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  1. That’s good to know then. I might try and grab that as I think I saw it for around a fiver or so when I checked yesterday briefly on google.
  2. Yeah it was Uo Poko. I spent a while playing it but it would always start from the first level of you failed once. It’s a good game though.
  3. I don’t think I’ve actually played Magical Drop before but I have always enjoyed the Puzzle Bobbles series in the past. There was a game I came across (Jap) in Bury Arcade Club over a year back which sucked me in and has another similar feel but the balls are stacked from the bottom and fired up on the left using a spring, a bit like a pinball machine.
  4. So is this a better port of the game than the supposedly laggy Anthology ports that came out on the PS4 too? I was considering getting this but wasn’t too sure what system to go for. Part of me considered the SNES mini make emulation route as I don’t really want to use my laptop. Haven’t tried emulation of anything other than SNES games though, however I did install Hackchi to add extra roms. Annoyingly I’m quite busy away all week.
  5. @fat flatulent git I think it was enjoyable at the beginning because more people got involved but people tended to have different opinions on how games should be chosen, leading to it being difficult to please everyone. It was good though when the threads got quite active and plenty of members were actively playing and adding their own experience. availability of the said game in question was a limiting factor for some people, so the more obscure stuff or larger CD sized games were less accessible, especially if you didn’t use emulation as an option. There have a been a few times I’ve wondered whether it should come back but I don’t want to be relied on to start up each thread. I think I was doing it on a set date each month last time and would spend a couple of hours sorting out the thread with images of all the options. My favourite moment was probably when we did E-Swat because I’d never played that properly before and persevered to learn how to finish it on the first two difficulties, overcoming all the learning curves it threw at me. I’d be up for playing something new if you wanted to set up a continuation thread.
  6. @Qazimod That’s quite interesting as I never knew that, and while it’s actually ok, there’s something off about the way it just continues on and on in a one way story with no visiting towns or even interacting with NPCs, aside from the occasional line that auto plays when walking past one. There’s literally nothing else in the game so far other than the story and fighting progression in a single direction. I am getting used to the combat system though which is quite unique and tactical at times. I’m about 30 hours in now and possibly close to finishing chapter 7. Basically where Hope finally loses his shit with Snow which precludes a flying orange boss battle.
  7. I worryingly approached chapter 6 with caution because of this 😂. It didn’t turn out to be much hassle though but I’m going to assume you’re referring to the two beasts in the wooded area that have bits of bark coming out of them and Sahz and Vanille creep past them? Currently on Chapter 7 where Snow has returned into the scene with Shiva in that arena with PSICOM, Hope and Lightning.
  8. I might fire this up again and try out that Castlevania 1 mode that’s built into the main game from the title screen.
  9. Are you up to FFXIII yet? I’ve just very recently started it for the first time as XII was the last one I went through a few years ago. It’s alright so far but I’m really really not feeling this endless corridor gameplay. 15 hours in and it’s just a constant dungeon. @Sprite Machine
  10. I must be tired at this time, while scrolling through the pages, I saw this thread title and read it as “50 Shades of games”.
  11. Doppelgänger used in Dark Saviour on the Sega Saturn. Im sure there are others but right now I can’t think.
  12. Spade Invaders You’re a corpse in a grave looking for a bit of peace, but pesky grave diggers are making their way to your abode. Shoot them to get rid of them before they reach you.
  13. I’m still making my way through the series anyway. Haven’t even gotten to 6 yet let alone the modern remakes of 2 and 3.
  14. It was because I owned a Super Wildcard 32DX from about 95 and was down to my uncle who had friends that regularly got hold of games which often included imports all on floppy discs. Similarly with the PS1 as well when I went through the chipped era of gaming. Back in the late 80’s or something he ran some “word processing” clubs which really were very early swap clubs for the Atari St, one from a pub and one from a church of all places. I was too young to go to those but I think that’s pretty much where the connections came about originally. He was a gamer and still is to a much lesser extent but he’s the reason I got so into gaming in the first place.
  15. I never really played too much of the game but a mate of mine had this and I’d seen it enough times to appreciate it graphically and the cool intro. I probably did have it at some point on my wildcard device but didn’t get on with the controls maybe. wouldn’t mind returning back to it as I played through Another World just a few years back on ps+ and enjoyed that.
  16. Specifically this version as it’s the one I grew up with originally and contains the dripping blood.
  17. Oh right Is that what actually happened? Had no idea at all. It was definitely very sudden as I’d been putting off getting it because I wanted to finish Drakengard 2’s three endings first and knew it was cheap so didn’t worry about delaying picking it up. It was only a video that discussed certain games suddenly rising that made me check and there it was about 3x the price and only went up and up. I suppose because I’d not long since got that second game (already own the first from years before) and really wanted that third to complete the set, it pushed me to overspend.
  18. It’s one of those where you realise you don’t have one lying about anymore because everything is micro or in my case, an iPhone lead as well. I noticed it started happening with me since going back to it over the last couple of years and I’d be knackered whenever Id miss-place the cable (which I’ve done). It’s easy enough just to get a new one though. As for the pad itself, I feel like I’m one of the only people who’s never had a major issue with it. The only thing I would say is that they are definitely prone to being possessed and pressing buttons at random and it happens with mine but always continues to work fine once it stops. It’s always when I first load up the system. Pushing at the pad seems to help at times too. It needs looking into really but for the most part works so I haven’t bothered opening it up yet. I’ve been re-visiting my PS3 for about 2 years now after being off it for a few years prior in favour of my PS4 (which also led to me going back to my PS2 as well). A mate of mine was using his PS3 in 2020 as he hadn’t even updated his console to a PS4 until literally the last 6-12 months. He picked up Star Ocean - A New Hope and I thought it’d be cool to get it myself, play it through at the same time and allow it to be a talking point somewhat like back in our school days. Since then I’ve bought and played things like Resonance of Fate, Nier, Tomb Raider, Arkham Assylum & City and currently 120 hours into Dragon Age Origins. I’ve bought a fair few PS3/PS2 games in fact and stung myself a bit by over spending when I panicked that some were increasing in price. I literally spent £80+ on Drakengard 3 because I’d been planning on getting it (I’d just finished Drakengard 2) and all the copies suddenly disappeared and ended up through the roof. That game then went right down months later. It was blatant manufactured price rising as I watched it jump instantly and spotted eBay copies vanish. I’ve got Folklore, Siren, White Knight Chronicles (WKC the latest purchase picked up for £4 in cex a few weeks back) and the rest of Dragon Age series to do as well as more stuff. Found something called ar nosurge ode to an unborn star that I splashed over £30 on a few months back. Bit of a risk as I don’t know much about it other than it’s some Jrpg I’d never heard of and it drew me in. Generally I’m enjoying just playing these older games and have used my PS4 only to play RE4 for the first time just recently and the new Turtles game, oh and I played Odin Sphere on there as well, another harkening back game to experience first hand years after release.
  19. What about those fighting games which actively cheat like MK2 and SF from what I’ve seen on YouTube. Something about the cpu reading your commands to counter, then stuff like instant recovery where an enemy will attack faster than is usually possible following a knockdown. Don’t know enough but I’ve seen info on this which applies to the arcades specifically.
  20. It’s really not often I don’t finish a game, especially if it’s something I enjoy and when it comes to difficulty, most tend to be doable but some have endings that still elude me. Spelunky is one that I love and have played a lot of with hundreds and hundreds of attempts but never quite getting there, making it three times to the last boss. That’s not the super difficult secret ending either. Similarly, Enter The Gungeon is another I’ve played a bit maybe 15 hours or so. Not as much as Spelunky and didn’t expect to see it through yet as I don’t own it either but it’s very tough, usually played with my nephew as I got him into that as a co-op thing. Those are just difficulty based ones due to being full on Rogue Likes but there are some that I should really have finished such as Blazing Chrome. It’s excellent but i’ve hardly played it much at all. I really need to fire it up again soon. It’s fantastic and it’s not due to difficulty or anything but just that I’ve not been back yet. Majora’s Mask is one that stings a bit as I played this years ago at uni in 2005 on a mate’s GameCube. Initially this was a turn off when it sends you back with its time resetting mechanic, however I did persevere and thing started to eventually click in place. This may need to be bought for my 3DS one day along with Ocarina of Time which I’ve heard is supposed to be the best version. The reason I didn’t finish MM is that I simply ran out of time when uni ended and we all separated to move on. I never owned a console to play it until my 3DS a few years ago but I’d lost interest by then. There’s no point in including things I didn’t finish because I didn’t like it as that’s not the point of the thread but as I originally mentioned, there’s not that much I can think of in cases of unfinished games that I’ve enjoyed but stopped. I very much play most of the time one game at a time. Im also on this right now and because I rarely get on my 3DS, it’s taking forever. I think I started this not far off a year ago or so and currently I’m up to that outer world bit where you leave the floating island. I was playing it again until I lost an hour and half of progress by interacting with a swamp location on the world map and getting a message telling me my entire party have drowned followed by a game over sign. Zelda ALBW took me about 18 months to finish with It being in this system too. I found it really hampers my enjoyment when leaving the game for so long.
  21. Can’t say it’s Retro but I’m playing Dragon Age 1 for the first time after fairly recently buying up the trilogy for my PS3. Wasn’t sure if I’d get into it properly but I’ve got quite sucked in. BioWare’s ME Trilogy ranks as my favourite series of games that fit so well together and blew me away. This is nothing on that for me personally and it does have a jankyness about it, with far too much reading I simply have to keep up with, but it’s definitely good. It’s felt like I’ve progressed at a snails pace and took me tens of hours before I felt I got the hang of things. The world is deep with its lore and engaging and the systems are rather deep when tinkering within the menus. It’s been about patience but I’ve kept at it and feel it’s making for an enjoyable experience. Eventually I want to write up the games I’ve finished this year in the Discussion thread as I’ve really not touched it at all yet, but I’ve now got RE4 to add to that list as a first time play through. Very interesting as it’s the first time I’ve played what I’d describe as the “new” or “modern” style of RE and feels entirely like a different beast that I don’t associate as RE, but still I can see why people really resonate with it.
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