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  1. Sorry, thought I did. No, it's none of the films that have been mentioned already.
  2. Watching 2.5 earlier and this maybe seriously laugh out loud. Dave England ain't that bad....watch to the end. https://youtu.be/K4b7fstzR5U
  3. Haha nope, definitely not. Definitely a burger, pretty sure it was in some sort of laboratory scenario too. The whole film might not have been about it but I remember the burger really get annoying about not being eaten!
  4. This is the problem, I can't remember much. I know where I watched it, that's why I think it must be early 90s. Actors wise I have no idea. The burger was animatronics I think. I just remember him getting really angry about the fact he wasn't getting eaten! It's been bugging me for years. Pretty sure it's not Spaceballs either.
  5. Naa, definitely a film, very teen orientated if I remember rightly.
  6. It was all a bit.... human....for my liking.
  7. Neither of those unfortunately. Burger Dreams is too late and it's definitely not Hitchhiker's. I think it was more a science experiment that went wrong (or right).
  8. On and off I've thought about this for 10 years. Here goes. Must be late 80s early 90s, pretty sure it was PG rated as I would have been about 10. Some sort of weird experiment sees a hamburger come to life (might have been in a hamster cage at some point) and all I can remember is a scene where the hamburger keeps telling someone to eat him. Eat me, eat me, EAAAAAT MEEEEEE! That's all I've got.
  9. This thread got me wanting to watch some Jackass! so I got on Netflix and found the first movie. Still quality, utterly crazy, can't believe it was 19 years ago!
  10. Ridiculous nonsense which I enjoyed all the way through! Always love a quirky New Zealand film.
  11. I decided to catch up with this as it's now on Disney. Took me a while to work out where I'd stopped watching, seems it was some way through season 9. I literally could not make myself watch it normally, so I spend through most episodes, only stopping to watch anything that looked vaguely interesting. Im now up to date, feel like I have the gist of what's happening, which is basically not a bloody lot. I did watch the finale fully though. I'm going to have to watch the last season just so I have closure!
  12. I'm surprised no one had speculated about what information Renslayer was given and where she was off to. Not that I've got a clue, but anyone else?
  13. Yup, I did this today and to some extent agree with what you have said. It's definitely better having a bit more knowledge of the situation.
  14. My mistake. I've been watching merrily much on Amazon and went straight to Channel 4 (fucking adverts!) not even thinking. Ah well, I'll enjoy seeing that anyhow!
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