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  1. Another day another MD game finished! This time I went for Thunderforce III, and surprisingly I finished it on my first attempt!! Not blowing my trumpet, I was dying all over the place but again the game is pretty liberal with continues and lives. Not only this, the game is generous with giving extra lives via score too. It’s possible to get 2-3 extra just for completing a level. I basically got to a point where I had Claw, Hunter and a shield, which saw me through a large chunk of the game. I remember being a big fan of this as a kid, I finished it bu
  2. Ghost Valley 1 - Super Mario Kart Desert - Sega Rally Played these an obscene amount.
  3. Well as fast as that I just finished Wardner Special on the Megadrive. I remember the review of this in Mean Machines and them saying it was pretty easy. Having started I thought it’s was actually pretty tough with a lot of arcade style setups to cost you a life. A lot of this actually came down to the size of the hitbox of the main sprite as it’s deceptively big. However once I had this figured out I made good progress. The game is actually pretty liberal with lives and continues, which is definitely what makes it easier at seeing more of the game. I
  4. Just finished Shinobi 3 on the Megadrive. I’m a big fan of this game but I’d never ever played through it legit (I’ve always use save states). This was mainly down to levels 6 and 7 as they are a step up in difficulty and have a lot of potential insta-death. So I practiced these levels and I have to say I actually really enjoy them now. I really like this game’s moveset and these levels really bring out their use. The last boss (without a powered kunai) is really tough, but with it he’s fairly straight forward. It’s pretty essential to use the shield magic at the start of
  5. I was wondering if they would change the push back on certain moves to get around this. It sounds like taunt cancelling is proving really strong and a decent way to limit it is to push the opponent out of range.
  6. I think Capcom have done a real number on their poster boy for the final season. I’m guessing Daigo is going back to Ryu.
  7. I think Nero’s disposable arm is multiple layers of understanding. At it’s lowest you’re just using them as you find them, and often complete a level literally using 1 or 2 At it’s most advanced, you know a level inside out, you plan how you’re going to tackle each set of enemies using what arms and then purchase your arm order. I’ve never been at this level but I imagine it’s pretty satisfying. I’m at a level where I’m happy to blow an arm in order to get one that I think will be more ‘handy‘ but I’m no where near planning a level out. I don’t think I’ll e
  8. Managed to have a little session on this, this morning. V Shift is actually more balanced than I thought. It’s not a guarantee, but it definitely helps mindless pressure. It seems slow enough that you can’t punish lights, but you can catch mediums. Managed to do it a couple of times and turn the situation, which was satisfying. My main gripe with it at the minute is that you need to stick to be neutral in order to do it. This makes it a bit more awkward when in a block string where you’re naturally pulling back. I think a lot of people are going to have to retrain their mu
  9. Some great combos. Looking forward to Joffo’s ‘in a live match’ videos
  10. Someone should pick it up and get it on The Repair Shop
  11. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Wow, I know the PS5 is a bit more buggy than the PS4 version but that sounds pretty crazy. I’ve never had anything like that in all my sessions online and I’d say I’ve had a fair chunk. In other news I’m slowly getting used to the Switchglaive and Splitstaff. I only just realised recently that the Splitstaff has the ability to alter its attacks by holding the button. So press the button and it will throw out an attack, hold the button and it throws out the attack and puts an extra spin after the first attack for another hit. This leads to some pretty interesting combos, when you
  12. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Is this the PC version? Sounds like ha><0rs to me. You shouldn’t have to wait for people in order to finish the level yourself, and the other stuff sounds broken. I had a guy the other morning, was SUPER high spec. He was dressed like an amateur ninja, would run into the middle of the fight area, play the panicky/scared animation, get hit by all the enemies and then 1 shot everything before running off to the next set of fights.
  13. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Actually speaking of this boss I got a new friend on my FL who was struggling with this exact level. He messaged me after the fact thanking me has he didn’t believe he could beat the boss without help. I told him it was fine and that it was still very early in the game, and there was still a lot to learn. I also mentioned the importance of calling people in to help if he was struggling.
  14. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Give me a shout if you want me to join your game and help. I’ve helped loads of people on this boss. The game is tough solo, there’s no denying it, but you call the right people in for coop and they will help you beat the boss for sure. Are you summoning real people or just AI?
  15. I think it’s more the case that it’s his first time through and hasn’t gotten that far yet - spoilers! The game ramps up, even on DH difficulty. You’ve only just been introduced to Dante, come back if you do the stage 16 boss without dying. Balrog is a beast of a weapon. I can literally sit for hours just mixing Balrog’s ducking and weaving with Royal Guard parrying.
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