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  1. Fuck knows, he looked a bit pissed most of the game.
  2. Good win that, very comfortable in general after finally getting the breakthrough.
  3. I'm really looking forward to this. Villarreal are obviously in the semis for a reason but I do think tonight we'll have too much for them and predict a 3-0 win. Diaz, Mane and Mo upfront will be electric!
  4. Fucking Let's hope we don't get another dumb statement from the ref saying sorry like that other incident I now forget.
  5. True, but that's why I said prospect. Be interesting to see how he does in the championship.
  6. I don't remember the free header to be fair. Yeah 5 shots because it's bloody hard to shoot when 11 players are in the way It was a horrible first half to watch. Lampard obviously took the example of Mourinho in the past to try and get anything from the game. Richarlison fell to the ground again and again, along with others. But I do get why they did it. Pickford getting booked early for time wasting would have stopped a lot of it but refs just don't do that and I don't know why.
  7. Firstly I think you are being very very kind to the chance creation of Everton to say with better finishing they could have nicked a goal. From those areas, they'd had needed OG Ronaldo to score from there. Secondly the criticism isn't really about how they sat back and then tried to counter, it was directed to the time wasting from word go, the blatant attempts to get players carded. But yes, 17% possession whether you are playing a top top side or not, still isn't good enough, infact it's embarrassing and should be criticised. I think the fight was only there because it was the Derby. I'm truly amazed to see them that far down the league, but appointing then sacking Benitez was not a good idea. Antony Gordon (apart from going down too easily - lots do) does look a hell of a prospect though.
  8. Liverpool 83% possession.... What a joke Everton are.
  9. I hate that 'contact' logic. Contact alone should never mean it's given as a foul. This is football, not basketball.
  10. Oh surprise, neoELITE has made this a 'Liverpool' thing.
  11. Ways to deal with blatant time wasting.... Book the cunt. Simple really.
  12. I didn't mean you did, I was just adding to what you said. I'm with you!
  13. We can only try our best, it doesn't mean we will win all games we play in though. It's a massive ask.
  14. That really was such a simple victory last night, from kick off I felt like it was never in doubt. Man U are so average it's not even a contest anymore. No fight, no ability, no soul, lacking in so many areas, I fear Newcastle surprising us more than them. Having said that, Liverpool are just quality and a joy to watch. Luis Diaz is fast becoming my favourite player, he has everything we want to come in and take over from the older crew and with Jota as well the future is bright.
  15. Boom shackalacka, that didn't take long!
  16. Awesome performance and great game. City did well to get back into it a bit, but it's not a surprise with how good they are. Deserved victory.
  17. Exactly. Refs make their own problems by letting yellow card fouls go early in the game, then book people for not a lot later on.
  18. This ref and his card choices are just bizarre.
  19. Shearer's confidence in the fact Ederson wouldn't have let in the first is a bit odd.
  20. That Mane second goal was something else. Unbelievable.
  21. I'm really looking forward to this! Lovely to sit down on a Saturday afternoon around 3pm to watch the boys.
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