fighting the sea creature in the cauldron- think I’ll leave it until it’s fixed…got the Returnal DLC dropping soon anyways.
  11. Finally searched a ruin that was a good challenge. Gone up against a couple of Shellsnappers now and not enjoyed the fight one bit, plus not got a shell bolt off either which I need to level up my outfit. Bah!
  12. Having a play around with the photo mode…Aloy sure is pretty!
  13. Just did the cauldron with the Game continues to be good. I completely forget to use Valour tho every single time, despite having completely levelled up the Hunter skill tree. It just feels too much of a faff to activate it and unnatural after not having it in the previous game.
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