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    Haggis is the best thing. Fucking love sweetbreads too.
  2. Cras

    Crushed ice

    Alternatively, yes you can buy bags of crushed ice from the supermarket.
  3. Cras


    I love love love Gaucho. The Entrana is absolutely brilliant. One day in my fervent dreams Hawksmoor and Gaucho will have a baby, and I'll be able to have delicious Argentinian skirt steak with good old British fried eggs on.
  4. Just don't use lean mince and leave it out, because you'll end up with bowling balls. In fact, don't ever use lean mince, ever.
  5. Me and the flatmate went to watch Lost Boys at the Charing Cross Theatre. It's a really good play about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys who've come back from Neverland and gone off to fight in WW1. She thought it was going to be The Lost Boys and was very, very confused.
  6. Yeah. Apparently after the Perry/Whitford interview scene in The West Wing (which was mostly ad-libbed), Sorkin basically said "That. That's a TV show".
  7. Cras

    Sous Vide

    Yep, it's great (though mine currently languishes in a storage locker due to tiny kitchen issues) and that's a really good deal with the sealer thrown in.
  8. Cras


    Shit, really? The drinks in there were amazing
  9. Lucas really does seem to be a bit of a pissy little bitch, doesn't he?
  10. It said it was a prequel character. I was thinking Bail Organa, but then he was played by Jimmy Smits so that doesn't exactly fit either!
  11. All the cloning facilities got destroyed. So you end up replacing them with normal folks as attrition takes them out.
  12. Would shoving it under a hot grill afterwards be worthwhile? The crispy doner slices are the best doner slices.
  13. Huh. Tastes totally different to me. Probably in my head.
  14. Jif lime really doesn't taste anything like lime juice though. I put it in a mojito once, that was a mistake.
  15. Separate - between the patties. Yeah, it's definitely Franks. Which is correct.
  16. Bleecker Black and angry fries. Two patties and black pudding. The best thing.
  17. And I get through so much butter.
  18. It's a little country hotel in a tiny village. I mean, I'd always wear a shirt and trousers to a nice restaurant, but I don't imagine they'd enforce any kind of dress code. Also, shellfish and offal are best. One of the nicest things I had at Fera was a cheesy potato mousse with a load of chopped duck hearts sitting in the middle, it was OHGOD good.
  19. L'enclume is utterly amazing, dude is a genius. I managed to get to his new London place in Claridges, Fera, a couple of weeks ago and it was utterly incredible from start to finish. Easily the best meal I've ever had.
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