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  1. From memory, the Butlerian Jihad - which lead to the the AI ban, took place like 14,000 years before the events of Dune, so it should have already happened. But Dune and the events that lead up to it span a couple of thousand years to get to the situation where Duke Leto gets sent to Dune, so I suppose it could set right in the middle of it. That would be interesting to see. I reckon I'd prefer a story set to the backdrop of a recognisable world event rather than one just happening on its own timeline.
  2. Stupid time difference. I'm at work right now.... wonder if I should colour in a COVID test....
  3. Possibly. I don't know what the new hotness is atm, but also as a 40 something I care more about what I like than the new hotness. I'm also using 'new hotness' in a sentence, which is telling. Anyhoo, I was watching a review of OW1 the other day and it reminded me of a few things, mainly how in 2016/17/18 OW was The Shit and ubiquitious enough to bleed into popular culture, and how that all went away when they annoucned OW2 and basically did fuck all for three years with either game. It's my own personal suspicion the annoucnement was made super early to try and distract from the HR issues Blizzard were havig at the time. A management decision based on PR that lead the devs to having to pull resources from OW1 to try and suddenly boost OW2, screwing the golden goose in the process. Now the landscape has changed around them leaving OW behind. It's still a fucking amazing game and I love it. However I don't think OW needed a sequel. If it had been left alone it would probably be in the same state OW2 will be on release, but without the dearth of content it suffered through for three years, bleeding players in the process. I also don't think 5v5 would have happened. Whether or not that's a good thing will be seen as the game grows. I can see how not shooting shield after shield would be better, but proof will be in th eplaying. Eitherway, I'm itching to get into it tomorrow.
  4. I agree, but "Don't be ridiculous" has to be the best line from the first film.
  5. So happy there's a sequel. Loved the first one. Kids are excited as hell, too.
  6. Had the first round of a Battle Companies campaign last night. We have 6 guys, but only three turned up for this first day. So we had two games each with rivendell, rangers of the North, and my angmar. Rangers v rivendell was a bloody draw with Kill the Messenger, with both sides having a model captured, so we played two games of A Daring Rescue with me as the defender. I managed to slaughter all the elves with some amazing sniping from my archers, but got massacred in turn by the rangers, who removed all but one of my ten orcs, with the last failing a courage test and legging it. After two rounds we were all pretty happy. The elves had lost an archer to killed outright, but amended to replace him with reinforcements and get a knight to boot. I managed to pick up an orc with and a warg rider, however one sergeant picked up an arm and leg wound. The rangers player is very happy, though, picking up two additional rangers with spears. Man they're scary. Anyway, fun games! Can't wait for round two.
  7. Really liking the sound fo some fo these: Short version - OW2 require a unqie mobile phone number for each account, (no pre paids) to cut down on smurfing and add some barrier of entry to a free game. Machine learning to capture voice chat to check in on reported players. New players are required to win 50 quick play matches before they can sign up to comp (YES!) to gte newbies used to the game and to cut down on smurfing. Highlu Endorsed players will get additional perks (nice). There will no player rank portraits pre game, which is a good thing IMO.
  8. Just got confirmation OW2 will begin to auto download on Oct1st and OW1 servers will shut down on Oct 3rd.
  9. A,ate had a game of Saga last night, taking his vikiings against new player's Gauls. This is what they brought: Frankly* amazing. *pun intended.
  10. So that restaurant was just filled with that guy's bodyguards? Not bad employment perks.
  11. Exactly. Id rather a film tey something new than be boring. That's one reason I respect m Night Shamyalan so much. The Happening isn't great, but fuck he took a dumb idea and gave it its best shot.
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