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  1. Ok, so to be perfectly honest you cannot see from that video if his arm is anywhere near his head or not. I understand you are saying about the trajectory but it's impossible from that angle to tell if his arm has hit him or not. So really you've got a situation where you either believe the player or not. Being a fan of the opposition, anything I say is going to be misconstrued as blinkered but I do honestly believe, taking into account what happened after the incident and how the player was, that he wasn't hurt, so yes he was faking it. Bare in mind I'm seeing it after the event, I wasnt sitting their watching it saying he was faking it as he went down. Im also not saying his head wasn't touched/knocked, but a bit like when a player 'goes down easily' in the area when he feels a touch, it doesn't make it a foul/injury. Also, I never said he checked his position. Having watched football for over 30 years I tend to not believe everything that I see happen on the pitch because sadly, footballers feign injuries. Lastly, if I sat here and said it was an injury and play should have been stopped it would make no difference anyway, so I'm calling it as I see it.
  2. This is a bit bizarre though mate. No one is trying to out do each other, I'm genuinely annoyed that something as serious as head injuries can be used to buy a free kick. And yes, I believe (until I see your video) that a player went down and pretended to be hurt so the game was stopped. Let's be honest, it wouldn't be the first time or last and everything that happened following the incident (the checks that were done, the fact he played on etc) suggest to me that he wasn't injured. The problem as usual is people think this is a tribal/club thing, it's not.
  3. Have you got a link to that video as the ones I've seen he gets sandwiched at most. Happy to be proved wrong though. Only thing I would say though is if he was dazed and confused for several minutes after (as been claimed), how/why was he on the pitch?
  4. That's the sad thing. Such a serious thing shouldn't be manipulated to cheat. There's diving, there's getting someone booked but pretending you have a head injury is pretty fucking low. I can't believe I'm going to say this but fair play to Mike Dean for not falling for it. After the event he even looked like he was having a word about it to the physio and player.
  5. Most people know Mike Dean is definitely not a Liverpool fan
  6. I don't think they are trying NOT to score
  7. It's disgraceful isn't it. Something brought in to stop serious head injuries being exploited because players can't be fucked to defend properly.
  8. He waits until today to get his first of the season!
  9. I got this guy....what do these cards do?
  10. They surely can't make a blanket decision like that after being so indecisive and vague about it up to now? The problem I think is the lack of transparency more than anything. So many people don't want others knowing they aren't vaccinated even though the very fact they are not must mean they believe strongly in it. They could also put a figure on the amount of players out that means a cancellation is likely. I'm not sure an outbreak of covid within a club but not so much in the playing staff should cancel a match though.
  11. Yep, happy with that especially as it was looking like PSG. Glad to see Man U didn't get away with playing someone shit and will have a wail of a time against thediving cheats that are Madrid
  12. Fair enough. Take it easy, enjoy the continued goodness of watching Liverpool FC!
  13. All I would say is for a good long time I barely looked at rllmuk, probably only coming in to this thread in regards to Liverpool. My life changed and have found this has been a place that has helped me through a difficult time I wasn't expecting, so it was nice still to have an account. I have had an account since 2003 or something though.
  14. @Pockets Can I ask why are you deleting your account? (Just being nosey)
  15. Just a shame Real aren't following suit and being equally as crap. And yes, Barcelona is an incredible city, one of my favourites.
  16. This is important. Putting a second rate side out to the Italian league leaders and getting thumped wouldn't be the best experience for the younger players. I think Salah and Mane really played because we lack options in those areas. Firmino injured, Jota needed a rest so we don't have the players to take those roles for the majority of the match.
  17. Anyone heard the one about the game being more laggy if you are in a 'FUT Champions' stadium? It sounds like the type of excuse where I blame the ball or the colour of the kits on why I lose, but could be worth a try. I changed it last night and the next game was much smoother.
  18. Decent team tonight. Come on you reds!!!
  19. Those showdown cards are utter bollocks! We need more people to buy points, so let's give two really fucking slow defenders loads of pace for absolutely no reason at all. Those are the sort of fantasy cards are hate in FIFA. Greedy cunts.
  20. I'd of thought qualifiers have something to do with your division status, but could be wrong.
  21. Lesson learnt for the keeper and all keepers there not to just drop to the floor just because they've been touched. Getting trod on is going to hurt of course, but not to that degree. It had to be the much maligned Fred as well.
  22. Cheers, a bit frustrating then as I don't play that much. I was hoping if I went in to the Champion's weekend this weekend I'd be able to click on my rival packs afterwards and get the 500 points, but it sounds like I will have to wait until after the weekend games or just not worry about the 500 points.
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