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  1. I really enjoy this in the main, some great episodes, some filler, but all in all it made me like Sam and Bucky more as characters, which I can't say I did before. One thing though, am I really the only one that for Val was fucking irritating?! She wasnt funny, intimating or whatever she was meant to be, just a bit punchable! She must have looked at her script and thought WTF?!
  2. That old one! Fuck it, let's finish just above relegation, that way we are making doubly sure we don't play European football. I'm sure the team will recover well from that.
  3. FFS, avoid being in Europe?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! It's not the best I know but wanting your team to fail is bad.
  4. Thankfully nothing happened but it's quite worrying to be frank. These things can escalate after all.
  5. Wtf is happening at Utd?! Pretty crazy a 'group' can access the training ground and demand to see the manager!! Thankfully it sounds like some of the players and manager got them to leave in the end. A few extracts.... 10:38 More on the United protest Red Issue (@RedIssue) Carrington’s facilities manager came out to speak to the protesters, despite brandishing a scouse accent. He was told the group wanted to speak to Solskjaer. The scouser said that he wouldn’t be coming out cos the group was “intimidating”. They said they’d
  6. Fair play to your son!! Good on him. Love the production.
  7. And he blamed himself and only him. Which was good to hear.
  8. Absolutely nothing to say they won't try again, because they will. It's greed. If there is a way to make more money out of your business the majority of people will take it. They might even think they are also doing it to secure the club (or can use that as a reason). I also believe the next owners will do it aswell (unless it was fan based ownership). It's a power struggle against Uefa. It's funny how easily Uefa have welcomed them back to as they know these teams make them incredible amounts of money. I wonder what we would have thought if they removed the non
  9. No one will ever know whether his apology is real, but in the end at least he did it. If he hadn't we'd still be moaning that so and so from another team apologised first or better or more sincerely. Even as a Liverpool fan we are kidding ourselves if we think they will always do what is best for the club and fans. The best we can hope for in this day and age is they will do the best for themselves as a business while doing what they want/can for the fans. It's a sad part of life, money rules, greed rules and these clubs are big big business. Whether that's good enough for peop
  10. Yeah, they might add in that none of the Super 12 can be removed from the competition!
  11. Why is it the audio clip I hear on Talksport has Alexander Sefferin stating it's the greed of "the English culture"??? Wasn't it really the Italians and Spanish that started this? Might just be a badly cut clip but does reek of the usual storyline...Uefa blame the English for it all
  12. Priceless. They've all signed up for it, all as guilty as each other.
  13. What do people actually expect the manager of a football club that is paid by the club as an employee to say? I highly doubt you will hear what you want to hear.
  14. Just taken a look, West Ham have a fairly easy run but have to play Chelsea. Chelsea have a harder run and more games due to FA Cup and Champs league. Liverpool's run in includes Man U but they could be still be in the Thursday cup so might cause them a few problems if they face anyone hard. So I'd say with current league form we can get 4th but think we would need to win all games and Chelsea will need to beat West Ham.
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