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  1. Loving this unbiased commentary. Tyler creams his pants when Kovavic scores, barely leaves his monotonous tone when Salah scored. Hang on, add the Pulisic goal to that as well. Weve lost control of this game much like the ref has.
  2. Beautiful finish....took me 10 seconds to work out it had gone in crazy angle.
  3. Ridiculously open game this is, with our defence already making it harder than it needs to be. Many goals to come.
  4. I just binged the whole of season 4 in one night!
  5. Man City have lost twice this season and six times last season. You are right, in reality with all their riches they should win it every year but this is football, it doesn't always work like that. It's not over just yet guys.
  6. I don't see it as title over. Teams have bad periods in general, it's a long way to go and City can drop some points. Chelsea, Liverpool and City are still in it
  7. TAA and Keita have stood out as a bag of shite amongst a load of other shite players tonight. Disappointing.
  8. It's got 'one of those games' written all over it. Lacking to say the least.
  9. TAA send to be in one of those half arsed moods at the moment. Being slightly lackadaisical with some of his play. Want to see some more urgency in the second half.
  10. Yeah, heard that a few times already, nice bunch these Leicester fans. Mo missing the penalty
  11. Definitely better than 3 and worth a watch. I really enjoyed it. Just watched Far From Home again. Much better than Homecoming for me, will be interesting to see the new one as Holland is getting better and better.
  12. The last few days I've found myself sat down watching Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman, Spiderman 3, The Amazing Spiderman, and The Amazing Spiderman 2. Why...I'm not sure, but when The Amazing Spiderman came out I remember not being interested due to it being so soon after the Toby Maguire ones. Anyhow, Spiderman with Goblin is still a great film, Maguire was a decent Spiderman and only part 3 really let him and Raimi down. I was surprised to find though that I really enjoyed both the Garfield ones. He seems spot on to me as both Peter and Spidey. Gwen is great and they work together well. The first is let down by a pretty poor villain but has some absolutely brilliant action sequences, especially when you get the first person perspective Spidey climbing and swinging through the city. The second is a more rounded film for me. Electro isn't as bad as I remember him, Goblin is in it briefly but they definitely could have gone somewhere with him. Rhino was funny as fuck though. I'm really surprised they gave up on Garfield, having watched them back to back I'd say he is probably a better Spidey than Maguire. I really like Tom Holland, but in some ways I feel his Spiderman films are a bit too young in tone for me and I prefer him turning up in the Avengers films as part of the gang rather than on his own. I take it Garfield wasn't received well, that's why they dumped him after only two films?
  13. A drive by shitpost. A Chelsea fan crying about not being able to field a first choice side against Wolves is fucking hilarious to start with. My other line meant that it seems I'm not allowed to have a say unless it is meaningful enough to you and your high and mighty attitude. Just take it as a fucking joke as it was meant in the first place and stop with the nonsense of Chelsea not winning because it was a 3rd choice team and some of these players might leave in January.
  14. Why do I have to contribute anymore than that? I'm now not allowed a say because I showed you the team and said you are winding us up with your inevitable comment? Fuck around. Why do you keep addressing the team sheet like it wasn't the team that played yesterday? Anyhow, I'm leaving it there because it's a pointless argument to keep going on with.
  15. This is what you actually said. Fair enough if you didn't think the game should happen (which if that's the case to me no games should happen if any players have covid) but the result wasn't inevitable now was it? Chelsea are just going through a patch of not such good form, all teams do it.
  16. These sort of comments make this thread a joy to come into. That was the team that played yesterday and shows your 3rd choice comment is not really right to be honest. Also, who are these players that never play together, are leaving in January and played when they shouldn't of?
  17. Edouard Mendy Cesar Azpilicueta Emiliano Thiago Silva Antonio Rudiger Reece James Ngolo Kante Trevoh Chalobah Marcos Alonso Mason Mount Hakim Ziyech Christian Pulisic You are on the wind up!
  18. I hear you, 2021 can definitely fuck right off. Take care mate.
  19. I don't really have any problem with Howe! *Ducks and runs for cover!*
  20. Ok, so to be perfectly honest you cannot see from that video if his arm is anywhere near his head or not. I understand you are saying about the trajectory but it's impossible from that angle to tell if his arm has hit him or not. So really you've got a situation where you either believe the player or not. Being a fan of the opposition, anything I say is going to be misconstrued as blinkered but I do honestly believe, taking into account what happened after the incident and how the player was, that he wasn't hurt, so yes he was faking it. Bare in mind I'm seeing it after the event, I wasnt sitting their watching it saying he was faking it as he went down. Im also not saying his head wasn't touched/knocked, but a bit like when a player 'goes down easily' in the area when he feels a touch, it doesn't make it a foul/injury. Also, I never said he checked his position. Having watched football for over 30 years I tend to not believe everything that I see happen on the pitch because sadly, footballers feign injuries. Lastly, if I sat here and said it was an injury and play should have been stopped it would make no difference anyway, so I'm calling it as I see it.
  21. This is a bit bizarre though mate. No one is trying to out do each other, I'm genuinely annoyed that something as serious as head injuries can be used to buy a free kick. And yes, I believe (until I see your video) that a player went down and pretended to be hurt so the game was stopped. Let's be honest, it wouldn't be the first time or last and everything that happened following the incident (the checks that were done, the fact he played on etc) suggest to me that he wasn't injured. The problem as usual is people think this is a tribal/club thing, it's not.
  22. Have you got a link to that video as the ones I've seen he gets sandwiched at most. Happy to be proved wrong though. Only thing I would say though is if he was dazed and confused for several minutes after (as been claimed), how/why was he on the pitch?
  23. That's the sad thing. Such a serious thing shouldn't be manipulated to cheat. There's diving, there's getting someone booked but pretending you have a head injury is pretty fucking low. I can't believe I'm going to say this but fair play to Mike Dean for not falling for it. After the event he even looked like he was having a word about it to the physio and player.
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