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  1. Two player is gonna be nut-nut! Imagine those enemies that fire out the expanding rings being triggered by somebody else - gonna need some top communications skills, which in reality will be both of you shouting "FUUUUUUUUUU" Can't wait!
  2. Aloy has always had that twinge of frustration about her, but I think it’s her treatment of a certain spoilerific character that is making me not like her at the moment. Fully expect that to be deliberate and pay off later mind you. I’ve moved away from the main quest to dabble in some side quests and they’ve been great. Really like how a small request often ends up being an epic adventure and how characters you’ve helped turn up in cities reminding you of that bit you did hours ago.
  3. 2 episodes in and really enjoying this. Creepy and mysterious and just a great concept to hang a show off.
  4. Not done any drawing for a while due to downsizing from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom flat. I massively underestimated how much stuff I had and how little space there would be so slowly been taking trips to the local charity shops and buying new small furniture which still takes an age to build as the place fills up with packaging…why am I telling you this? We’ll I guess I’m trying to justify buying a Wacom tablet for something that is a past time hobby at best. I’ve never used photoshop or anything like that before, bought Clip Studio Paint and, after the initial feeling of looking at the controls of a jumbo jet, have started to get me head around it. Decided to buy a pack of brushes from True Grit which allow you to create an old school style comic effect, which was limiting enough from a colour palette perspective to not be too overwhelming for me as a beginner. However, having to mix CMYK layers to create the colour pallet ended up being a fun challenge in of itself. So yeah, jumping in at the deep end with digital art. So much to learn, but feel like I’m enjoying it enough to fold it into my free hobby time now the flat is starting to feel like home. As you can see from the phone grab pic I’ve yet to suss out the export in a file size that the forum will accept, baby steps…
  5. I’ve been pressing on with the main story mission despite being under levelled to keep a bit of challenge and it’s working out great so far. Got up to some tribal shenanigans last night, did a lot of climbing and gliding, met some fantastic characters and smashed up a bunch of very aggressive machines. Basically everything I wanted in a sequel so far. Realised I’d not been spending my skill points so looking forward to trying out the melee combos and working out the valour system.
  6. Felt a bit hit and miss for me - it re-established Tommy as a proper bad arse, but the scene with Anya Taylor-Joy was poor.
  7. Should be fixed by the time I finish Horizon Forbidden West....
  8. Oh no, just seen this. Absolute legend.
  9. Its a bit annoying when you're across the gap and she says "I should find a way across this gap".
  10. I took to the glider immediately, been using it pretty much constantly tbh. Swimming tho...I've drowned Aloy more times than I care to admit.
  11. Where do you put on face paint? I got gifted some but it’s not in outfits?
  12. I really should leave the first area but I’m enjoying the views too much.
  13. I got a glitch when climbing where Aloy furiously goes up and down on the spot and a weird motion blur when switching to photomode, but I can live with that until a patch kicks in tbh. I like it when some shit is kicking off in the back of an area and you trigger a cutscene and can see it still going on while the characters have a nice little chat. Think the first game did that too. I mean it makes sense but is still funny.
  14. I've switched between both a few times now and can't really see the difference in the shines - but do notice the fps.
  15. I’m just past the Embassy about to venture on but It’s starting to pull me in now.
  16. Had a go last night playing the intro and feels very much like a sequel to the first game so far - that’s not a bad thing of course but not had me socks knocked of yet. It’s nice to be hanging out with Aloy again. The climbing has really dated hasn’t it?!
  17. I’ve watched the first three episodes and I’m actually enjoying it a fair bit. It’s weird for sure and isn’t something that I ever thought would be a thing, but yeah, I’m digging the little moments that harken back to the source material. Carlton’s a very different character here and his rivalry with Will is great stuff. I’m not sure if it’s cos I’m old but they seem to have got a list of modern day slang terms and are steadily working there way through them. If that’s how the kids speak these days then great, but it does make me laugh when this stuff pops up. The show reminds me a bit of the OC. The guy playing Will is pretty good. I’m not recommending it, but I’m kind of recommending it…
  18. I've just been through that and seeing those boxes and that tape is triggering me...good luck with it all, mate!
  19. I must have missed it but when did he write his book?
  20. I do now have a hankering for some all-you-can-eat world buffet for lunch tho...
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