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  1. No, bavette's flatter. Bavette is what we call flank and the US call skirt, I think. Equally delicious, though.
  2. Yup. Hangar is Onglet, and Hangar is Skirt. Unless you're in the US, where Hangar is Hangar and Skirt is Flank
  3. Probably because you keep calling it hanger steak
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the best film.
  5. I so want it. But every time I go to Hawksmoor I can't bring myself to have a burger instead of steak. First world problems.
  6. I had a drink last night that was listed as 'mineral flavours, gin, bitters, vermouth. It was delicious. But it was basically a negroni. Luckily I love negronis, but who the hell lists the ingredients to it and misses off Campari?!
  7. I don't own bad bourbon
  8. Dr Pepper is fine, but 1:6 spirit to mixer is pretty weak for my tastes. Also, I'd probably want to use a whisky rather than a bourbon for fear of over-sweetness.
  9. The Carved Angel's Gunpowder Garlic Pickle is my crack. http://www.thecarvedangel.com/Gunpowder%20Hot%20Garlic%20Pickle
  10. There's a fair bit of stuff in there that doesn't really need much in the way of specialised kit. Also What the actual fuck?
  11. That's the classic champagne cocktail. It's a classic for a reason *shrug*
  12. A dash is a shake into the glass. It would usually be a few drops.
  13. Oh, and Steel Panther, who were fucking amazing.
  14. I suspect Glam Metal won't get much of a warm reception in here, but I just saw Twisted Sister play at Download, and holy shit for a bunch of old guys they put on a hell of a show. Nothing makes you feel old like a band saying "We've played here twice before, once in 2011 and once in 1983"...
  15. Roka is great. Their tasting menus are around £80 a head, but you can just order directly from the menu. Still not cheap though.
  16. That was really rather entertaining. Some proper laugh out loud moments, too.
  17. Also, burritos are peasant food. So.
  18. I rather assume that they're testing your knowledge as part of this? So first step would probably be to remove anything that isn't in season in the UK in March/April, like Aubergines for example.
  19. Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney. Fucking love them.
  20. You weren't one of the dicks who rocked up and ordered 20 burgers, were you? *suspicious*
  21. Have to say the bleecker I had last week was outright superb. Annoying half hour wait, but then an epic double cheeseburger and the angry fries were amazing.
  22. Cras


    Brilliant. Superb steak, lovely sides, excellent cocktails. Have fried eggs on your steak. And the stilton hollandaise.
  23. Cras


    Not wildly, I wouldn't have thought. It's not like fat people tend to get significant fat deposits on the palm at the base of their thumb.
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