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  1. Second this. Heat beads are absolute magic for their consistency of temp and the astonishing longevity of burn.
  2. The only salmonella outbreaks these days are in nuts and salad.
  3. We did for this cook, yeah. I do cook hotter though, usually 250.
  4. High heat is worse than low and slow, so you're better off with 'Q than roasting your dinner
  5. Yeah, if that's something that worries you then cooking over coals/wood is probably not the right choice Note though - it's nothing to do with high heat/burning like it would be if burnt in the oven. The crust is entirely from the interaction of hot wet smoke and meat.
  6. You shouldn't ever need to do 24 hours, that was down to the smoker not being able to keep a consistently high temp with all the meat that was in there. Normally I'd expect to max out a 4kg pork butt at around 14 hours, same for a 3kg brisket cut. But yeah, even those timings means an overnight is often needed. The bark on the brisket comes naturally as long as you have a decent amount of smoke during the first few hours. That's with a charcoal/wood smoker, I don't really know how the smoke works on a pellet smoker. Rub on the meat was just salt and plenty of ground black pepper.
  7. Brisket and pork wrapped and the pastrami goes in The pastrami came out great. Next time I'd give it another 12 hours sous-vide, it could have been more tender. Flavour was great Really pleased with the brisket. We learned that the smoker is definitely cooler at the top - it took over 20 hours for the brisket to be done, but it was delicious.
  8. Some pictures of this weekend. Meat arrives - some trimming needed! Ron the smoker is loaded up with brisket and pork, just before midnight Friday Morning check, looking good.
  9. Will do. Lost one of the six pieces of pastrami in the cure, annoyingly - clearly spoiled when I rinsed it off. Still, plenty left.
  10. We're cooking for 25 or so. There's another 9Kg of brisket point destined for burnt ends and a couple of pork butts, too.
  11. Just finished trimming and curing/packing 10Kg of brisket flat for pastrami - a week in the fridge and then onto the smoker next weekend. Quite nervous about this one
  12. Middle. The temp spiked at the back a bit, we're redoing the heat shield for better coverage
  13. Ahem...three of us. We went full texan - just salt and pepper for the rub, oak for the smoke, and played country music.
  14. Yeah 120 is about right. That was the point end of a packer cut brisket, about 3.3 kilos untrimmed. I prefer the point because I like it fattier, the flat end is leaner. We ended up taking it hotter than I've done before, up to 208 internal, which was definitely the right choice even if it meant it came out a bit late. @Adrock I've always separated because I find the flat and the point come to temperature at different times.
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