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  1. Oh wow, only just seen this. Man, what I find! I’ve finished the JPN version back in the day with a combination of trial and error and Gamefaqs msg board chat. It’s a bit janky but I really enjoyed it, it’s got that classic B movie compelling vibe that a lot of games have. The idea that people get a chance to play it is amazing.
  2. Done all the shadow stages apart from the last one now but missed loads of bees. The zone 3 stage has like 38 to find!! I’ve resorted to a guide as I’ve noticed bees are now a random drop in a chest, which is a bit harsh for multiple reasons; 1 being that you’re not sure if one you’re missing IS a chest drop and 2 it’s random so you can play the level and NOT get the drop. The 2nd point may stop me going for the platinum. I also bought the bee net which is a pretty essential purchase for getting some bees as some are super awkward to catch. I’ve really enjoyed the variation on the levels from the shadow stages too, definitely worth another play. Also, someone mentioned earlier in the thread but it is true…When you play on Knight difficulty and die the default menu option for Respawning is the area start flag, not the mid flag. So a rage induced mash of a restart will put you much further back. Such an hilarious troll! I’m starting to wonder about the true ending now too. I assumed it was collecting all demon orbs but one thing that has me interested is that there are black and red chests scattered around. Destroying one one them releases another type of wizard, which if you kill will spawn an essence that files away and you hear a long distance destruction sound. No idea what these are for but wondered if it was ending related.
  3. Wow, it really is the end for this game when there’s an update showcase on the final character and this thread doesn’t move! Speculation that Luke’s V Skill 2 is a mechanic for Street Fighter 6. It’s basically an attack that beats throws.
  4. Can anyone explain to me (without spoiling too much) how Chrono Trigger has 13 endings?
  5. Did a mooch of the 2nd level of the shadow stages and again came out with 10/16 bees I’ve bought the treasure finder magic now, which should be a big help. I used it in one section and wow the location the chest was hidden in was devious. Yea, Squire is a lot more easy going. I did like digging into Knight to get through but given what the game wants you to I’m happier with something more straight forward. I think they probably should have had trophies for finishing the harder difficulties because as it stands there’s no reason to play them other than for your own sense of achievement.
  6. And Faussete Amour finished. I was definitely more versed in the game and was trying some speedy traversal, which was actually a lot of fun. It’s a shame they didn’t push this side a bit more. Stage 5 uses it with you having to traverse up the screen as lava rises but some levels you could traverse without swinging at all. I managed to get to the last boss on the 1CC but messed up the fight and had to continue, which was annoying. Not that there’s a score linked. I actually think the music is good too. I know one review wrote the OST off but I quite enjoy it. One thing is that it’s super diverse, you’d actually think tracks were from entirely different games is so varied.
  7. Been playing Faussete Amour on the PC Engine. Wanted to sit down with this game for a while as I’m a big fan of swinging mechanics in games. The main character’s weapon allows for a mix of Castlevania and Bionic Commando style gameplay all in a Valis style setting. Reading a couple of reviews they were pretty damming and while I understand the gripes I feel generally a bit more positive on the game. It’s not a classic but it’s quite nice and I think there’s scope for tackling levels in different ways as you become more versed with the swing mechanic. The game has the classic PC Engine trait and having tricky gameplay coupled with infinite continues, which I’m not particularly a fan of. The game actually has the traits of GnG too with a 1 hit then death (it even puts you in your underwear on taking the hit) and has fairies hidden in the world which you can make appear to get your armour back. One thing that’s surprised me is this game is quite expensive to buy and I put this down to it having a cult following for people of are super versed with the game yet I found nothing on YT with regards to a super play / speed run type video. I personally think there is scope in the game to be able to blitz as least some sections of the game with some skilled swinging. If I was playing with save states I’d probably give this a go myself but it’s a slow process practicing a section when you’ve got to traverse all your way back just to try a section again. I worked my way right through to the last boss before having to turn off, I’m thinking my next attempt I’ll get there much quicker having constantly repeated stages abusing the infinite continues.
  8. I can confirm that the shadow stage difficulties are relative, so if anyone is struggling with the shadow stages of Knight then a Squire run may be a better option. For those that have finished the game, I’d personally consider the shadow stages considerably different to the original to warrant another playthrough. Bees are now hidden in chests so you need to find and break all chests. My mooch of the first stage resulted in me finding 10 of 16 Bees, so I missed a significant chunk compared to my first run where I only missed 1 or 2 on each level.
  9. I’ve finished my Squire run now with all Bees, wasn’t too bad at all TBH. Feel like the real version of GnG is going to start now as it’s going to be the first time I really dig into the shadow stages. Actually really looking forward to them having played the original levels multiple times now. I love some of the level design. Stage 4 in particular is a real lesson in controlling your play.
  10. No, it starts as a fresh game. TBH, you catch up quick. If you’re versed in Knight difficulty you’ll get through Squire no problems, like I mentioned I’ve been hunting Bees and I’m actually only like 6 behind my initial run having focused on finding them as opposed to just getting through the level.
  11. Started a Squire run for collecting. The difference between Squire and Knight is pretty significant. I can’t imagine what Page is like, there must be sections where nothing happens! Got all the Bees on the first 3 stages. Squire is a lot better for mooching around an area looking for Bees and Chests, Bees are also an instant save so you can go into a level grab one you’re missing, die and then just quit back to map. I think I’ve figured out the chest stat on the stage select…and it’s completely pointless! Each stage has 2 areas (+boss) and in an area are 6 hidden chests. That means there’s actually 12 hidden chests across the whole stage. So why the stat is out of 6 I don’t know? Also, it’s pointless in that I got all 6 in the first area of the first stage and got the trophy. However I’ve been back in since then looking for bees so now the stat is 4/6 even though I’ve collected 6/6 on a previous attempt. So I don’t get the point of the stat being there at all. I’ve only got the All Bees, Demon Orbs, Magic and the true ending to do, so still plenty but it’s feels very plausible the more I play.
  12. Just been having a mess around… Went back in to playthrough 1 and did the first level again. The difficulty has increased from Knight, there’s more enemies in certain locations and more waves spawn. This makes playing the levels again for collecting even more difficult! I guess this is because they figure you’re a lot more tooled than when you originally played the level. Would be interested to know how a Squire level looks replaying the first level again after finishing the game and see if it’s the same as finishing on Knight or if it’s relative to the difficulty you started on. I did a quick Squire run through the first level on a new save and got the undying trophy. Now I’m wondering is it more beneficial to do the collecting on an easier difficulty. I also have NO idea how the chest counter works on the stage select screen.
  13. little bit of info here https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/11/gaiares-is-getting-a-physical-re-release-with-the-help-of-the-kid-who-promoted-it-31-years-ago summary seemed to be: MD only No digital release for modern consoles Cart won’t fit a JPN machine Bevelled! One of my top shooters and games in general. I love this game! I don’t think this release will affect the original prices too much. Collectors want the original. One thing I was surprised by was the t-shirt (so ultimately the ad campaign) ‘teaching’ you how to say the name…and it’s teaching you wrong! For those that can read JPN katakana it is actually pronounced Gaia Res, not Guy Are Us
  14. Haha! Yes, the swearing goes up for sure. You just have to laugh as the game IS trying (and going) to stiff you. Playing yesterday I ran to dodge an enemy coming from behind and above, and as soon as I jumped the gap in front of me it spawned another enemy right where I was landing. >< You can call BS but it’s really not, they knew I was gonna run and jump as soon as I saw the enemies coming and that’s exactly why that enemy is there for me to land on. Just to be tw@ts LOL! All I had to do was run, pause a split second, then jump and I went straight over the enemies head.
  15. Praise the lord someone in the thread! Where are you at with playthrough 2? I just did the first stage, was like a completely different level TBH. I’m definitely gunning for the checkpoint flags on these stages, they’re brutal, although I did notice a lot of Bees to collect so I think they they’re trying to keep you in there rooting around.
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