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  1. Tricky though isn't it? Living, breathing a Football club for say 40years, something that is literally your life, your weekends, where your friends are....just turning that off without a thought is not a simple thing to do (I would have thought).

  2. 2 hours ago, feltmonkey said:

    The objection against the owners is far from the same - Man Utd fans protest against the Glaziers because they hurt the club, not because they are responsible for reprehensible actions outside the club.  The Saudis will, on the surface, massively help Newcastle.



    It's bizarre to compare the two situations, they are nothing alike.


    Some Newcastle supporters will be torn apart by the moral dilemma with their situation.  To just expect a supporter, some who live their lives through football just to give up on their team the day after this is announced, is totally unfair.

  3. I ended up with coffee from Wogan in the end as they make it around the corner from where I work.  First few uses of my V60 and I'm impressed with how nice it is tasting compared to my old Tassimo.  Less fuss (mess) than the cafeteire as well.

  4. 6 hours ago, carlospie said:

    I hate this game. Rivals is just endless haalands, lobbed through balls, kick off goals, ridiculous through balls that go through a whole team, tramp players, defenders who don't respond.


    Yet I keep on playing it! And have just lost 8 in a row :)

    I've honestly seen none of this!  I'm loving it, the slower pace makes for a refreshingly different game.

  5. Crazy 'Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool type of game!  But what a game it was!  We could have won, probably should have won but those are the games I want to see.  Obviously if this was the end of the season I'm sure I'd be feeling differently but so what, it's football, Brentford played it like a cup game, VVD looked like he wasn't at the races at all but it was a cracker!


    Top of the league!😎

  6. I'd recommend Oatly Whole Milk for cereal, it's the only one I have and personally think it's great.  Also awesome for smoothies and milk shakes.

    I stopped drinking tea as couldn't find a milk that worked, so haven't even tried Oatly for that.

  7. On 23/09/2021 at 10:37, BeeJay said:

    Every year I try fifa again and every year it feels more alien to me. The intro that I am forced to go through involves social media, then running through some streets or something? I skipped as much and as quickly as I could and it still took several minutes to get to the main page. Then on to UT, which is good, as it was 10 years ago, with a few usability tweaks. I still find the squad building aspect interesting. On to the gameplay... I just, well, I just can't work it out. My brain is still playing Fifa 11 I think, which this isn't. 5 losses in a row, against far superior teams, 1 goal scored, about average 5 conceded per game (this is a big contributor to my dislike of the game, either I am the worst player in the world, or the matchmaking just sucks right now but it's been the same story for the last few years). And I'm out, again. Good luck to those who still enjoy it but I've just been completely left behind, in a big way and can't find any joy in it.

    You should try play squad battles and get used to it.  Chucking yourself into say Rivals at the beginning is not the best way to get used to a game.

  8. 18 minutes ago, gospvg said:


    Will also be a good chance to have some of the fringe bench players play a game like Kelleher, Nat Phillips, Jones & hopefully Minamino

    Yeah, Jones has obviously lost a little something in pre season as he's not been getting a start.  He's always impressed me when I've seen him play though.  Minamino needs to put in a big show for me.

  9. 1 hour ago, gospvg said:

    League cup time vs Norwich this evening. Expecting lots of changes to the starting 11.

    I'm contemplating popping to the pub to watch it as some of the younger boys might play and it'll be good to see what we've got coming through like Kaide Gordon.  


  10. 54 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:


    They really have, haven't they?  They missed three clear penalties (the Wan-Bisakka one should have been a pen too, bias fans) and in fact Martin Atkinson missed all four because he gave a corner after Luke Shaw's handball!  Astonishingly crap.

    Didn't see a Wan-Bisakka one, or are you talking about when he took it Soucek?


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