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  1. The way dice swing make me laugh sometimes. In one game of infinity all I needed to do was roll a 16 or more on a 20-sided dice and it took me 8 goes. I ran that through a dice calculator later it and was something stupid like a 0.000006% chance. What's funnier is the roll to show someone taking the pin of of a smoke grenade and dropping it at her feet. She couldn't even manage that on the first 7 tries.
  2. And first placement match of new season ruined by a thrower. FFS.
  3. I know it's been brought up before, but damn the SR system in OW is messed up. At the placement matches at the start of the season I won all five games as support adn came out just in silver. I completed my last placement game as DPS last night (queuing as dps/support through the season and only getting five damage games throughout), won two, drew one, and game out solid gold at 2,200 sr. How. The. Fuck. Does. That. Work.
  4. Maths never was my strong point. In my defence my calculations were spot on if it was 10 models a week. Moving on, new project - Devourer force for Confrontation.
  5. And done. Now do I do Bjorn, Scouts or a rhino?
  6. Two models a day? I remember reading an interview with Mike McVey saying he did that when he started at GW. Based on a 7.5 hour day, that's one model per 3.75 hours. Doable. Worth it in the days on patreon and you tube painting channels? Probably not.
  7. Oh yeah, the smurf's are insane. Hope they bring in dota like smurf bans.
  8. That was canned as is and ended up being Overwatch. New patch brought over from the experimental mode. Not everything amde it. What did: - The bap canges - DVA call mech - the Echo lt change - The Moira orb (yay!) - Orisa halt change - Rein's armour nerf - Hog's damage buff - Sombra's movement speed increased in stealth, but NOT the seatlth shift increase.
  9. Could be. Or could be he was approaching OW2 with the same lack of haste they approached with Project Titan and Activision had had enough. It's so opaque we won't know unless someone spills the beans. Anythin is possible right now. I'm just glad we got confimration we have new news coming for OW1 and 2. Also, entirely beside the point, had a great run on comp ysterday and jumped up 300SR.
  10. Yeah, questions why.... I can't see it being something overarching than OW2-centric, but Jeff has been Mr Blizzard for so long. In other news, we're apparently getting OW2 news next month as well as word next week on some more new stuff for OW1.
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