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  1. Speaking to me Mars? If so I'll be more than happy to have your copy if in good conditions ;)))
  2. Just to add another voice to the desperation about the subs: I'm in Italy and I've been a subscriber to EDGE since ten years. Never had a problem with previous deliveries. As soon as the new "magazinesdirect" entered in the fray, I've only received 3 issues of the six I paid for, and the last one I received was the one with the Destiny 2 cover... go figure... a complete shame and shit and I've contacting thrice via email and once via telephone to a complete failure of a service. Now I'm without EDGE, without a sub, and the prices on Ebay for a fucking EDGE magazine soared to 14-16 pounds PLUS shipping in the order of 7-10 pounds... complete madness. vlad Any idea or help? Someone here kind enough to find at least the silksong issue and I'll cover the prices for the shipping plus the magazine? :)
  3. thanks mate, very appreciated, sorted then if we can turn it off! vlad
  4. Thanks Kryptonian: I'd like to know about the stuttering, and the blur effect on the serie S, unfortunately I can't play games with a lot of those effects, thanks to motion sickness malaise. Do you feel them while playing? and is it possible on the serie S to choose between Performance or Quality (or whatever those modalities are called....)?
  5. Someone playing Cyberpunk 2077 digital on Serie S? I'd like to by it for the S in order to preserve the ultragiga limited collector for PS4, but I fear it won't have such an impact graphically speaking.
  6. So wrong! I mean your wife Me too I have the Serie S, a top console, great choice my friend.
  7. Yay! Did not know about the DLC. What a nice (free) surprise!
  8. Yeah strange enough, but Probably is not your fault but my provider is not giving the right NAT this morning, exactly the turnip morning...
  9. I was trying to visit your island and I had three comms error...
  10. Thanks for the heads up, me too I had the wrong time this morning!
  11. Cool mate! Add me if you like SW-0356-6301-6238
  12. Am I the only one to think that at least on the Hype section recently we have too many PC games? I mean in the last three issues the 60% of the games were PC exclusives, probably the post Christmas drought is to blame but I do not buy PC magazine for a reason...
  13. Throughout those immense teeth? Anyway I do not remember the nose, it humanizes the Nemesis and I do not think it is an appropriate way of depicting the Terror himself. Mind you, we won’t have that much time to keep staring at its nose btw...
  14. Ok man thanks for the heads up! Seen the (too short) trailer. Maybe on the Paris Games Week we will have more gameplay shown.
  15. The Tomorrow Children and Bloodborne DLC...
  16. Yep calling for help would be a solution, but I managed to get two cooperators twice but both of them in every session were erased by EtDOC during the fight, so I left alone, my mind was blank and I stared at the screen blinded by rage and maybe that's the reason I was beaten once again.
  17. currently struggling with EtDoC.... first boss that seems impossible to overcome alone. EtDoC keeps oneshotting me during last part of the fight, when E reaches 1/2 of its heath...even if I'm level 100 and not properly a noob.. Suggestions anyone?
  18. DO not give up Goose, have you tried to apply fire paper on your weapon? just to give you a boost while slaying VA?
  19. Bloody Amazon! The one and only order they managed to lose is Sonic all -star Transformed! I was waiting for it since yesterday, but suddenly on the tracking provided by amazon a strange red communication appeared: ORDER LOST. ok then, Christmas ruined and faith lost in Santa.
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