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  1. To be fair your probably quite right but then you probably heard Raekwon way back in 1995 and i'm only hearing it for the first time in 2004! Some music can be, in part, down to nolstagia. Anyhow i'm feeling it now and i've got Das's mixtape on again to give it another try. Obviously loving the Madvillian tunes.
  2. We agree on something! She should just be shot in my view along with her bro.
  3. Like i said i was pretty knackered (been to a beer festival and slept in a tent etc the night before) and not all albums hit me at first.(heard Built On Cuban Linx for the first time the other day, thought it was so so, heard it another 3times and think its rather good now! get me?!) I did hear some damn nice tracks but the whole of it wasn't getting through to me!! Also i was listening on a shitty little portal player. Im making excuses now for not liking it i'm gonna listen at home again tonight and i'll post up my view again tomorrow.
  4. Just got this last week and i've been loving it so much. Its sooo much better than i thought it would be and the whole album sits together very well. I think Esar said he thought it was ok but i personally would highly recommend it. Nice mix of beats with quite a few tunes being much more laid back than expected but then theres some stonking upbeat tunes. Stuck it through my surround sound and the bass off the sub shook the room.!!! With regards to Das's mixtape. Sorry to say i think i'm the only one who hasn't 'felt it' as yet. I've only had one listen and i was pretty knackered at the time so i will give it a few more tries but as yet not on my wave length. Some albums don't hit me at first though!
  5. thats more like it!
  6. Criminal! I've heard you have a go at people for lesser things than a really really shit Timberlake song! Ban request-Cal
  7. Find someone who has and borrow it! I forgot that american sites don't take things such as switch. Can't think of another way round it. If you really want it then your find a way my son!
  8. Why don't you just buy it on the net.? You can get it here GiantPeach for $25. Its region free aswell. Makes sense don't it? That Stones Throw DVD should be good though. Might have to make the purchase there. To be fair i don't tend to get hiphop DVDs as I prefer just to listen and am more likely to use it more. Any others worth getting for a newbie like me?!
  9. Yep that tunes on it and its fucking awesome! Like i said before its well worth checking out so fucking check it out! There's also a bonus track of the up and coming (or maybe already out) Grimm album, 'American Hunger'. By the sound of it the album could be well worth checking out.
  10. Not sure if all of them are. You'd have to check out the sites listening option to tell as im not authority on all Dooms beats! Trust me though its well worth checking out for a tenner and i've got King Geedorah,Operation Doomsday and Viktor Vaughn already.
  11. Ok I know we've had a lot of Doom stuff recently being recommended and some people are getting pissed off with it but fuck it, bought this earlier on in the week and its fucking ace. Doom/Grimm Doom beats which to be fair have been heard on King Geedorah and Operation Doomsday amongst others with Grimm rhyming at what i would say is the best i've heard of him. Check out 1000 degrees which shows exactly what Grimm can do and other favourites would be 'Shifting Lanes' with Kurious guesting. Its an even better version of 'Fastlane' on King Geedorah. 'War Paint' is just fucking awesome too! Highly recommend it and I managed to get a bonus Cd chucked in for free which is a MF Doom blends cd mixed by someone called DJ Fast Stamp. Its Doom beats again mixed with classic tunes such as Wu-Tang - C.R.E.A.M, Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge and Big L - Put It On. Loving it right now and oh its signed by Grimm!
  12. Yep but i didn't mean that was ALL that hiphop was about. Anyhow its just gonna be down to personal taste in the end. Some people will find them amusing, others juvenile. Just as people find the Beastie Boys. To be honest i thought that along with amusing lyrics the actuals beats are pretty good. The half man half machine video is rather funny too.
  13. Just checked out the website and its rather cool. Like you said its one of the best sites I've seen. They were obviously heavily into their old school computing. I remember the zx spectrum fondly!!! B) Regarding the group i reckon they are funny as fuck and yeah most hiphop heads probably don't like em but I reckon thats what hiphop is about. Amusing lyrics and people having fun. You can't fault em for taking the UK by storm!
  14. Borrowed it off my mate after listening to that Radio4 show. Its pretty good and very funny as they all rap in full on west country accent!! Its quite raw in production but i would say; of what i've heard of it; its worth ch-checking out!!
  15. You git where's my press passes ay?! Right I'm off to sulk now! Regards to that Rza mixtape that was posted up yesterday. Enjoying muchly of what i have listened to.
  16. As no one else is gonna say it and Ben Isaacs ain't here at the mo.......welcome to the hiphop thread.!!! Hope you enjoy your stay. That track seemed pretty cool with a very nice laid back feel to it. Keep em coming.
  17. Then you need to fine some friends! Its nice to think in the future that it will go online but unless they get it right and its not lagged up to the max then why bother trying.? Friends sitting next to you that you can gloat at when you score is the best way to play it. Other than that i've found the ever improving Master League is a very good second place. So does that mean your off to play Fifa online now?
  18. Don't agree with that. I thought he was fucking excellent when i saw him live and his rhyming and wordplay were brilliant. Probably not a headline act but definately worth seeing live.
  19. So is it worth me purchasing this afternoon knowing that i'm pretty skint and theres loads of other albums i want aswell?
  20. Good to hear about Skinnyman doing well. Might pop out and by myself a copy this avo. DangerM - Your a harsh man but if ya don't like ya don't like.
  21. Cheers mate. Would love to join you on that but I've got a busy september coming up and I live near bristol.(not much of an excuse but its better than saying i'm skint! ) trying to support as much hiphop in bristol as i can at the mo. Due to lack of funds it ain't going to well.
  22. You are very much wrong though Das. I love UK hiphop and have discussed alot before on these threads. (very much looking forward to getting my hands on the Skinnyman LP too ) but just because we are british it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy and have a view on worldwide stuff though does it? I'm definately with you on the whole 'discuss all hiphop' thing rather than just limiting ourselves. Perhaps we do keep going over old ground but then I've missed out on a lot of older hiphop and am keen to learn and enjoy it. Who knows, who cares, for fucksake just post some recommendations and see what happens.
  23. the stuff i've recommended, especially from new zealand hiphop side of things, get ignored too. But i just thought that was because no one likes me! Or it might be that i know nout about hiphop Whatever it is, at least i'm not alone!!
  24. Tical O ain't that bad actually mate. Its one of those albums that you seemed to keep your finger on the skip button throughout the listen but then it comes out with some blinding tracks. Afterparty feat. Ghostface is definately one of my fave tracks and The Prequel is cool too. I would say out of the 18tracks about half are worth a listen. Unfortunately the other tracks are not even ones you can say aiiight to. Although i was shocked to find i liked 'Say What' feat. Missy Elliott as I generally hate her stuff. And man ya looking rather tubby in the pic but check out the scary stick thats is The Undertaker!!
  25. Damn I've been waiting for some good news like that to come along. My day is complete. Work finishes in 2 hours,off to newquay tomorrow and now a new De La album is coming out with an awesome line up. Big big shame about Sean Paul being on there but there's always the skip button! To be fair i hate his music but theres always exceptions to the rule so perhaps he'll pull something good out with De La Soul behind him 'De La Dunk'
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