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  1. *Abby sigh* Okay, once again. His persona – a very exaggerated version of his real ignorance – is a key component to what makes him popular and something the same audience would never tolerate from a person of colour or a woman. He has had more avenues and opportunities than people of colour or women because he is of a gender and ethnicity the gaming audience naturally excuses. That is the privilege, and a very simple premise to grasp. This is separate from his work ethic or the quality of his work at GB, or how much I may or may not dislike him (and, just to set the fucking record straight for all the straw men the idiots are constructing, I do like him). There is zero anger aimed at him. Do you know what I do fucking hate, where the anger is directed? And all of the other straw men people have created to rationalise ingrained bigotry. I absolutely stand by my original post – so many people in this topic don't understand white male privilege. What is even more dispiriting is reading comments bending over backwards to try and deny it.
  2. Okay, Rllmuk once again showing itself to be extremely tone deaf – or just plain fucking wrong – on race. The privilege is two-fold – Dan's working history, because minorities and women are always held to a higher professional standard [1], and the audience's willingness to accept his willing idiot shtick, which would only result in endless harassment and abuse if he weren't a white male [2]. [1] Dan constantly talks about his total lack of effort at university, but managed to blag his way into decent grades (his one-hour drinking DVD being a good example). Dan got his first job at Game Informer not by his local newspaper writing but because he exaggerated his production skills, yet they kept him on. During his time there, he fluffed high-profile interviews. I can't think of any people of colour or women working in games that hasn't had to come across as hyper competent without receiving a disproportionate amount of abuse. [2] Dean Takahashi was targeted by a Totalbiscuit-led abuse mob because he was bad at Cuphead, to the extent that he had to publish a fucking apology article on VentureBeat. MedievalPOC (link to her Patreon) has received [death] threats for years, since she first deigned to criticise Kingdom Come: Deliverance's lack of people of colour when it was just a Kickstarter. I don't need to talk about the ridiculous abuse Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn received from what became Gamergate for essentially starting a video series and getting acclaim for a game. I don't recall the specifics, unfortunately, but a woman was singled out for harassment because of balance changes to a sniper rifle in Call of Duty (I think). Do you really think a person of colour or woman can get away with presenting like the gullible dunce, or the arrogant buffoon as much as he does? Any and all comments such as he works hard or he's not on a politics podcast or most people like him reveal your ignorance. They have absolutely nothing to do with the default privilege he has benefitted from. It is insulting that this should have to be explained, and insulting that gamers (*spit*) still don't recognise white male privilege when it's directly in front of you.
  3. If you negged this, you don't understand how white male privilege works.
  4. D'oh. I've next week off, pretty much the only week I won't spend any time in London this year.
  5. Hey Cavalcade, how much were you thinking for Formula D? Will also be working in London next week.
  6. As usual, TB fans are trying to out journalists that have spoken disparagingly about him. What incendiary hate have these SJW games "journalists" said, you ask? (most are threads) My God. What despicable evil. Quick, respond with a balanced, proportionate, and mature statement by subtweeting and setting your fucking puerile minions on them. Oh, and gotta make sure Austin Walker, who liked Liz Ryerson's tweet, is @'d too even though he didn't say anything, because that's just as bad. Nah, fuck TB fans and fuck the foundation on which he made his mark.
  7. Well, suppose I should've added 'at the time of posting'. The most recent news item was about Pokemon Go when I started writing, and seeing as EG doesn't include publication time, the first comment on the TB story was posted 10 minutes before mine here.
  8. All true, although I've bolded the area that frustrated me about that early reception. Scanlon never posited it as a documentary series about video games scenes, more exploring international attitudes and approaches to games and play. Eurovision is entirely within that wheelhouse, and it's a shame that, after making their incorrect assumptions, the GB audience couldn't see past them. In a more upbeat note, I'm absolutely loving Jan on the west coast. The Summer School stream was such a convincing demonstration of his talent and charisma (and Ben's Lens is basically a video series about how cool Jan is, ). Tbh, especially with Ben batting first. The tone of the stream lifted so much when Jan took control. Edit: Also, how have I missed the absolute wonder that is Johnny Vignocchi. A truly beautiful man.
  9. Very curious seeing the quiet on Games Twitter, as much as I am exposed to it, compared to the YT/streamer noise. I know sites like Eurogamer and Waypoint don't necessarily acknowledge the 24-hour news cycle, but I had expected to see some small coverage. Near-enough radio silence. I think an IGN journalist tweeted something, but she also worked with Colin fucknut Moriarty on his petulant, hypocritical bullying video, so fuck her. I've never been a fan of TB, and abjectly loathed the way he propagated the uglier self-entitlement of gamers whilst also stroking their egos – this quote when he announced his retirement, 'Thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money' is cloyingly saccharine and hollow. Also despised his complicity in the spread of GG whilst hiding under the veneer of respectability and impartiality – sure, I wouldn't count him among their numbers, but he did a very real bugger all to challenge its spread. I'm no advocate of the adage, 'no smoke without fire', but TB was constantly mired with shitty behaviour (Intel shares, for example. And yes, I know his wife is in charge of the TB company). This is entirely separate to the sadness of a man passing away after fighting cancer. The event doesn't take away the legacy, nor does the legacy mean someone passing from cancer isn't a Bad Thing.
  10. *Abby sigh* Whether or not he's struggling to cope is entirely besides the point. I wanted to flag an ex-GB staff's project that I think has gotten better and better, but has seen funding drop from over $21,000 a month in 2017 to just under $13,000.
  11. I've become a real gunlance convert recently. I've only messed around with the long sword in the arena, but they are definitely different. Danno, are you still manning the second Rllmuk group? I'm hoping of finding an arena buddy, and unfortunately randoms aren't cutting it.
  12. Occasionally, I think I lose the crowd here, with my c-tier Abby rants. But fucking hell, guys, what is wrong with you. By the way, Gerstmann and his wife produced a one-shot podcast. Also, support Drew Scanlon's Patreon. Cloth Map is great, and it is a little disappointing to see his funding has gone down quite a lot.
  13. I don't mean this as a defence of Cage's atrocious writing, or the extreme heavy-handedness of the demo, but I would say the kind of irrational, prejudiced anger from the captain is something most ethnic minorities* experience far more often than you'd think. Even at a time and place where such an attitude would be self-destructive, I've come to never underestimate the ferocity of bigotry. *Don't claim to speak on behalf of all, but a supposition built on my own experiences and anecdotes from friends and family.
  14. Age has been mentioned a few times when I've whined about Abby, but Jeff got on really well with Danika Harrod on the Miiverse stream, and Jan can't be much older than Abby and seems to be an infinitely more reasonable human being. I'm not convinced it's much of an excuse, really.
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