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  1. Going back a little way, I wholeheartedly disagree on sugar cube being superior to sugar syrup in an old fashioned. I've done many blind taste tests and not known anyone ever be able to call out which one was which. To my mind it's just a bit of extra mythos and showmanship from a the barman.
  2. OMFG Kinder Choco-bons. They are utterly fucking amazing
  3. As long as you have pigs in blankets.
  4. Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies. Ideally with McCain Potato Smiles.
  5. Egg white has two different protein chains in it. One coagulates cooler than yolk, one hotter than yolk. Normally when boiling an egg the fact that the yolk is surrounded by the white means that the white is properly cooked before the yolk because the heat penetrates inwards. Seems she's found a way to get the white and yolk to around the same temperature which is...clever.
  6. When you have to choose sides later on, if you want to side with one of the factions a small amount of settlement stuff is needed, but not much - and you definitely don't need to do any of the little settlement side quests.
  7. Oh, while I love tomatoes, I very much agree with that. They should never be allowed near bread. In fact, in common with my bean dislike, I think it's very much a general hatred of things making other things soggy. Unless it's gravy.
  8. You have to be L30. I liked Nuka World a lot - the setup was interesting, and the locations/storyline are pretty ace. Of the 5 locations, three I thought were pretty barebones The other two, however, Are really large and involved, and packed full of attractions that are detailed and fun. Overall enjoyed it hugely, though I went the 'good guy' route which cut me off from a fair bit of the story I think.
  9. Nodding along in agreement with pretty much every post, then BAM! Gravy. Not cool.
  10. I like cauliflower in cauliflower cheese, but then I'm under no illusions that it's anything but a vehicle for cheese, there.
  11. I'm not exactly convinced that in a Greggs salad you're getting the finest produce to base your dislike on, there. Baked beans for me. They taste of nothing but sugary weak tomato sludge, and infect everything else on the plate.
  12. Build a manufacturing line that sorts all my junk into things that are needed for making ammo, then builds me ammo. What jolly, nerdy fun that was.
  13. It was pretty rudimentary, to be honest. Rub was a 1:1:1 mix of cumin, smoked paprika, and garlic salt. It is indeed a Weber Mastertouch - it had about 7 hours in there with the lid temp hovering around 175. Pulled the meat out just short of 90. Tray full of water under the lamb, small pile of charcoal off to one side with the occasional lump of applewood for smoke. Required the occasional top-up and that was it. I was really pleased with it - good smoke ring, the bark was incredibly flavoursome, the meat was tender and juicy without going mushy. Will definitely do lamb shoulder again.
  14. More than anything I want them to patch in a locations update that highlights waypoints you've visited over ones you haven't. It's so infuriating going back to somewhere you've been.
  15. I have a grave marker floating in space from when I went and collected my stuff after loading more things in my hold, so there wasn't enough space to collect everything. It was a few units of a common ore, so I never bothered going back to get it as I figured it would vanish when I left the system.. 3 warp jumps later it's still there, hanging in the sky. Grrrr.
  16. A pair of bone in lamb shoulders that turned out rather nicely I think.
  17. Min my experience you get a lot fewer minerals per amount destroyed if you use grenades compared to the mining laser.
  18. Steak Tartare and Tuna Tartare are two of my favourite things.
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