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    Thank fuck for that they've been doing the same show for years and are shite. Sorry only my opinion but they played rubbish music and their humour isnt my thing. They still act like a couple of teenagers. Good riddance me thinks. But then Sara Cox is still there so perhaps she can go with them?!
  2. Why are you in it? Yep should be good. There last album was quality. So different from the usual stuff around.
  3. Spoke to my mate, who knows El-Eye from Aspects and he said that a single is coming out in April with the album hopefully released in May. Straight from the horses mouth!
  4. When is it out then? Been looking forward to this one.
  5. Fair play thats the funniest thing i've heard all morning....especially as i call my mate Beadle due to his ridiculously small hands!! So far i haven't met someone whos hands are smaller, boy or girl!
  6. Are they?! Ive never seen them live but a mate of mine had them at ones of his hip hop nights in Bristol a while ago and said they were really good. Yep forgot Taskforce although I don't like them as much to be fair.
  7. I understand its subjective but I just thought it was a wee harsh to say ALL Uk stuff is crap. Theres a lot of American toss around aswell. Doesn't mean its all wank. Thats all i meant. Anyone I'm currently enjoying Mf Doom in all guises. Quality man.
  8. I recently got into UK hip hop (a year ago) and to right it off as being contrived student fodder is just dumb! Braintax, Jesht, Ironbridge, Phi Life Cypher, Aspects to name but a few are excellent artists. Its people that make "one off" comments like yourself that really do my head in on this forum. (sorry if im ranting but im trying not too! ) The best thing about hip hop is that theres such a diverse amount of music within it, there is something for everyone but to generalise about one area is a bit poor. I love and appreciate every type of hip hop....gangsta, uk, commercial, indie etc but it obviously doesn't mean i like everything in each genre. Try sitting down and listening to Braintax- Biro Funk all the way through and then come back and tell me its "its the audio equivelant of being caught wanking."
  9. Fairplay mate thanks for sorting that out for me. Like you said theres nothing on the PS2 that interests you apart from games you can get on the other formats and looking at your list really only Wind Waker is desired by myself (got Metroid, had Mario). Halo's been out soo long and i thought about getting an X-Box for it but in the end the pull just wasn't enough. Anyway keep my money in my pocket for now until something else truely outstanding comes along. Oh and D Side's post above is spot on!
  10. what would have been nice is if the original post had contained a list of the triple AAA titles (or so called) on the PS2 so we could have had an argument about that! Also these so called triple AAA titles on the X-Box and Cube would be nice to see too. Anybody with the 3 consoles fancy doing it as i only own two and of course i couldn't possibly make a "completely unbiased" list. ** fair enough the man has answered my question above. Im going home**
  11. But you could have backed it up by saying that you can name x amounts of GC or XBOX games that are AAA (that term does my nut in by the way) and then name them, but you didn't. I did ask that a while back but it was ignored. I genuinely want to know what these AAA titles are on the XBox and Gamecube (I have 6 games on the Cube) as at the moment nothing has made me think..."damn i really need to get an X-Box". So what are they???
  12. Glad i got your personality so spot on. You just don't use anything to back your arguments up so you do come across like that....well to me anyway. You enjoy Contra...
  13. You really don't want to go into this as i spent ages yesterday reading that thread. He (SU) basically came across as a sony hating twat who was itching for a fight. He started off with the "the controls arent as good as Mario" etc and it went on and on and on making outlandish remarks. from what i understand he tends to like to say things to piss other people off and doesn't like listening to other peoples points of view or take on board anything they say. Sure hes a lovely lad really! If you wanna get a proper idea then read the whole thread but its damn long!
  14. I read the whole of that Lara v Mario thread and now this and I can safely say that this SU bloke simply hates the PS2 (even though he owns one) and loves to wind people up.! He asks people to name AAA PS2 titles (because he says there are no exclusive ones) but fails to mention any of the AAA titles on the other consoles that he must surely wank over every night! Also games like GTA, Vice City, Metal Gear Solid 2 are all AAA titles and yes i know they now grace other consoles but over a year after they are out on the PS2. So does that mean your beloved X-Box's best games are old Playstation2 games?!
  15. What exactly is on Gamecube and XBox that appeals to you? By the way this is a genuine question and im not taking the piss! I've got a PS2 and my girlfriend has a Gamecube. I tend to buy new consoles when a game comes along that i feel i need to have. The PS2 was bought for GTA3. Now i enjoy some games on the Gamecube but generally unless i'm playing F-Zero it just sits there gathering dust. At no point would i have bought a Cube for any of the games we currently have on it (Metroid Prime, F-Zero, Resi Evil 0, Billy Hatcher, Pikmin). As for the X-Box, I have nothing against it and will get one IF a game comes out that looks like its worth spending over 100 quid for. So far I have seen nothing that appeals. Project Gotham looks good but not worth spending the money. The best feature i can see is putting music on the hard drive! Please tell me whats truelly worthy of an X-Box purchase? By the way i've never had a problem with my PS2 and people may find sticking them on a dusty carpet won't help!
  16. Ah yes i remember that one well. The most stupidly hard level ever and i'm sure it was down to pure luck! Looking forward to Driver3.....
  17. i take it you are into your drum and bass. yes there are quite a few D&B tunes and techno trace stuff. cool. Yeah I like my drum & bass. Only ever played the demo to this but Im getting more and more into my rythmn action games and being able to pick them up cheap is great too.
  18. Excuse my ignorance.....A Roni Size track in Frequency???? Is that you having a laugh or should i be picking this game up?
  19. I still haven't completed it, I think it is rock hard. I reckon it was hard. It took me on and off 6months!!! Perhaps you just have more time to dedicate to your games than i have. Long a go i could spend all day playing a game like that but its more that i have an hour or so every now and again to dip in an out. Different games are hard to different people....if you get my meaning! You must have been stuck on some games before????
  20. Chewylegs

    POP and BG&E

    Ah, but your missing something. You're level headed, you don't have some kind of bizarre console bias. Fair play at last two people that talk sense and stop this turning into yet another "mines better than yours" thread which happens to sooooo many topics on this forum. Well done boys!
  21. Chewylegs

    POP and BG&E

    What??? People really talk nonsense on this forum sometimes!
  22. Cheers for that. I must admit though i got stuck on Space Channels last level and haven't played it since (my mates got it at the mo too). With Gregory's Horror Show i tend to play it with my girlfriend so its taking a bit longer....6 souls so far. Yet to play Flipnic but thats not encouraging if its that easy. Hoping its something i can dip in and out of. Looks like i better sort out getting Viewtiful Joe and Ikaruga which i've been meaning to pick up if im gonna get these done so quick....although they will probably still take me a while as i don't have shed loads of time for gaming anymore!
  23. This thread id definately getting me to complete games....strange really. Anyway Completed Gitaroo Man on the weekend so im now stuck with what to complete. Really enjoyed it and will definately return to get better scores. Quality game. 1. Gregory Horror Show. 2. Space Channel 5 -Pt2 3. Flipnic. 4. Viewtiful Joe - Will buy on thursday for my birthday. 5. Billy Hatcher. Not far off completing. Also playing PES3, Tiger Woods and F-Zero GX. These aren't games i regard as to complete. More like on going sagas!!
  24. Chewylegs


    Then yet again Game has surpassed themselves at being damn stupid!! At 40quid it may not sell but its RRP is 19.99 which any gamer is gonna look at when walking into a high street store. Don't be disappointed just buy it at Play.com and say...FUCK GAME!
  25. Any luck i might get some gaming satisfaction from Flipnic tonight.....if it came in the post. First of all though is to complete what i started 8months ago, got a little further at last night and want to complete tonight.....the last level of Gitaroo Man. Thinking afterwards my next gaming challenge is Viewtiful Joe. Played it down my mates and really enjoyed it. Lastly another satisfactionary moment....completing Monkey Island 2 on the Amiga.!! All that disc swapping was sooo worth it!
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