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  1. Whos Keith Ferguson? David Firth is the guy behind Salad Fingers.
  2. Chaos engine was the first thing that sprang to mind when seeing this. Looks cool.
  3. That was super strange as I came to put these two titles down and these two only.
  4. Is this some kind of psychological test to get people to view the price point of a £50 game and think actually that’s not too bad and then be more likely to pay after witnessing £70? Simply a way to get more people to view a regular full price of old as more affordable than may have been previously seen? I think part of it is the thing about early adopters going for these prices because of the enthusiasm and the need to try and make more now considering the console is also new and needs its return. Ive always bought digital 99% of the time and do this because of the retained resale value. That and the fact I just like collecting the physical stuff for my small collection.
  5. Soulstar


    I spotted that the other day on YouTube though some advert and thought if this game straight away. In fact I wondered if there was a connection even.
  6. February 5. Ziggurat (PS4) [2014] I've got a couple of completed games I've been meaning to add but putting it off and as I'm now approaching the end of a new one, decided it would be best to get these up on here now. Back in Feb I downloaded Limbo and Ziggurat from the PSN Store, while already familiar with Limbo but not with Ziggurat thought I'd take a punt especially as it was quite literally about 79p. Turns out it's well worth checking out and has a lot of replayability. Ziggurat has been around since 2014 and plays very much like Hexen but exists as a rogue-like. That is to say that it's a oldskool fast paced FPS style game in a modern engine (Unity), where you can choose from numerous characters to play as and try to get past 5 stages with 5 bosses where a death spells the end of the game requiring a restart. In true RL fashion, the dungeon crawl style layouts always randomly generate with many different weapons and abilities becoming available every restart. You pick up cards which give you an option of choosing one of 2 or more which enhance various abilities such as faster attack speed, or being given the location of a hidden room on the map, sacrificing weapons to gain another random set and loads of others. The more you play, the more types you unlock in addition to unlocking new available characters each providing their own stats. The level progression has the player traversing through many different rooms where you'll either find some sort of pick up item inside (for example to unlock a boss encounter) or more commonly fight a wave of enemies. Once a room is cleared you can then move on and try the next, but once you enter a room of enemies you can't leave until it's complete or until you die. To make it more interesting there are many times that a caveat will be placed on the battle for the room you enter whereby every enemy and yourself take on a special set of rules and sometimes this puts you at an advantage then other times you will be put to the test as the enemies have the upper hand. There are loads of these and some are truly annoying such as only being able to fire when in the air. Additionally there are several possible bosses that you can come up against per stage, so it keeps each play fresh as there's no way to know who you'll be fighting until you get there. It progressively gets harder, but you also build up abilities to try and balance that difficulty in hope that you can make it past the fifth and final boss. I've only completed it once, but actually managed it quite quickly after around 6 attempts as I got a good run. I got the last boss another time on a separate playthrough but was much weaker and found it very tough. It's quite addictive due to the nature of this style of game and all the unlockables you get after continuously replaying. There's also a daily challenge which is different each time but you always get one chance and no more to see how far you can progress on an endless run. Visually it looks nice and the controls are tight. It can often get really hectic but there's this itch to get back on and try again if you like these sort of games. I think the actual standard price is less than £3 so would recommend it for those wanting quick blast game play with a focus on action. A full run may take about 2 hours at the most but there's a trophy to make it through in about 45 mins so it can be done quite fast. Kept me entertained for a week or two and I can see myself coming back to this on and off, although I'm spending more time with other consoles so haven't touched it in a while. 7.5/10 6. Drakengard 2 (PS2) 2005/06 Currently I've been really getting back into my PS2 and PS3 buying games again that I've missed and bagged this on ebay a while back some point late last year. As a fan of the first game and owning that for years, I've wanted to try out the other two games but this one has always been pricey, often around the £60 mark when I last looked. I was fortunate enough to get it for just under 30 and having now fully finished it completely, it's time to talk about it here. Originally I was supposed to add this to my last few games I finished last year, but I never actually got round to writing those up, however I can justify it being here this time because to get the true completion, you are required to play the whole game from start to finish 3 times in total, each time gaining a different end boss fight sequence and a different story ending and I've done just that so here we are. I think Drakengard 2 has often been regarded as a hit and miss, partly because it's not very well known anyway but I seem to recall comparisons made between the overall tone of this one vs the grittier nature of the first and better protagonist. Whilst it's true that the this comes across a little that way, it's really cool how you meet the protagonist from Drakengard 1 in here along with his dragon Angelus, and it's such a cool badass entrance which paints a reminder of that title. It isn't quite as mental as the first one either as I distinctly remember fighting a giant baby fetus or something like that and the music was a darker too, but it's still a decent game with a really good story that sucked me in. The style of D2 remains very much like the first with huge waves of enemies in open areas but also progressions through smaller corridors in caves and buildings that switch it up with a Dynasty Warriors vibe about the action but with a style of story and tone I prefer over ancient Japan. It's also got the flight stages too which play out very like Panzer Dragoon. You also build up your character's levels and also build up the level of weapons you use, gaining new combos as you go similar to the first, however a big difference this time is that you journey through the land building up a small team of 4 characters who can be switched on the fly, each with their own weapon types and health/magic bars. Each person is suited to their own enemy types and situations so you find yourself hopping between each one a lot if the situation arises. One of the things I loved about the first Drakengard was how it brought in the 5 endings without the need to actually restart from the beginning. You'd go through a bunch of chapters, but there were gaps missing and upon completion of the first ending, you'd learn it wasn't over and that you needed to play specific stages prior to the hidden chapters/verses and qualify a challenge (finishing a stage under a certain time limit I think) before being given access to a completely new story branch that not only had new stages and new ending, but also a new final boss and new key characters who would come into the story. Drakengard 2 makes it a pain in the arse because it means completely restarting again as a new game+ or ++. Each time you start though, you continue with your stats and get given a bunch of money and keep all weapons. There are also new one's to be found and you find yourself improving the characters as you go along. It also starts off with you being overpowered but then that changes further into the game as the difficulty increases beyond the last play. It's challenging but doable and doesn't have a super annoying final boss encounter like in the first game. If you know the game then you'll know exactly what I'm referring to (those black and white rings). It is a pain in the arse at times though but I managed to pull through and get it done. Turbo feature on a pad massively helps with the fluidity of pulling off combos without constantly bashing the buttons over and over destroying your fingers. It should be a standard feature in the game. Graphics are obviously dated but they still look good and I felt very much in control when I got good at it. There are some annoying moments where I'd spend half an hour on a stage only to die and have to start over, but I was determined to keep on going. It does get repetitive with the hordes of enemies but I still love it. If you die then you get chance to restart with no experience lost, although the biggest flaw is that you can't save it until the level is complete. This means if you're on a stage and have spend a couple of hours trying to get past it and still struggling, you're either going to lose ALL the experience gained or must keep going. It seems stupid not to let you save. Music wise I love it, really really love it. The main theme for example is outstanding. Orchestral and really full of emotion and cool melodies and energy. I'll conclude here, and say that it's a really good game, but that's because I'm a massive fan of the series. The bosses are enjoyable as they are quite different and present their own challenges which can appear tough but are doable. The last playthrough really pushes you though and by the time I got to the last boss, I initially found it impossible until I switched a certain item that helped massively and did some more levelling up. I did pretty much every optional quest and must have spent a total of about 130 hours or so going through it three times. It's long but I've played many RPG's that take me just as long to do them once. I'm the kind of player who hates to repeat games more than once but did so because I got every ending in the first game, so wanted to try and get the most out of this too and for the price I paid, I easily got something out of it. While I was playing this, a friend of mine suddenly asked to borrow the original from me and finally got all 5 endings for the first time and I've just lent him this one a few days back. I'll definitely be getting Drakengard 3 at some point. Score 8.5/10 Previously completed... I've got a few more to add but I'll do that incrementally over the next week or so.
  7. Isn’t Luigi’s mansion about £40 or so anyway? The first one.
  8. I once played it briefly from a friend’s collection of copied CDR’s back when I was in uni around 2002 or so and was enjoying. The problems was that the first boss encounter would freeze during the cut scene to start it. I lost a lot of progress the first time but tried again and managed to get there a bit quicker the second and then it happened again. Must have been a scratched disc. I’ve seen the original Blood Omen too as a friend of mine had it back when I was in school. He tried playing it on an emulator over 10-12 years ago but it would get stuck on a specific bit and loop the same sentence over and over again.
  9. Ohhh right I see, so is this for a TV you're using that doesn't have a component input? @SeanR
  10. How does it compare to a component connection? I’ve been using my component cables and was actually surprised how good the image looks generally on my Pioneer plasma back when I fired up the ps2 again about 6 months ago for the first time in many years.
  11. I’ve got this and went through it all some years back because I loved the series so much that I wanted to see what this was about. Admittedly the gameplay itself while trying to offer different styles of stages does border on the low end amateur side of the spectrum, but I loved how they created a full season of story which I read was written by the writers who made the actual show itself. It’s also cool how it has some of the main characters in there voiced by the actual actors too. So nothing groundbreaking by any stretch but I enjoyed it. Also to add to the topic theme, I’ve been doing the same since some point last year where I decided to play some things on the PS3 but then bought Siren 1 & 2 from here which allowed me to set up my old PS2 again and I’ve decided to stick with it and start playing more of the things I’ve missed. The last main one being Drakengard 2 which I spent around 130 hours on or so over months doing it three times to get all three endings. I’ve also fixed an issue (which I think I mentioned it in another thread with you @dumpster when discussing the Shmups you had, pretty sure it was you) that fixed my CD laser allowing me to now play numerous games I’ve got that are all blue disc only and have never even been played ever since I got them. Its funny because I switched originally as friend of mine who doesn’t work only has a PS3 and it started with me wanting to play through a Star Ocean game at the same time he was going though it, and seeing as his PS3 supports ps2 games, he’s now asking to play through some of the ps2 stuff I have so it’s rubbing off onto him as well. This has completely stopped me thinking about the PS5 entirely.
  12. Tokyo Jungle is one that came to mind as I have it but got it on PS+ a few years back and don’t pay for that anymore so lost access to it. Had some fun with it despite initially not getting on with it, however it became quite addictive later on.
  13. Ah but the question is, did it really actually die? I say this because mine wouldn’t play CD based games and all that took was the rotating of a white cog inside to completely fix. On top of that though you have actual laser calibration and attempting to do things like cleaning the laser itself. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick I managed to fix the issue I had though so I’d check that first.
  14. @dumpster I’m suddenly wanting to buy those two Gradius games because I recently got my ps2 to finally read blue discs and my few existing ones are all blue discs so assume these are too? They are a bit on the pricey end though.
  15. This was the first thing that came to mind. Hand out lollipops at the fruit machines, it will all be ok. Oh they do already in Las Vegas, it’s called free alcohol.
  16. When I was playing Bravely Default on my 3DS, I actually used the built in drawing app to create custom maps to show the locations of multiple locked treasure chests you come across in dungeons. One of them for something else I drew a world map and marked in colours key locations for something specific I had to know about later in the game. The only downside was that it was a limited save system for these images where you had less than 20 slides that could be saved onto a matrix grid and I had to start erasing old ones eventually. It was massively useful though having that app.
  17. I used to play Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy on Atari ST. Loved it and it still looks good now. Only just learned it was based off another older title called Bumpy (1989) and that the gameboy one (Pop Up) was given to infogrames by Loriciels (who made Bumpy) to make.
  18. Pac Land takes me back to the start of my experience with arcades from being very young. I can’t be certain but I feel like it could well be the first arcade I played. I was always drawn to it whenever I saw it on an arcade machine and I saw it at a few places. I must have watched someone paying it and remember seeing that fire hydrant being pushed back to reveal a secret blue hat I think or something along those lines. I have a memory of something else but not sure if I’m just imagining it, where I saw the same thing happen but it allowed the level to skipped. I could be mixing that up with something else and know that you could choose a different stage from the beginning. Was all such a long time ago. Eventually I got chance to play it on the Atari St but could never fully get my head around the spring board controls leading me to mess the jump up most of the time. It was such a cool looking game though. The music has suddenly started playing in my head. Doo doo duh-doo dooooooooo.......dillydillydee dillydillydillydee...etc
  19. Soulstar


    I had a bit of a read up on a comment someone made over on an amazon page back in 2007 and he detailed issues around this. Overall though it wasn’t something that I was conscious of when I put it on yesterday and enjoyed what I played so far. As for the others, I have Psyvariar, XII Stag and more recently picked up Gunbird Special which I think is the first two games together. I’ve got a couple of other genre blue disc games too; Play Pinball and Freak Out (panic stretch?). Thinking of grabbing R-Type Final too as it’s pretty cheap.
  20. Soulstar


    I've just fixed my PS2 CD reading issue and have now opened up access to my 4 shooters I own and have owned for years but never ever played. Just had an hour or so on Steel Dragon which is nice. Contains an updated Evolution version of the same game in 3D but I've started off with the 1997 original pixel version. Looks great too, music isn't so much so though.
  21. I've been meaning for ages to take apart my (Phatt) PS2 and have a look to see if it's possible to fix the fact it doesn't read CD's at all meaning all PS1 games and the one's that came out on blue disc. Annoyingly I've got about 7 games that I've never been able to play and a few of these are scrolling shmups like Psyvariar, Steel Dragon Ex, XII Stag and Gunbird. Aside from the one time I played one of them at a mate's house on his PS2 years back, I've never had them running at all ever. Well today I've just fixed the problem. It was all down to simply adjusting two white cogs. Before hand there was a lot of clicking too and it's entirely solved the problem loading perfectly now. I'm now excited to check out these shooters. I've got Freakout and a Pinball game too.
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