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  1. Yeah, Jones has obviously lost a little something in pre season as he's not been getting a start. He's always impressed me when I've seen him play though. Minamino needs to put in a big show for me.
  2. I'm contemplating popping to the pub to watch it as some of the younger boys might play and it'll be good to see what we've got coming through like Kaide Gordon.
  3. Didn't see a Wan-Bisakka one, or are you talking about when he took it Soucek?
  4. I know it's old news but what the hell was Martin Atkinson (and VAR) thinking on Sunday at West Ham?! Soucek clearly taken out...no penalty, free kick to Man U Ronaldo clearly fouled (1st one), no penalty either. Atkinson letting Nolan come on the field before the penalty as well...he could have done West Ham a favour there and told Moyes not to be so stupid The officials have played a blindingly bad game there!
  5. Turned coat pretty quickly back to mum What's with the They haven't really developed them.
  6. You guys do know his name is Laurence Fishburne, right?! Extremely well known actor who isn't just... That guy from The Matrix
  7. Mate, are you being serious? Hide from replies? What is this, primary school?
  8. Dizogg was right, very distasteful going on about the red card decision. Unfortunately that thread might aswell be called 'We hate Liverpool football thread'. Bunch of haters (no, not all of them).
  9. I remember when you bought VDB and everyone was saying is he really what Man U need......a year or so on, it seems not!
  10. Will someone please Otherwise it was a reasonably enjoyable episode. Im wondering how this will end though.
  11. I'm with you on this. It's waaaaaay OTT but I have to say the last two episodes got me hooked again after the first 3 I felt were a bit dull. Part 6 out December!
  12. Back when I was 19 I took a job in a bank and met a guy called Dave. Dave was a good mate a nice bloke but had a bit of an edge about him, someone you wouldn't really fuck with. He got me into hip-hop. He got me listening to NWA, Tupac, Eminem, those type of gangsta rap and commercial stuff. See, when I was younger I always loved music but spent the majority of my youth listening to Bob Marley. I also had a hankering for my Dad's record collection, Dire Straits etc. Hip hop to me was something I wasn't a fan of. I remember a mate used to listen to Cypress Hill all the time, I thought it was shit! (I don't anymore!) Roll on a few years and I left the bank and took a job in the government. There I met Dave. Not Edgy Dave, but Dave (later known as Dai). I got Dai on to this forum for this very thread. He took rhe moniker Daimond D, a man who seriously knows his underground Hip-hop. Now Dai is where I truly learnt about hip-hop. He leant me album after album of quality underground Hip-hop. MF DOOM, Jehst, Farma G, Non Phixion, Braintax amongst others. He introduced me to 36 Chambers, Public Enemy, MF Grimm, Nas all the greats and a lot of shit you'd never here unless you knew what you were looking for. He promoted a live event in Bristol called Funkified, where he would try and get the biggest and best talent either from America or UK based. He got Q-Bert to play a couple of times, my mind was fucking blown! DJ Yoda was a bit of a regular back then too, until he got too expensive! So that's really where my love of underground hip-hop started, back when I was 24. I was listening to stuff that had been out 10/15 years prior and loving it. 90s early 2000 hip-hop is still where my heart lies. (By the way, Dai is still alive even if I speak like he isn't! ). From 24 on I've seen loads of gigs, De La Soul countless times, DOOM, GZA (worse gig ever!), Lord Finesse, Ghostface, Edan etc etc, awesome nights out I'll never forget. I don't spend time in this thread anymore due to life etc and not having much time to listen to music. Recently my life changed though and I'm finding it theraputic to be back looking at posts in here and seeing some familiar faces. This thread introduced me to so much good music I would never of found on my own. Back in the day, as said before, it was buzzing with new releases and hot debates. I remember when we tried to get its own sub topic!! Ive not listened to much hip-hop recently, being so out of touch I just missed so much shit. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread though from now on. big up the rllmuk hip-hop crew!
  13. What's it on? I thought Apocalypse was the last one.
  14. Thanks. So basically, unless I plan on selling it there is no reason to not go down the DLC non disc route?
  15. Quick question on FIFA 22. I'm thinking of getting it as DLC rather than disc format on the PS4. Ive never bought a full game on DLC before, how much space is it likely to take up? Do games run/load any quicker without the disc?
  16. Untold - Crime and Penalties. Bonkers documentary, this Untold series is awesome. !
  17. Actually rapeseed oil has its benefits along with the other oils. There is far too much emphasis on oils being bad for you. You can do the tofu in the oven as well. So no frying but a small amount of oil added to the mix. Then cooked in the oven on a baking sheet.
  18. Batman I've been meaning to watch this for a while now and after @Jamie John post I thought I'd get the DVD out. what can I say, this is still a quality film. From the awesome Gotham sets, which put the other films to shame, to the music score and costume design, it's nostalgic but in a good way. Keaton is moody, a bit fragile but likeable as Wayne, rather than the later very arrogant versions of him. Batman still has the menace, and I actually like the way he (doesn't) move his head, it adds a strange dynamic to his fighting. jack Nicholson in no way phones it in for me. I'd say he gets more psychotic as the film goes on and the comic book silliness mixed with random Joker kills from no where create that sense of him being a little unhinge! what else...Batmobile is fucking brilliant, still looks awesome (although oddly slow in some scenes), Kim Basinger is just smokin' and Alfred is still the best. For a 32 year old film it still does it for me. 4.5/5
  19. Not sure a goal record of 2 in 30 in Ligue 1 is an upgrade on what we have. In the end though, the board has its reasons and I'm really not overly fussed as very little is missing from this Championship winning, record breaking squad in my eyes.
  20. Were we ever in for him and how much would he have cost?
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