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  1. Well, two reasons. One, I like to have some coins back for any SBCs I want to do if I don't have the fodder available and two, I enjoy playing with this team. I'm really not one of those players that has to get to the best team as quickly as possible and I find it fairly boring to see the same teams game on game. After my first Weekender though I realised Moura, Pulisic and Chilwell especially are not good enough for some of the very good players you come up against. So I've upgraded and happy to give these boys a go for a few games. (The right wing is a problem though as Ziyech usually comes on for me rather than starts.)
  2. I'm in division 4 and made 8 wins and 47 points in the Champions weekend with this team. I'm not sure how long you've been playing FIFA @carlospie but perhaps you just haven't found your groove yet. I've stopped trying to copy so called winning formations and just paly my own game. (The ones ringed are ready for an upgrade!)
  3. Yes you are right, only out of control because he rolls over the ball. Jota certainly catches him. Again hard to say if it's accidental (from that view) or not but surprised it wasn't looked at. Of course accidental wouldn't mean it's not a card. Not sure the guy on the tweet can say it's snide thuggery though (unless there is another angle to see) and it's unlikely Klopp would actually bring it up if he isn't asked about it. That all being said I still think West Ham deserved the win and they are a very good, organised outfit at the moment.
  4. I've genuinely not seen the Jota incident, I missed most of the first half. The Cresswell one though is a red for me because attention doesn't come into it. He goes over the ball and catches Henderson up below the knee with the follow through. Basically he wasn't in control.
  5. @Gabe I don't think you are far off there to be fair. West Ham were good value, they played a good counter attacking game and at set pieces basically we were out muscled too easily. Someone should have been helping Allison out on those corners. Robbo looked off the boil, VVD looks like he's struggling a little (but still far superior to most defenders out there) and we really struggled to break down that solid defence. The Cresswell red card decision would have been bad enough without VAR, but with it, what the hell are they thinking?! It's quite amazing how Arsenal have crept up though. They have a goal difference of ZERO at 6th in the table!! Will be a close game but don't think they have the muscle to trouble us that way.
  6. What's everyone's idea of the best keepers in the game? I've got Alisson in goal with a prem team and recently he feels like he's been nerfed to fuck!
  7. Thinking back to the game yesterday, one thing I did notice again is TAA still spends too much time switching off and ball watching. We all know he isn't the best defender in the world but he is a very good defender. What he brings to us going forward is extremely important and we can't expect him to be as good one way as he is the other. However, he needs to learn to concentrate his mind more which will help the whole of the defense to defend better.
  8. I was surprised they didn't get someone on Antonio to help Allison out. It was too easy.
  9. ....and Man United, because they are the most successful clubs in England and everyone loves to hate. Still grates. I was asking neoELITE though and he's given his reason, so all cool.
  10. Just answering your utter bizarre sentence of..... but for a poor touch, we'd be trailing at half time. Anyhow. West Ham looked like they were in a cup final, we looked liked we were on the training pitch. Very poor, they deserved it but hey ho, it's just one loss. Just hope for a positive result following the international break
  11. Yeah, he certainly had an off day today.
  12. Why does a Plymouth Argyle supporter hate Liverpool quite so much?
  13. Odd. But for better goalkeeping from Alisson wed be going in 1-0 up
  14. Is it worth me waiting until he's out of packs to sell? He's currently a pitiful 30k.
  15. First Weekender for me and got 47 points. I didn't get Ronaldo .
  16. I'm currently 5 wins from 12, hoping tomorrow I get to 8. Not finding it as hard as expected although playing on a Friday is an eye opener with every team looking, playing and scoring the same ways!
  17. De Gea has really stepped up this year thinking he was going to lose his place to Henderson. Usual Utd then, love to be dominated by the better teams.
  18. Sounds like City are going easy on them and playing some good keep ball. Is that about right or have they just not found their shooting boots yet?
  19. Yep! Decided to rock a prem team this year (last couple of years have been mainly Bunders)so didn't think I'd need/want him. He's a nightmare to play against though.
  20. I really hope Fekir doesn't get an upgrade
  21. We don't half make football look so easy at times.
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