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  1. 1 hour ago, Pockets said:

    I’d rather they did that than address any of the other issues. 

    This is true.  It's ultimately highly amusing to see so much chat about it and fans just aghast at what their club has become.

  2. 21 hours ago, Keiths_Dad said:

    I wonder if squad battles packs are somehow weighted differently to chuck out better players?

    I got Immobile (87) from a gold pack which was the only pack squad battles gave me.  I'd say they were definitely chucking out better players.

  3. Yeah, me too!  Watched the goals again and that Hendo pass for the 5th is unbelievable.  That man does not get the plaudits he deserves.


    Only downer is we have only Jones, Henderson and Oxlade-Chamberlain as fit midfielders.  Milner has a hamstring problem and Keita's issue is still unknown.

  4. 4 hours ago, ryodi said:

    That was good fun and it's a shame Keita had to suffer an injury before a United player would be sent off. Hopefully Ole hangs on until the City game because I cannot imagine they will be as merciful as Liverpool were after the red card. 

    Well said.  Liverpool were nice enough not to get Ole sacked.


    Easiest game of football I've seen in long time. 

  5. I was thinking we were given them a chance with that line up to be fair.  Shame Fabs is injured.  Konate I definitely prefer than Gomez at the ment though, Matip must be a slight concern.


    These games are generally terrible but I'm going to the pub to watch it so hoping for a 0-2 victory.

  6. Yeah not in my hands is a bit of a daft thing to say but I really think the club should give him a 5 year contract as he is a machine that can go on as long as Ronaldo and that other dodgy Welsh guy Utd used to have.  He's top 5 in the world, he's worth the money.

  7. 3 hours ago, Gambit said:

    I'm on season 11! Have they hired a new cinematographer? Episode 2.


      Hide contents

    The camera shot as it pans along the outside of the train as Darryl goes all John Wick was dare I say it.....exciting? Haven't been pumped for a moment like that since Super Shiva jumped in to save Rick and Coral.


    Don't worry, it's better in places but it still has those Walking Dead episodes where you want to kill yourself.

  8. 1 minute ago, carlospie said:

    Yeh div three. I'm just not good enough! I get a few wins for qualifications then end up doing shit. 

    I'm in division 5 and managed 3 wins.  It so reminds me of FIFA 20 Weekender which I found a battle nearly every game.  How I got round that, and what I will try next time is to play a slower, calmer game. I've got so used to trying to blitz teams in the first 20 minutes which is how I played FIFA 21, that I need to physically stop myself doing that. 


    Don't give up yet, you'll find a way, maybe a conservative 4-4-2 will help.

  9. 1 hour ago, carlospie said:

    And just as quick as I was in, I am out.


    Every game against a flashback benzo. Or icon. Or ninety nine percent of the teams are french.


    This has become FIFA pay to win entirely. Going to stop wasting my time with it now. It's not actually even fun.


    Plus I'm shit. Three failed weekend league qualifications in a row. So much time wasted.

    I've done two qualifiers and lost them both (3wins in each).  I've not found it 'play to win' to be honest ive just found a lot of what I used to call 'the Friday night cunt fest' that was in previous Weekend leagues.  So really good, annoying players with decent teams.  I have also smashed a few teams too and not spent a penny on it.


    What's with the lag issues though, I had none in 21 and I get loads in this.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Keiths_Dad said:

    Generally, you're better off buying cards while they're in packs, but the market has been trending down constantly from about week 2 or 3 on everything except elite tier players, even for special cards. So fuck knows - my advice would be if you want him and can use him in your team, get him now and don't worry so much about what the price does afterwards. 

    Cheers for this, think I'll buy him later today.

  11. 4 hours ago, Keiths_Dad said:

    I found myself with not a lot to do on FIFA last night, I had my 7 Rivals wins, I'd qualified for Champs, and I'd finished the Andre objectives, so I spent about 30k on a Premier League team and I dived into the Silver Lounge to get the TOTW player, and then do the silver beasts objectives in squad battles. I didn't get anything great for it, but it was a refreshing change of pace, and the TOTW card I got from it is surprisingly good for a 74 rated player.


    The sweatfest starts again tonight though, got to get them Rivals wins.

    Haha, I did this last night. Put together a squad of silvers with 60chem and had a great time! That 74 TOTW looks decent.



    Oh and I finally got a walkout, untradeable but still, Kante.  Hope he isn't as shit as he was last year.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Keiths_Dad said:

    What? He absolutely did, he caught him full in the face, and he needed stitches around his eye. Ederson's face looked like a Picasso afterwards.

    Did it? It was a while back, maybe I had my blinkers on!

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