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  1. With all that talk about the collectors edition a bit back I thought I’d point out that the second run of collectors editions have gone up on Limited Run today. The hype from back then sucked me in so I’ve just ordered it myself now. Costs just over £80 with taxes and postage.
  2. This looks great. I remember seeing it a while back briefly and forgot all about it till now. Reminds me of that film on the train where there’s a continuous loop going on and a bomb based on that initial video at the top. Talk about this being an Xbox Exclusive though would mean probably not playing it for a while if ever.
  3. July 9. Ion Fury (PS4) 2019/20 I seem to recall the brief controversy that surrounded this one a while back from the initial title being called Ion Maiden and the lawsuit that followed, down to the questionable naming of their hand soap dispenser bottles. That latter one gained some traction within the Rllmuk walls prompting a few to boycott the game entirely, and whilst I have to agree that the latter issue was a ridiculous inclusion that baffles me as to why it would be acceptable, the core game itself is brilliant. For those who are curious, the game included a product that imitated the Olay brand re-naming it to Ogay. It isn't by any means perfect, and others have pointed out some of the flaws I'd also agree on to some extent, but it's still a very good throw back FPS game which takes you back to a time that Duke Nukem 3D was the latest craze. Firstly I love the way that it has been designed from the ground up using the actual engine that was used to make Duke Nukem 3D in addition to others such as Blood and Shadow Warrior, so when you play this you are bound by the same limitations and accuracies that the old games also had meaning that it's a perfect throwback with zero modernisation. It's also damn well playable and fun with the sole aim of trying to be something along the lines of a new-old version of Duke Nukem in a different guise throwing a female protagonist into the mix. It's got its fair share of slightly crass humour which can sometimes feel a bit on the cringe side, but personally this didn't bother me as I wanted to feel like I was playing a game from the mid 90's but one that didn't exist until now, almost like it belonged in a parallel universe and happened to transfer across the ether via the Mandela Effect. It certainly succeeded and feels very comfortable on the PS4 controller especially when you get fully used to it and properly stuck in the action. It served to remind me that this style of game such as Doom or any of the other games from then are just as fun and playable now as they were then, injecting a fresh change from our modern gaming. I'd obviously get bored if I had to play numerous games of this exact style, but considering it's the first time in years I've done so, it was definitely welcomed. I think the last one I played that was anywhere close to this was maybe Doom 64 around 2001. The graphics go for that 2D enemy sprite look with the occasional side on views that pop in and out as you strafe around, lots of high powered guns, cheesy one liners and plenty of secrets. In fact they seem to hyper focus on the secrets putting them just about everywhere on each stage. There are 30 stages I think in total and these are grouped to make up specific chapters with a boss fight scenario before finishing a chapter and starting the new area, also with a message to let you know how many secrets are left. The music is great and has that futuristic Deus Ex vibe about it with authentic tones that totally fit the bill and are quite catchy. I love the bass tune that plays when you find a secret spot as well. It isn't perfect though as I noticed even on here some people mentioned that there can be a lot of samey enemies. Whilst that is quite true, as you progress deeper in there are quite a lot of types but it takes a while to get to them all. Many aren't designed in the most imaginative ways though and can feel a little bland and sometimes derivative. The boss fights aren't that exciting either and I was certainly disappointed by the final boss, if you can even call it a boss. Some of the environments can also get a bit like that too such as being in the sewers for ages or some of the tech plants, yet there are some cool environments in here too and of course many places have those charming interactive elements to them with destructible environmental objects. Overall though, this was one of those games I picked up because there were physical copies going for a tenner and I put it on as a break from an RPG I'm currently playing, then got so sucked in that I didn't want to leave it at all. In fact I played some of the bonus content when it was over. My run was on the normal difficulty and it definitely gave a bit of a challenge, but I could feel myself getting much better as I progressed. The bonus content turned out to be the demo which was almost like a beta version of one of the stage and I tried it on hard and handled it fine once I'd got enough ammo and weapons. I'd recommend this for anyone who was a fan of these style games in the past and hasn't dipped back into them for a while. It's also made me want to check out a few of the other modern oldskool style boomer-shooters (as they're now known as) which I've seen mentioned. There's one that someone posted on here recently that looks more like a new Unreal Tournament. Earlier this year there was a mention of a new Ion Fury game called Ion Fury Aftershock that I can imagine I'll get at some point when it releases. 8.5/10 Previously completed...
  4. There’s and item needed somewhere in the cathedral like a crystal or something which has a 0.25% drop rate. Even with luck up it took me about 127 kills to get it.
  5. June 8. Tomb Raider (PS3) 2013 I haven't updated my list of finished games for a few months so I've got a couple coming up starting with this, Tomb Raider the start of the current reboot of the franchise. It wasn't particularly one I'd planned to actually play but I'd ended up with it as part of a bundle of PS3 games I got from someone on here a few months ago so thought I'd try it out despite this also being on the PS4. It was fun to see how it played on the older system and despite the obvious short comings of frame rate on occasions, overall the presentation is amongst one of the best I've played on the PS3 so far, bearing in mind I haven't actually played any of the Uncharted games which I can imagine are equally as impactive. It's been a fair while since I've played any Tomb Raider game before this and those have been among the older variety on the PS1 with Legends being the most current and that was at least 17 years ago or so. This game definitely feels a far cry from the days way back but it's quite good overall. Not amazing but pretty good however I'd say that the overall presentation of the game and the many action scenes which are often interactive adding that semi controllable QTE really surprised me and made it forget how good the PS3 can look at times. There's a darker tone and atmosphere going on and a focus on story where you're often isolated on an island after being stranded there following an accident uncovering the sinister activities going on as you try to escape with your crew. For me the story wasn't grabbing me enough and felt quckly forgettable as I just didn't feel as though I cared enough for the characters and when it came to the main antagonist, he also wasn't around much at all. For the most part you'd be reading notes trying to figure out more on the back story but the main bad guy never felt threatening enough because he's rarely there. Even at the end he kind of becomes irrelevant but then I'd often spend the majority of the time simply exploring and trying to pick up all of the collectibles. There are a bunch of them, and often I dislike it when games try to Ubify the experience by adding too much but it just about worked as I got everything done a lot quicker than many others out there. These collectibles come in two forms; the one's which become added to the map after certain conditions are met and the ones which aren't revealed and require patience and perseverance to find. To make it more interesting though each area has its own unique collectible type in this category and fortunately there's one of those Metroid Prime/Assassin's Creed style scanning abilities which let you identify objects easier which can be activated when you're not moving. I actually prefer the less is more approach of the original games where there'd be secret areas and maybe a golden rose in each location but then that's it. Obviously in this day and age we have to add as much content as possible. Fortunately it can all be done in not too much time and still feels a lot lighter than say an Assassin's Creed game. This includes levelling up every single item in the game which is another typical mechanic. The weapons are quite cool, especially the bow and the abilities you get to fire and attach rope to posts so that you can crawl across to an impossible to reach section or sometimes being able to anchor the grapple section of the rope into a post only to pull it collapsing an entire rickety building that's hanging precariously in ruins on the edge of a drop following some explosions. There's a tool that allows you to ride the rope which is great as well. I had a few loose Horizon Zero Dawn moments while playing with the bow and fighting people, mixed in with Assassin's Creed and some Metroid Prime with the scanning and acquiring abilities to make progress. The music is OK in that it serves its purpose to carry the mood but is very generic really and forgettable. Overall Tomb Raider is quite like that typical AAA blockbuster cinema film that you might go and watch and (If you're like me) you'll think, yeah that was pretty good but it's not thought provoking or going to stick around in my mind and make me want to talk about it or cherish it in the long run. The biggest thing for me was just seeing how good it looked for a PS3 game and it really did surprise me, but as I said, I've not actually played an Uncharted game before and I'm going to make the presumption here that from UC2 onwards, they are in a similar league and style. I did play the Last of Us but that was on the PS4 and was the Remaster. Again another amazing game but TR is all about that flashy over the top action that feels largely hand holdey and guided down a path with many stops to allow you to breathe, upgrade things and search for more collectibles. I'm not feeling the rush to jump into the next one of the three...what's it called? Rise of the Tomb Raider or something, but you never know maybe one day. My final score is 7.5 Oh another thing I want to add to this, and I'm not sure if this is more down to the PS3 version being less smooth than say a modern one, but I had moments of nausea when playing this. In fact there was one day I thought I might have had food poisoning and went to work anyway as I felt like utter shit, but there was something about TR that made me feel a bit sickly on a few occasions. I decided to try and look into it a bit and did find some talk from other users stating the same thing about it. Could it be the way the scan thing flashes when you activate it frequently while trying to constantly search, or maybe the way the framerate drops. Not sure but it's not something that often bothers me aside from VR which I've had sickness from the two times I've tried it out. Previously completed...
  6. Ive not played that but Odin Sphere has been making me hungry as of late. Crafting recipes....bloody churros when they come out on a plate and the chocolate covered ones. Then the detailed animations of the main characters eating the food at a table.
  7. Is that real??? That’s so horrendous, that’s a true example of a ridiculous idea.
  8. Most often if it’s about returning to a game then it’s usually about playing something I enjoyed but far enough in the past that it has both nostalgic feels at the same time as a complete fresh perspective. It’s cool seeing things that you can’t remember or things that you completely forgot about but remembered only as you returned to a specific area of a game. Super Metroid was one of my favourite games to return to and Zelda was a decent experience too. These are on my SNES Mini and I’ve still got a few to go back and replay on there at some point. I’m planning on one day playing FF VI again and the Mario titles, however I fear I’ve lost interest in Mario. Tried to play Mario RPG on there for the first time and quickly lost interest after putting it down for a bit. DKC is something I’ve played more than once but haven’t fully played to completion since the 90’s and as that’s also on my Mini, I want to go back again. Definitely want to play Resident Evil 2 at some point as I’ve not been back to that since the 90’s and haven’t yet played the Remake either but would rather check the original out first. Also Silent Hill 1 would probably be something I’d be up for revisiting as I’ve only ever played it once when it first got released. The thing about these games though is that they aren’t overly long, unlike a high number of JRPG’s I’ve played since pretty much after the ps1 era. Generally I enjoy playing older titles I’ve missed entirely and want to experience for the first time. This is even more prevalent since the PS5 has arrived.
  9. I’ve been playing Ion Fury very recently despite the backlash it got from all that controversy around a homophobic joke (which really astonishes me now someone thought it’d actually a) be acceptable and b) come across anything more than ridiculously childish), but it’s a game I’ve been after checking out for a while. Putting aside the crass humour, it’s actually got me proper sucked in with its 90’s Duke Nukem style gameplay. Im also a couple of stories through Odin Sphere (remake PS4 version) which I’m really enjoying and it looks fantastic but fancied a break so started the above.
  10. Bloody ell you know I’m now going to have to get this if they do sort out more. I’ll have a look at this link soon.
  11. @gizmo1990 I know what you mean by the price if you’re the kind that wants that sort of thing. As I mentioned earlier, I was toying with the idea but ultimately decided against spending $100 or close to that inc the postage. It does look cool but I’m after the small simple box versions of things for the most part. It ran out anyway. I don’t understand why they don’t just keep an open pre-order for those like they usually do for a certain time frame.
  12. its a repeated question that we already know the answer to. Some collect others aren’t fussed. I’m the former and strongly like getting the physical media. It’s nice to have a solid physical version that’s going to work and can be taken with you wherever and in most cases will hold its value. Its the postage that I find the most annoying bit though on LRG as it often bumps up the price just enough that I find it a bit too pricey. I’ve only ever used LRG though twice in the past. There should have been more than 900 of those collectors editions for each system. I was toying with the idea but I didn’t wanna spend that much and deal with a large box. I’m also not yet attached enough to the product just hyper curious because of all the attention on here and the fact I previously bought Blazing Chrome on there. I’ll definitely be interested in getting this standard edition once it’s out.
  13. https://www.clearrivergames.com/lesson/huntdown/ Found this so it looks like it is coming out as a standard edition via Clear River Games.
  14. I was trying to work that out last night. Decided to have a quick check on LRG site and was surprised to see this listed but was put off by the collectors only edition. Thought I’d check to see if there was another physical version but so far there isn’t, but it does suggest there may be one to come.
  15. Thought I’d post in here as I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree but more so on PS3 games mainly. Part of it is because some games I’ve been after have shot up. It wasn’t long ago I was playing my copy of Drakengard 2 that I got late last year for about £28 and that’s like almost £90 now. The first one I have is also really high too, but Drakengard 3 has gone over £100 just about and I bit the bullet and forked just over £80 on it. Also picked up Siren on the PS3 and Folklore which were pricey, oh and Nier but that was about £25 the lowest of the lot. Rinsed about £200. I’m happy I’ve got all the siren games and Drakengard games though now. It’s mental the price change of some of these games. Drakengard 3 was annoyingly about £30 for the longest time until very recently and I passed on it because I thought ah well it’s not too bad and I’ll just get it when I’m ready. This whole PS3 store definitely had an impact on the whole thing though.
  16. I recently picked this up myself and it’s sitting on my shelf ready to be played. No idea what to expect really as I’ve avoided live footage of it but the idea of having pinball mechanics with a platformer intrigues me.
  17. I think that has won this thread for me.
  18. Bio Sock Little jimmy hasn’t washed his socks in so long that they have developed their own legs and walked off to take matters into their own hands...or feet rather. You must hunt them down before they can destroy the world.
  19. April 7. Resonance of Fate (PS3) 24/04/2021 Before I finish the next thing on my list, I thought I'd write up this to avoid a backlog, and this being Resonance of Fate, an RPG published by Sega and made by Tri-Ace. I've been on a PS3 kick for a bit now and got this a few months back knowing next to nothing about it whatsoever other than vaguely recollecting its title. I was surprised to find that the makers of Star Ocean were actually behind this, however it's actually incredibly different from that in just about every aspect. In fact I've come to learn that generally it's regarded as quite a unique RPG in its own right and people either get it or they don't. The main difference is how the battle system operates among other things which I'll get onto later. RoF features two guys and a gal operating to form the core of a team right from the off. There's a brief introduction showing the girl (Leanne) attempting to commit suicide a couple of years prior, but being saved by Zephyr, another team member, however once it's over you are pretty much left to explore and have full control of abilities right from the off. This also makes it a steep learning curve to work out how to battle and while I was wandering the map world I ended up landing my first random battle which led to mighty confusion and ultimately a game over screen not having the foggiest about what to actually do. Fortunately there's an arena nearby and a listed tutorial showing you how to battle properly. Sadly this is quite long and it can take a while to go through, not to mention it's not explained too well so can take a bit of perseverance to get your head around. This is one of the aspects that has put people off, but once you get the basics, the rest follows and it really is an excellent and enjoyable system that's so different from any other RPG I've played to date. Guns are the main fighting force (along with grenades and molotovs) and it works by controlling each player at a time and setting up a shot either directly at an enemy or allowing the character to go into a mode where you'll run in a straight line and blast while running or jumping and shooting. Depending on the weapon, you deal either normal damage which tends to take off very little or "scratch damage" which isn't real damage, but if real damage touches a scratch damaged person, then they lose it all instantly. It's a bit like working with a shield but is weapon dependent. There are a bunch of other tricks to get your head around and dealing with shields surrounding the enemies is another important aspect. It's also got less to do with Hit Points as it has to do with losing bezels, each of which have 1000 points of scratch damage. Once all the bezels get damaged then you're on your last legs with HP damage and this is where things really do get hugely disadvantaged and leave you open. Ultimately there's a lot to think about tactically while undertaking a battle, but with a fluid action orientated feel that keeps it moving without feeling like a TRPG. The world is set up a huge tower run entirely by clockwork, but rather than being inside a tower, there are a series of outer platforms connected above and below one another almost like leaves on a vine with elevators running between each platform. The higher the platform, the closer to royalty and therefore wealth and affluence the area is, while trundling to the depths much lower down reveal hostile areas with broken, run down and dirty places with the poor taking up residence there. The towns (of which there arent a great deal of) actually look really nice and have that Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 look and about them with lots of detail made to the environments where you'll see all sorts of mechanisms made of cogs turning and alive. Outside of these however, it's not quite as impressive. There are dungeon areas and generally the spots where the fighting takes place and they look rather dull and more like a step down in generation in comparison, featuring very bland and basic 3D looking areas. What's more is that a dungeon is made up of a series of connecting blocks (or hexagons to be more accurate) which act as rooms where each one has a fight inside. It's not about exploring but more about fighting and fighting and yeah you get the point. It feels manufactured for the sake of the game rather than an organic flowing environment urging you to look around, take in the sights and explore. On top of this is the main map which isn't like most RPG's and looks like a board game with a marker on top of a board of hexagons. You are blocked by filled in hexagons at first, but get hold of tetris-a-like pieces which can remove the blockages, uncover pathways to progress and reveal hidden items while you do. There's more to this part of the game too but I'll not go into it too much. You also find yourself going backwards and forwards all the time, expecially if you attempt to do all the side missions, and each time you'll find that talking to the same people dotted around will reveal new information during each new chapter of the game. It's cool but did make the whole thing feel repetitive, and I didn't quite feel like I was exploring a huge world but rather a small section of a structure spread across 12 or so floors. I was yearning to leave the entire place and end up on some planet at the bottom but that never happens. The story is one of the things that grew to annoy me more and more as it progressed, and it's largely down to the lack of direction. For a very very long time you get very little information on the main plot aside from brief cutscenes at the beginnings of chapters and ends which for the most part can be very confusing as they are so detached from what you'll be doing, especially as almost all the missions tend to have nothing to do with the main story. It's also purposely cryptic and I read the Western release has some cruicial cutscene information removed about one of the characters. I spent literally about 115 hours on my play through, way longer than I expected but tbf I've done this many many times before on lots of other RPG's. As time went on, I just lost interest in the story and had only half an idea of what was going on at the best of times. Japanese games love to do this sort of thing but I feel it was far too loose and disconnected leading me to just end the game with more confusion than when I began it. I wanted to like it as it does have some interesting ideas. After reading up the main thread on here about RoF, I've seen something about there being 10 difficulties but I don't fancy playing it ever again I don't think. In some ways I felt this way when playing Bravely Default, as there were things I hated about it but at the same time I really liked it. I have to also point out the clothing options which are purely aesthetic, and while not usually the sort of thing I'd be into, the designs of clothing in here are really really good. They look more like actual real fashion and not some pseudo-RPG-centric outfits. Overall it is a decent game if you can get into the battle system, then you'll have fun and I can say that it does have a lot of depth to it which make you think first before blindly running into a battle. Some battles are a bloodbath unless you use the right approach which quite often makes a battle go from insanely difficult to super easy once you know the correct exploit. I'm going to settle on a 7.5 for this. Previously completed...
  20. A really clever one is in Bravely Default during the last boss. I'll add spoilers
  21. JC Denton Shadowman The narrator who introduces the cast in the original Resident Evil, particularly when he drops “Barry Burton”. Would you kindly Legna & Angelus
  22. Im just going off what I read. Never played any of it before.
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