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  1. Those showdown cards are utter bollocks! We need more people to buy points, so let's give two really fucking slow defenders loads of pace for absolutely no reason at all.  Those are the sort of fantasy cards are hate in FIFA.  Greedy cunts.

  2. Lesson learnt for the keeper and all keepers there not to just drop to the floor just because they've been touched.  Getting trod on is going to hurt of course, but not to that degree.


    It had to be the much maligned Fred as well.

  3. Cheers, a bit frustrating then as I don't play that much. I was hoping if I went in to the Champion's weekend this weekend I'd be able to click on my rival packs afterwards and get the 500 points, but it sounds like I will have to wait until after the weekend games or just not worry about the 500 points.

  4. Question.  If I save my packs from Rivals until after the weekend league, will the 500 champions points I get from them be added to the total to qualify again?  My understanding is if I open now, with me already qualified for the Champions weekend, I just lose those points.

  5. Not liking the narrative I'm hearing in the media that Liverpool will dominate and hammer Everton tonight.  We all know Derby games are good levellers for both teams, and it's likely as per usual Everton will be allowed to get away with a lot of niggly fouling due to it being a Derby and at Goodison.


    I'd still be very disappointed not to get all 3 points though.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Plissken said:

    VAR doing it’s job there. Didn’t think it was in real time (too close) but given after a check.

    The ref shouldn't just see it in slow mo though should he? Think it should be played normal speed as well to see how quickly things happen.

  7. 2 hours ago, Timmo said:


    Foden Rulebreakers is an interesting card. Personally I think it's massively overpriced. It costs 10x the cost of the inform, but needs a dribbling boost as that stat is the one that is reduced from his base card. If you put it with an engine next to the inform with a hunter you can see that the inform is a bit faster and only gets beaten in passing. It still has 86 short pass and 80 long pass. I really wouldn't bother with the Rulebreaker.



    Majorly beaten on passing though, which is a bit of a problem......but yes, seriously overpriced. 

  8. Played my last 3 games of Play Offs last night, needed to win all 3 to qualify.


    Won 4-0 rager.

    4-3 Extra Time

    5-4 Extra Time


    Bloody meta teams as usual but somehow I managed to smash my way through with the awesome foursome (Thiago, Bobby, Salah and Mane) bundling in goal after goal!)


    From those packs...TOTW Trapp and Casemiro.



  9. Does anyone actually have a real, valid reason why the game plays so differently when playing Plays Offs or Champion Weekender?

    Last night I had two games of rivals, smooth as butter, no issues at all, really enjoyable.  Just played a Play Off match and the players are running around like arthritic pensioners in mud! That happens more often and not when comparing Rivals with Play Offs.


    Does my head in! 

  10. Just watched this and really enjoyed it.  Essentially a fantasy martial arts film and pretty far removed from any Marvel film I've seen.  Some of the fighting had shades of Jackie Chan and at times I felt the need to watch House Of Flying Daggers again!

    It's got a fucking big Chinese dragon in it as well, and I'm a sucker for them.


    Much better than I expected from the trailers.

  11. 9 hours ago, gospvg said:

    Thanks have purchased that celebration, I splashed out 195K yesterday completing my team with buying Salah. I have Icon Rush on the bench but liked the green lines.


    Thiago in a midfield 3 is immense. I've had him since day 1. Gold Bobby is great but TOTW is even better so I'd recommend him.

  12. 2 hours ago, carlospie said:

    Haha that Dortmund defender hummels. What a load of shit. 99 passing wow so useful on my slow as shit CB. Literally no thought into it at all. 

    I packed an untradeable one tonight as well and hadn't even realised until I went into my squad!!  No walkout, but even odder was I checked all my packs as they opened and he wasn't there. Brand new promo and he's literally fodder to me🙄


    Another weird thing tonight, won a game on co-op.  My brothers screen said won, gave him 100 points.  Mine said loss, never got the 100 points.  This has to be the buggiest version of FIFA in years!

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