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  1. you did say we'd be kicking ourselves!
  2. Fair enough, but he let a hell of a lot go which were fouls (IMO), lots of cynical tackles and it took Kovacic something like 70mins to get booked. Second half he seemed to even it up a bit to be fair. The Keita one VAR didn't see it as an assault (not that I fully agree with that!!)
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed that cup final, not the usual boring, dull, no chances game, but one which was end to end and crazily entertaining for a 0-0. I could moan about the ref who seemed to have come on the Chelsea bus, or the crazy disallowed goal which seems to mean in football now you have one 'foul' rule for disallowing a goal and one for anywhere else on the pitch, but id rather just talk about the instant Karma that was dished up on Kepe when he missed that penalty! Naaa, to be honest, I just enjoyed watching my first cup final with my 5 year old son. He didn't really watch much until penalties but then he absolutely loved them and we cheered on the boys in red together!
  4. Ooh it's back and Episode 9 is both enjoyable and annoying at the same time. Standard Walking Dead
  5. I have to say, Inter were very very good tonight but Liverpool did what all top sides do in these situations, weather the storm and then be clinical when the chances come. A very entertaining game without many efforts on goal.
  6. Vidal especially. Chopsy and a diver.
  7. Let's hope the ref is better than that first free kick suggests!!
  8. One big thing I love about Klopp is he isn't scared about trying some young players in important games.
  9. Yeah there is a fair bit of this. It's like they've not had time to review the take and just thought fuck it, that'll do.
  10. I was beginning to think I just don't understand the rules and anything goes as long as the shot has been taken or the ball is no where to be seen.
  11. Robbo just smacked into the post.... we'd be off in an ambulance, he's laughing and joking with the physio
  12. Decent looking team tonight, Salah on the bench, Diaz starts and Thiago is back!
  13. Ah yes, that one F Bomb finally came out.
  14. Wendy being a complete and utter bitch and Marty being completely passive has gone a bit too far to say the least!
  15. Didn't mean to, but ended up binging the 7 episodes in 2 days. It's both Ridiculous and great at the same time, but I feel it definitely right to end the show after the next part. Along with what you guys have said with confusing narrative, there is also some really odd scenes in this season which makes you wonder what was the point in them. Usually 10-20 second scenes of pointless dialogue or staring. Wendy is as vicious and angry as usual as well.
  16. Just finished watching and for me it is one of the worst MCU films ever. If there was some way to watch a 'recap' of the first hour and a half then follow with the last hour I'd probably recommend to watch it if you are really stuck for something to do! It's just so slow, meandering, and not charming in the slightest. Sprite, Ikaris, Sersis are some of worst characters I've seen. Ajak is just behind and what on earth was the point of 'Goddess of War' (couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag) Thena? Phastos needed more screen time, the rest felt shoehorned in. Best bit was the 'rock to the back of the head', it genuinely made me laugh out loud! As for the credit scenes, I didn't even know who the first guy was but he didn't make me want to watch more. The other credit scene, I thought he'd realised his big secret was that he is Towards the end, all I could think was that will be a great tourist attraction to go and visit. This was my face throughout.
  17. I found the first episode hard work too, mainly because I forgot how annoying some characters were! Second episode is better though.
  18. I've been bringing him off the bench tonight and he's been scoring freely.
  19. Yep, Keita is Klopps' Aquilani!
  20. Na Aubameyang is insanely good for the way I play. Scores hat tricks for laughs. Could be worth a punt though.
  21. Cheers. TOTY Hakimi would be funny as that's who I sold! Seriously though, Wildcard Fabinho for Aubameyang? Wont he be a little clunky?
  22. I've not really looked into that stuff, but it seems like a dumb way to waste your money.
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