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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. This idea did come about a while back but some didn't like the idea so it was kept to one game, however there's no saying it can't be tried out and I can use the top two voted games to go through. Do we keep the chat for both games in one thread then? Also should we all be entitled to pick two games instead of one per month to get put forward?
  2. It would actually have been quite cool to have a folder that was stickied and could be dipped into to see every month so that even if the month is up then anyone can return later creating an accessible archive for the older ones.
  3. You’re right, I was thinking that myself. I was conscious that I’d not started Mystical Ninja either, partly because I’d run into a potential issue playing it on the SNES Mini after installing it, but also just not fully getting round to it. Theres definitely a lack of activity and as much as I enjoy seeing what comes up, if it isn’t getting enough participation and results in the questioning of the point in continuing, then I think it’s time to stop bothering. Some of them have been pretty good but it has definitely slowed right down lately.
  4. Just thought I'd get this thread up now ready for new suggestions to add to the next poll. Feel free to pop a new game in here or pick the same one you chose last month for an increased chance of it making it to the final 6 in the poll.
  5. I wouldn't say I'm a massive pinball fan but I do have a soft spot for them as I used to play a few in the 90's which I played quite a fair bit of. Pinball Fantasies on the SNES I'd play a lot and always loved the look of Pinball Dreams on the Amiga but never actually had much chance to play that. I think the first one I played on the SNES was Jaki Crush and that was quite different from your usual ones and has been mentioned on here not long back. I really got into Sonic Spinball as a kid too and never finished it but got to the final stage when I rented it. Another one of the more unique types. There was another one I only had a short time to play on the Megadrive as I'd rented it for a weekend but really loved it and that was Psycho Pinball with an armadillo or something in it. I can't remember much about it but know it was very cool. For years after I didn't really play anything apart from True Pinball on the Dreamcast about 10 years ago which was a lot more modern in style compared to the others and has that cool 3D look about it. Remember seeing it on the PS1 years back but don't think I played it then. Over the past few months though I have been very frequent on a website that @Wizcat posted a few months ago which lets you play a real table online. It can be plagued with lag depending on your connection (as mine can be hit or miss using a dodgy wifi connection), but it's brilliant. It's a modern Surge machine called Batman 66 and it's been fun to pop on and see familiar people playing and joining in the weekend competitions that take place each week. It's also been cool to really learn that single table and become really familiar with how it works. You can find it here Batman 66
  6. @Mogster personally I feel this sums up how I felt. I did grow to like it and it was enjoyable taking on and beating some of the harder bosses by working out strategies which meant you couldn’t just waltz in and spam it with the speed and auto battle gambit system. There was a sense of hugeness and empty space in the world as a whole though. I also used the x4 speed thing despite initially trying to avoid it, and yet I still managed to spend around 145 hours going through it and doing most of the stuff available. That makes me wonder how ridiculously long it would have taken to do the original ps2 version had I played it the same way.
  7. Soulstar


    @Sabreman Haha nice, the problem I had to ages is that I never noticed one particular small detail for probably 40 mins or playing it over and over. I've finally managed to finish all 8 B-Sides now and had just started the later part of chapter 9 (DLC) but have suddenly decided that it's just not going to happen at all. The dashwave mechanic thing is ridiculous. I have no idea if I'm doing something wrong but trying to bounce twice in a row and regain the dash a second time just never ever ever happens. I managed to have it happen once in about 100 deaths. Luckily I figured out a slightly easier way to get past the tutorial bit which wasn't going to happen the way it shows you, however (inevitably) I've reached an area with three floating (shattering) blocks where you need to bounce across all three and no matter what happens, whenever I bounce from the second one onwards, I'm always always always left without a boost. The first one seems much easier to do, but I can't at all bounce properly on the second one without losing the dash, and you're supposed to do this a third time too. It's annoying because I can quite easily bounce right to end, but doing it the specific way it wants you to do so you get that dash back, fuck no, never happens. The whole game so far I've loved every minute of it and even the frustrating moments have kept me going. This dash thing feels like the worst mechanic I've ever seen ever in a game. ever and it's put me off wanting to even bother. It's ridiculous how it works. Bouncing is one thing, but doing it over more than one jump and getting it done properly is that hard, it's like I can have 100's of attempts and not pull it off ever. I feel like I'm doing something inherently wrong.
  8. It was unnecessarily long and it’s something I dislike about square as they always do stupid stuff like that. Another one was the 100 run races. Why 100, why does it have to be that many to get every item available? Why does anyone want to spend hours tapping buttons over and over to see the same shitty race.
  9. I spent so much time in X4 mode and still spent 145 hours or so before finishing it off. I’d done the majority of things but was super pissed off when it wrote off my last save after finishing as I wanted to go back and do some more things. Some battles were tough like the third part of that guy with the 4 arms and a dog side kick. Is that final hunt you’re talking about anything to do with that boss that has about 50 health bars? I think I spent about 20 mins on it in x4 mode and realised how long it was going to be and just gave up as I couldn’t be arsed at the time and had work later that day. The last actual hunt I remember doing was the one which can be found literally anywhere. Think it looked like a t-Rex but this is very loose as a memory. There was another that involved the airships which takes a while to find. It is a cool game but very different to previous games. I also ended up playing and finishing FF XII Revenant Wings which isn’t anything like the original, but I did manage to find some fun with it.
  10. Soulstar


    If that’s the screen I’m thinking of then it’s by far my worst one of all I’ve dealt with. Is it the one with the spring boards and the falling walls you have to climb to eventually get to the top left corner by making it to the final falling column with a final spring board on the top? 30 tries you say? I easily did several hundred on that before making it. I’m probably close to 13,000 deaths on my total count so far. Currently got the last bside to finish before tackling the last glitch section of the DLC chapter.
  11. I’m going to outright put 9 or possibly 9.5. Funnily enough I already rated this game previously at 8.5 and have decided it should be higher since getting more and more sucked in since completion of the standard levels. Of course, I’m actually talking about Celeste. It’s genius in design.
  12. Something that stands out to me, and it could be part of other factors too, is her general mental acuity and persona on camera. Considering she’s 90, she certainly doesn’t come across that way and it makes me wonder if playing games has had a significant impact on this from a mental perspective.
  13. Blood Money Was one of the first games I got that came with the Atari ST I got back around 1990 or so. Now that I think about it, it also came with an Indiana Jones game too.
  14. I guess you’re about to find out. I played this on the DC way after release but still a while back, like 2011 I think. It was playable but really got dull quickly. I remember hating a certain part in a jungle type area with a rope, might be because I just couldn’t work out how to use it for ages). Another bit that had me jumping backwards and forwards across surfaces where you make one mistake and slide down an angular stone block or just miss, causing a restart was another part I didn’t like. Pretty sure I created a thread about it and Lorf was taking about this bit. I’m gonna have a look and see if it exists still. So...is the PS2 version the next in line? Or would that be the GC one. Gonna assume the AoD more likely? [edit] I decided to go and have a look for that old thread and managed to find it. Late 2010 I started it and lo and behold, you were there at the time talking about the ps1 version you played. I seemed to have gotten generally quite stressed with it as it went on, but did get all the golden roses. Here is the link. TRC Thread 2010
  15. I haven't got much experience on this but I remember reading this about Resident Evil 4 on a Youtube video a few years ago, so they have been using this technique for a while. I don't know how prevalent this sort of thing is across the whole industry. I'm personally not a fan of the idea if it's enforced in a way that you can't get around. The more I think about it, I'm sure I might have seen this mentioned in something else I've played too. Maybe Evil Within 2, or something, not sure. I remember playing something that mentions it before you start and I haven't yet played RE4 so it's not that.
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