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  1. Did our annual 'BBQ for a lot of people' at the weekend, this time with significantly more prep. We did brisket (36-hour sous-vide then 4 hour smoke), pork shoulder, mutton shoulder, short ribs, pork belly burnt ends, stuffed jalapeños, homemade beans, and sausages. It didn't suck. The pork shoulder we cooked the day before, and it took 16 hours. Man we were hammered when that came off the BBQ at 3am.
  2. The one i helped a mate build is at the bottom of p14. We used 3mm mild steel for the lid and door. It's not exactly airtight but we managed to maintain a bang on smoking temp for 14 hours so it's definitely good enough. Lid is quite simply a box, hinged at the back, with a broom stick and a couple of angle brackets for a handle.
  3. Who plays this and doesn't call the Captain "Captain"?
  4. Engineer role is far from boring, it's frantic as fuck. Sure, you could leave everything on default settings, and not bother doing any of the repairs, but MY FUCKING CONSOLE IS ON FIRE ENGINEERING, FIX IT. I would say that anyone trying to do this solo not bother, it's impossible to direct the AI via the captain's commands with any sort of speed, but for group play it's an absolute dream. Actual goddamned Klingons off the starboard bow!
  5. OMG. Had two friends still up at midnight and we ran through the first mission (PS4). It's just perfect. It's everything VR should be and everything co-op should be. We were flying a spaceship.
  6. Dust them with paprika, then make guac for a dip.
  7. Cras


    Went to bed at 4:30am last night because I just couldn't stop. Factorio is dangerously compelling. I love it so much and encourage everyone to get it to share this burden.
  8. This is the BBQ - you can see the size of it - great for big cooks but makes heat regulation really tough.
  9. Did some practice earlier in the week, seeing how possible it was to smoke on a mate's enormous hand-built barbecue. Keeping the temp up was a real challenge so the bark didn't really develop as much as I'd like, but the smoke flavour was well developed and the meat was tender and delicious. We did short ribs and lamb shoulder, a 7 hour cook.
  10. Hush is a fucking masterpiece of an episode so for anything to come close is praise
  11. Spam on toast. With hot sauce.
  12. Get your own thread, people who don't recognise the Sausage and Egg McMuffin as the one true food. Does this look like the inferior McDonalds breakfast choices thread?
  13. Aaaaagh! Every episode I think I've just about figured out what's going on then BAM, right turn. This is great, and Sydney has a lovely bottom.
  14. The one irritating thing about the rain/fog for me is that it washes out colour which makes it much harder to spot patches of long grass
  15. Fuck Stormbirds. That is all.
  16. The first one of the cells is
  17. If you're doing the plot stuff in the area, there's a few of the Cauldron bosses hanging around anyway, one of which is a mandatory fight.
  18. No. Although they've stopped making cheeseburger flavour, which is a disaster because they were amazing and actually tasted of cheeseburgers.
  19. Well, indeed true. But anyone who objects if an Old Fashioned is made for them in a bar with syrup is an arse (and I've seen this on several occasions)
  20. Sainsburys own brand popchips are unforgivable dogshit.
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