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  1. Sounds like it's time for Villa to step up and break that hoodoo then. Coutinho hat trick will be fine.
  2. It wasn't even a tap in either. It was a belter from no where and he sounds like his cat just died.
  3. I just watched the goals, Tyler needs sacking. He sucks all the joy out of football on the TV. That Matip goal is such an odd and lucky goal!
  4. Deflected goal and a foul before hand. Oh joy.
  5. It's nice how they made the medal ribbon red for Chelsea, just to rub it in some more.
  6. Haha that's what I thought!! 2 finals, 2 wins. Nice one boys, just want to see Fabs, Mo and Van Dijk back for the Champions League now, what a season!
  7. So so similar to the Carabao cup this, with both teams doing well enough to win it. Diaz has been absolutely superb.
  8. That's a shame, we will miss him immensely on Saturday.
  9. I managed 11 wins on the weekend league and got red picks Cancelo and Alexander-Arnold. Ive been wanting to upgrade both positions in my team so well happy with that.
  10. That Spurs defence has got a mistake or 6 in them, so I think we'll score early second half. Just gotta keep plugging away and be careful on the break.
  11. Beyond The Gates 80s throwback indie film. Weird jumanji style VHS board game gets played, shit happens. Thoroughly enjoyable, nice 80s style gore effects, definitely worth a watch 3/5
  12. The Wretched Teenage boy with broken arm takes on scary motherfucking witch who likes to eat kids! I liked it. Nice little twist towards the end, easy watching in general. 3/5
  13. I prefer playing Real but the potential of watching them dive and cheat their way to a victory if they score the first goal will make for a painful Final. Let's hope we score 3 first to stop that shit from happening.
  14. Happy Days! Crazy second half. Is this ref really one of the top in Europe? So inconsistent with his decisions.
  15. Probably the poorest half of football I've seen from Liverpool all season. The dumb thing is it looks like we basically weren't expecting Villarreal to want to win!! Thiago, Keita and Jota have all been so far off the boil. Needs a big change at half time. Worst thing is seeing the diving cheating Coquelin score. It's an easy one from the ref, book him for play acting, but it rarely happens.
  16. Coquelin has obviously been told to go get someone sent off then. Keita worries me in games like this where he is harassed.
  17. After getting a little stuck on Better Call Saul a couple of years ago, I went back to it yesterday and it really is fantastic. I'm currently 6 episodes into season 4.
  18. Palm Springs Well, this is a bit different. Groundhog Day meets insert romcom romcom. Sat down to watch this not expecting a great deal, but definitely came out with a smile on my face. Guy gets trapped in the same day over and over again and ends up accidentally pulling others into it as well. It's pretty funny, it's sort of heartwarming, doesn't outstay it's welcome at 90mins and it has JK Simmons in it! I'd give it a 3/5
  19. I think the Z and the R just went for a wee and came back sitting in the wrong seats!
  20. So this is the remaining fixtures, in all honesty the only potential slip ups I can see for Man City is this weekend and West Ham away. Man City - remaining fixtures Saturday, April 30 - Leeds United (A) Sunday, May 8 - Newcastle United (H) Wednesday, May 11 Wolves (A) Sunday, May 15 - West Ham (A) Sunday, May 22 - Aston Villa (H) Liverpool's is a little tougher and this weekend and the game against Tottenham are the stumbling blocks. Liverpool - remaining fixtures Saturday, April 30 -Newcastle United(A) Saturday, May 7 - Tottenham (H) Tuesday, May 10 - Aston Villa (A) Tuesday, May 17 Southampton (A) Sunday, May 22 - Wolves (H) I'm going for City dropping 2 points this weekend, 2 against West Ham with Liverpool dropping 2 points against Spurs, winning the title with 1 point to spare
  21. I'm with you. Never say never because it's the semi finals but we'll have to be woeful to lose this tie now. I love how we can now take players off for a rest and put on players like Jota.
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