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  1. Funny thing is it's the same aggregate as it was at kick off but only 5 mins to go.
  2. This is showing how Liverpool's defence only works if you have good enough players at the back. Gomez on the 2nd goal and I think Matip the 3rd. Poor.
  3. This is done now, Villarreal should be interesting.
  4. Bobby Firmino not trying to chip the keeper was the only horror of that first half.
  5. Sounded like an epic game.
  6. Exactly, go positive. 1-2 win today, over 10 corners (that'll help my bet builder then)
  7. It certainly didn't feel like the end of a long running show.
  8. I don't really think it's THAT bad but it's just had it's day in my eyes. Many series go on far far too long so I'm glad it's ending and hoping for some sort of satisfactory conclusion. I like the long gaps in places, maybe too much style over substance, but I did wonder when watching last night what the majority of people watching would think of these long drawn shots.
  9. Prospect. Set sometime in the future, Dad and daughter in space who are sent to a moon to mine for precious gems. It has Pedro Pascal in it along with a couple of people I vaguely recognise from other films. It's very much an indie sci-fi, low budget and low on effects. A fairly annoying filter effect is over used throughout, but didn't mean this isn't a watchable and interesting film that keeps you guessing to the end. 3/5
  10. The episode where Layten is in a coma was some of the worst shit I've seen outside of The Walking Dead.....then we get the new episode. Wtaf was that I just watched?! So many stupid things the character's do, totally forgetting what happened a few days/weeks before.
  11. Was VAR on a break when that happened?!
  12. I had a little bit last night, lag at the beginning of 3 matches for some reason. It certainly doesn't make it unplayable though. I used to get it a nearly every game around 3 or 4 FIFA's ago. I wish they would just stop patching the game as much. It's an idea that makes sense, correct a game that has faults, but really it's just appeasing the idiots who don't like something in the game rather than it being a fault. I've also noticed in this FIFA the amount of players that rage early, even in rivals. It's pretty pathetic, if they come up against someone mildly better than them they have no want to test themselves, they just crash at 2-0 or whatever. There must be a fair few players out there that rarely get to an end of a football match
  13. I think you could say I don't play this the way EA want me to. I'm sitting on 1.6mil which is more than I ever have (so trading has definitely changed), and have been for about 2 months. I've got a prem boys team this year and I've still not upgraded my Mo Salah from near the start, because only recently have I felt its necessary. Origi, David and Aubameyang are my choices up front, Flashback Varana and TOTY Rudiger in defence. The only place I really want to spend cash in is the goalkeeper but I've not seen a keeper that has consistently impressed me overall. Keepers at the start of the game were perfect I thought, but the whiny fuckers moan enough at EA until they patch them into a load of inept idiots. I certainly enjoy the game, I don't enjoy Friday night Weekenders but the rest is great. What I really dislike it's the ridiculous amount of special cards they have done this year and the blatant attempt to get kids to spend spend spend on packs. Quite simply they get my money at the beginning of the game and they can fuck off if they think I'll spend a penny more.
  14. Gladly I can't hear the prick.
  15. Have they changed the rules on handballs now?
  16. I missed the first 30minutes but just seen the non red card. Wtaf is VAR doing there. Could have seriously hurt him, blatant red.
  17. Chewylegs


    I moved from this to a Hario V60 with much happier and consistent results, quite ritualistic and less cleaning. They aren't expensive at all.
  18. On reflection it seems to me Liverpool's game plan was to keep things tight and not let them have too many chances, which worked to a degree. I think the players are so used to playing their way they just struggle to play a more reserved game. Even with free kicks, they weren't taking their time, they'd get beck playing straight away which was not necessary when we were 2 up in the tie. I don't think we got away with one but I just want us to play our football from now on.
  19. Naa to be fair I wasn't. Not so much at the beginning but after that first half I want to see them focused as it's a big bloody game!
  20. Thiago chatting to his mates before and coming out at half time is a bit unprofessional for my liking.
  21. It's a bit like Man U. When do you stop blaming managers and start blaming the players for being so shit.
  22. That first half was Inter huffing and puffing, Liverpool mis passing most things and I think we are managing the game but it's hard to tell! Add in the ref that can't see a foul even if one happened on him and I'm a bit bored.
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