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  1. Another video of stunning DMC skills
  2. Agreed, great set. Theres a few in there on my wanted list for sure.
  3. Amazing scenes. I wish I had the skills to do this kind of thing. Whats the best way to get good at things like this? It’s always something I’ve wanted to do but have no idea where to start really
  4. Am I just missing something or can you not see friends times on the leaderboards?
  5. Were you able to read the description of the auction? One of the main ‘things’ about Duos is that they’re notorious for konking out due to capacitor problems so if there’s no mention of them in the description I would suggest opening it up and having a look. Even if the capacitors seem okay it’s something to consider getting done as it’s likely only a matter of time. Another thing to consider is an RGB mod as they’re not RGB by default and composite is all you’re going to get picture quality wise. Lastly Hu cards are region locked so you can’t play US games on a
  6. Had a quick shot of this this morning. Seems pretty enjoyable so far. I haven’t seen enough of the AI to know how annoying it is (was mainly TTing) My two beefs. Why is there no controller scheme options. The current lay out isn’t great IMO, they have accelerate/brake on the triggers and gear up/down on the bumpers. This doesn’t feel good at all. I want to be able to brake AND down gear not brake OR down gear. Seems minor but it’s minging to play like this. Pretty much every other driving game I’ve played (which granted isn’t many) puts the gears on the face controls,
  7. Super underrated series IMO, I think both games are excellent. I was a little concerned by the 2 player idea of the 2nd game but the puzzles are designed around having 2 characters and actually ended up thinking it was very well done.
  8. If you want the Rolls Royce of cables you can go for a Retro Gaming Cables scart lead. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sega/saturn/SEGA-SATURN-RGB-SCART-PACKAPUNCH-PRO-CABLE These guys do great work and are a recognised brand in retro cables.
  9. For anyone thinking about a project of making a MAME stick but doesn’t have the carpentry skills, I found this website that has cases ready to go with optional extras to buy. https://www.zarcade.uk/product/z02-arcade-stick-case-with-artwork
  10. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    I never tire of watching Miduki play these types of action games. The skill on display is insane, I don’t know how his mind moves so fast
  11. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Horrible morning on this. Died so many times during coop and realised I had become ‘that guy’. You know the one, that doesn’t stick with the crew and gets themselves killed. Was so annoyed with myself. Then I went and overwrote one of my Untouched Ninjitsu inheritables with a bog standard Toughness one. Had to spend an absolute wealth of consumables, divine fragments and cash, forging equipment to try and get It back. I did eventually but it was a brutal cost! I’ve started going through Dream of the Demon difficulty as only the first 2 regions are open and it’s
  12. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Another session on this, this morning. I’m pretty much exclusively in jolly coop these days. I’ve decided on a full on ninja build so have been working towards that. Now have Ninjitsu Power and Untouched Ninjitsu on all my clothing and also have Ninjitsu Power and Shuriken & Kunai damage on both my accessories. A ninja build works well for coop as it allows you to play mid to long range and stay out of the mess that can be the mix of enemies and partners all going nuts on each other Still need to get a few more inheritables, one for each of my weapons and one
  13. So how many are you buying then?
  14. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    You need to finish ‘The Roaming Artisan’ Side mission. Was trying to complete a scroll mission this morning but couldn’t do it. There was at least 10 waves and I think I was too under levelled to tackle it. The other thing about scroll missions is that you can’t call in help.
  15. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    This is the plan these days though. Got to keep people playing, got to have obscene amounts of things to do. I know the ultimate goal for some companies Is to literally keep you fed with content until the next one is ready to come out. They’re so paranoid about losing you to another game that’s doing the same kind of thing. I guess this game just appeals to me. I know lots of other games do similar things but I have no interest in playing them relentlessly.
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