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  1. Cras

    Pitt cue

    Was trying to arrange a night to go to Pitt Cue with some friends. "I'm busy Tuesday, and I'm sure I'm doing something Thursday, so let's go Wednesday" "Excellent, sorted" So we're going on the Wednesday. I have since remembered what I'm doing on the Thursday... Going to Pitt Cue.
  2. Cras

    Pokemon Go

    If you're on iOS, a throwaway US Apple ID and it's yours.
  3. Cras

    Pitt cue

    Look at the jowl. LOOK AT IT. I think I have a problem.
  4. Cras

    Pitt cue

    And last night, the fourth Everyone owes it to themselves to go.
  5. Cras

    Pitt cue

    Yeah, they take bookings
  6. Cras

    Pitt cue

    I went for the third time last night. It's fucking epic. If I could marry the pork jowl I would. I had one of the starters for dessert, because goddamn, pig.
  7. Bleecker on the south bank is utter glorious filth
  8. At risk of starting violence - who would ever have brown sauce with fish and chips?
  9. There's never a convenient ripe avocado in the fridge.
  10. 'Fresh' chorizo. Cooked whole in the oven. Fucking amazing.
  11. They got investigated for it. And were found to have not harmed anyone, and their mince was fine. Yes, unlike with steaks, bacteria can live all throughout the meat and not just on the cooked surface. No, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with medium rare burgers in anywhere that takes the correct care with its food hygiene.
  12. That's a veggie chilli, yes. It very definitely isn't a chilli con carne
  13. I know there's a few Canary Wharf folks out there - just spotted this out the back of BP...
  14. I love that Davros basically had EVERYTHINGINNABUN and newmiyamoto had EVERYTHINGNOTINNABUN.
  15. Cras


    Yeah, he hated it. Saying that, 24oz is a big fucking steak. That's 700g, which is about twice what I'd normally pay £25 for in Gaucho or Hawksmoor, so the price isn't that out of whack.
  16. Go to the big fruit and veg stall in borough market. Really good heritage tomatoes there and not too pricey.
  17. Definitely. Tartare is usually fillet or rump, both lean. Burgers are deliberately not because rendered fat means flavour and juiciness.
  18. A rare burger would be pushing it for me. If I'm having rare meat I want a lot more texture than a burger offers.
  19. Or loosen it a bit. Leave out the lemon, and mix in a little cream. Make it less...clumpy.
  20. Yeah, Bleecker have long been my top pick. Have the angry fries with it. They've got a new spot out of a shipping container under Waterloo bridge, too.
  21. Davros: providing superior, tastier research.
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