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  1. I cannot get on with any of the Sterling cards. Mostly they are better than they have been in the last few years but lack something I can't put my finger on. To be fair, that Salah card is great, it's the left I struggle with. Bizarrely I tried gold Son and found him very good but tote version was not as good!
  2. I finished Varane last night, bought Ruddy and amazingly got trolled by EA with my 3rd Mendy honourable mention card. Left winger needed now but that's not as easy as I'd like it to be.
  3. As of yet I'm not sure, my team is been pretty samey for a while, using a prem team this year as haven't done for a couple of years. Think TOTY Rudiger needs buying. Currently 560k.
  4. Hakim and Mendy tradeable. Hakim sold for 667K so I now have a crazy 2mil in the bank. I've never been this lucky on FIFA!
  5. Seems like EA must have known it was my birthday as I've just opened my 52 packs and got these..
  6. Oh yes, the picture is misleading but I couldn't find a video. It was given as a penalty to Bruno though wasnt it? VAR didn't overturn it. A real shocker! (and we all thought VAR was here to sort these issues out with ease).
  7. Bruno begs to differ! Jota definitely makes a move towards the keeper, but all I can think is the ref decided the goalie was in the wrong for sliding on his knees and even without the movement he would have taken him out .
  8. Not a penalty but where the ball is doesn't really come into the decision does it? You can tackle someone of the ball and it can still be given as a foul.
  9. Matip all over the place again
  10. Matip seems to have started a period of being a bit of a careless liability. Needs to concentrate more than he does.
  11. Just finished Dopesick, absolutely loved it. Not what I expected to see on Disney
  12. Haha good point, totally forgot about that!
  13. Did you ever see Chris Sutton at Blackburn?! He was a top player. As a pundit though....priiiiiick!
  14. Cheers. That was a long read of nothingness. It's like they wanted to make a big deal about it but what they wrote sort of had the opposite effect. I do love the fact Nottingham Forest apparently complained that Arsenal had an unfair advantage over them for their FA Cup tie because they didn't play the league cup fixture
  15. Fancy copying it in a post so non subscribers can read it?
  16. Can you keep the TOTW pack from Champions and open it next week for a potentially better pick? TOTW this week is a bit rubbish.
  17. Cheers for the replies. I've had free wins so just wondered if I had missed something.
  18. Great goal from De Bruyne but Chelsea looked like they were playing for the draw all game long. Not really seen Ziyech play much but is that what he's usually like? Looks pretty poor to be fair and not up with the speed of the league.
  19. I mean seriously, what the actual fuck is this?! A card for celebrating getting a card 2 years ago. This is the sort of nonsense cards I fucking hate seeing. EA are lazy bunch of money grabbing twats. They aren't even trying anymore. If it isnt these types of cards it's give any French player/league a fucking new card instead. Rant over!
  20. Simply, the media. Just making noise for the sake of it. As you said, loads of teams have had games postponed (some for iffy circumstances) but as they can set up a nice narrative around Villa playing last year's Cup tie against us with kids, us going to the world club competition at the same time, AFCON players off for a few weeks and also the fact that Klopp has mentioned a few times about being more transparent with all this, the media can jump on it. None of it has anything to do with the club's situation which is the frustrating thing. It's different scenarios brought in to just push the narrative. The club has the right to ask for it to be called off, so they did. Now, if they had been told no and then made a big song and dance about it, that would have be different. The other ridiculous thing is blaming Klopp for this, like he makes all the club's decisions. It's a club decision not a manager's decision to ask for a postponement.
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