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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. February 5. Ziggurat (PS4) [2014] I've got a couple of completed games I've been meaning to add but putting it off and as I'm now approaching the end of a new one, decided it would be best to get these up on here now. Back in Feb I downloaded Limbo and Ziggurat from the PSN Store, while already familiar with Limbo but not with Ziggurat thought I'd take a punt especially as it was quite literally about 79p. Turns out it's well worth checking out and has a lot of replayability. Ziggurat has been around since 2014 and plays very much like Hexen but exists as a rogue-like.
  2. I once played it briefly from a friend’s collection of copied CDR’s back when I was in uni around 2002 or so and was enjoying. The problems was that the first boss encounter would freeze during the cut scene to start it. I lost a lot of progress the first time but tried again and managed to get there a bit quicker the second and then it happened again. Must have been a scratched disc. I’ve seen the original Blood Omen too as a friend of mine had it back when I was in school. He tried playing it on an emulator over 10-12 years ago but it would get stuck on a specific bit and loop t
  3. Ohhh right I see, so is this for a TV you're using that doesn't have a component input? @SeanR
  4. How does it compare to a component connection? I’ve been using my component cables and was actually surprised how good the image looks generally on my Pioneer plasma back when I fired up the ps2 again about 6 months ago for the first time in many years.
  5. I’ve got this and went through it all some years back because I loved the series so much that I wanted to see what this was about. Admittedly the gameplay itself while trying to offer different styles of stages does border on the low end amateur side of the spectrum, but I loved how they created a full season of story which I read was written by the writers who made the actual show itself. It’s also cool how it has some of the main characters in there voiced by the actual actors too. So nothing groundbreaking by any stretch but I enjoyed it. Also to add to the topic theme, I’ve be
  6. Tokyo Jungle is one that came to mind as I have it but got it on PS+ a few years back and don’t pay for that anymore so lost access to it. Had some fun with it despite initially not getting on with it, however it became quite addictive later on.
  7. Ah but the question is, did it really actually die? I say this because mine wouldn’t play CD based games and all that took was the rotating of a white cog inside to completely fix. On top of that though you have actual laser calibration and attempting to do things like cleaning the laser itself. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick I managed to fix the issue I had though so I’d check that first.
  8. @dumpster I’m suddenly wanting to buy those two Gradius games because I recently got my ps2 to finally read blue discs and my few existing ones are all blue discs so assume these are too? They are a bit on the pricey end though.
  9. This was the first thing that came to mind. Hand out lollipops at the fruit machines, it will all be ok. Oh they do already in Las Vegas, it’s called free alcohol.
  10. When I was playing Bravely Default on my 3DS, I actually used the built in drawing app to create custom maps to show the locations of multiple locked treasure chests you come across in dungeons. One of them for something else I drew a world map and marked in colours key locations for something specific I had to know about later in the game. The only downside was that it was a limited save system for these images where you had less than 20 slides that could be saved onto a matrix grid and I had to start erasing old ones eventually. It was massively useful though having that app.
  11. I used to play Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy on Atari ST. Loved it and it still looks good now. Only just learned it was based off another older title called Bumpy (1989) and that the gameboy one (Pop Up) was given to infogrames by Loriciels (who made Bumpy) to make.
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