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  1. Yea, the name basically means the unit is emulating the GD rom drive, not that it’s an emulator itself.
  2. Sat and played this for about 4 hours today and I love it so far. I feel like a lot of the complaints can be answered by simply saying ”well, it’s a Kojima game” Never felt like a cutscene was too long, never felt bored as I was playing a “walking simulator”, just enjoyed it as I’ve enjoyed all Kojima games. You think about MGS and you spend most of your time; running, hiding and avoiding combat as much as possible so is traversing the environment in this really that much different? The only thing I’ve found so far, which TBH is pretty game breaking, is
  3. I’m trying trying to remember the ending now but I did feel there was something there is gave a nod that they may well be working on a sequel...
  4. TBH prices can vary greatly, it depends on things like; condition, condition of the disk, does it have spine, reg card etc. So you will need to get an account of everything. Also, you have to decide if you want to try and get top end for something or if you just want to move it on. Most people use eBay for reference, but (IMO) that is people pushing for top end and higher, which is why games continue to sit there as buy it now. The likelihood of getting top end REALLY depends on condition but in this instance you’re only looking for a serious collector who wants that game, which could take a while to sell. I’d be interested in a number of the games you have, unsurprisingly, depending on condition and price.
  5. Happy Console Gamer’s initial thoughts. One important point for me is in the current AAA market where everything is blending into each other, this is a completely different experience. That alone is enough for me to want to spend some time with the game
  6. Very true. One thing I also feel about SFV is that match up knowledge isn’t as important and it’s more about can you just survive the other player’s BS. This fight showed the match up knowledge IS important. Nemo looked completely lost TBH.
  7. If you want to be extra fancy you can also mod the system with a Noctua fan which makes the system much more quiet. It’s a simple mod too. It’s more a case of getting a hold of the 3D printed mount. I got mine off eBay, not sure if there’s more kicking around.
  8. Just had a flick through, looks like an astounding piece of writing! Looking forward to settling down and getting into it
  9. So do people think there’s spoilers in that trailer? I want to go into the game spoiler free but I do think Kojima does trailers that are more setting you up to play rather than spoiling things...
  10. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Hope this does well for them. The first was 10 years in the making so would have cost them a lot. This is their chance to make some money on the franchise. Complaints of sameness and repetition don’t matter if you enjoy the systems. Plenty of learning to be had there if you look for it. I’ll be all over it.
  11. The overworld is a great addition, you can spend 20 mins just wandering around figuring secrets out. Can easily pull you away from doing the main missions it’s that good. There’s times where I wander off to do something and then I’m like where was I, and what mission was I doing? Some tricky levels too. Especially the variation courses. You really need to think about coin collecting too as the Trowzer paywalls aren’t cheap. I wouldn’t necessarily think about item collecting in levels but you need to in this.
  12. Oh wow, I just read that the dock has an HDMI out and controller ports! The idea of playing on the TV and then being able to pick it up and keep playing on the move, Switch style, is far more appealing. Really need to know how much the adapters are for the other machines...
  13. Just finished Mercs Arcade Mode on the Megadrive. I remember finding this one tough as a kid but as an adult I was able to see how to deal with situations pretty quickly, it probably only took me 3-4 hours. There’s an excellent original mode too which I tried afterwards and feel like there’s more scope for learning there. The more I play old school games the more I feel they’re (or at least some) are not as bad as people think. People say in Dark Souls to treat death as a learning experience like it’s something unique, but really that’s all you ever do in old school games. When I played Chiki Chiki boys a few weeks back, the first time I played it I didn’t even finish the first level before I died as you only get 2 lives before it’s game over. I remember thinking, that’s pretty ridiculous but after a few hours of learning I totally understood why it was 2 lives only.
  14. Wow...I started playing the Turtles Arcade Game on the NES - it’s crazy tough! I say it’s tough, it’s just a bit weird and TBH, a little unbalanced. It’s 3 lives and 3 continues, however a continue starts you right back at the beginning of the level. The thing is, fighting a boss in these games is tough, and more than likely it’s going to cost you a life or 2. So if you finish a level with only 1 life left it’s not worth going through the next level as you won’t have the lives to take down the level AND the boss and you’ll be forced to start the whole level again. Personally I’d sooner just have 9 lives to finish the whole game. Enemies seem more basic than what I remember from the SNES version. It’s 2 hits to kill an enemy, however the enemy goes invincible after the first hit so you can’t just mash your way through them, you have to hit them then back off otherwise they’ll hit you. It’s not like the Arcade/SNES game in that respect. Would be interested to know how many kids managed to finish this back in the day. I feel this would have be aimed at younger kids as by the time this came out the MD and the SNES were out.
  15. Currently playing Golden Axe Warrior on the Master System. Just finished the 6th Dungeon. This one and dungeon 5 have been a huge step up in difficulty, not in puzzles, just dying to enemies. It’s very much in the same lines as the original NES Zelda. It has some cameos from the original Golden Axe crew too, which is a neat touch. One of the tips in the manual is that you draw your own map. Love this old school mentality. You would never get a game like this without a map these days
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