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  1. Also the Humble Bundle being massive dicks and raising their fees so the charity component is negligible thing.
  2. The lizardmen and out there species of RT weren't factions, though. Just models you could use in RT's RPG esque gameplay. They're still techincally in the universe, just not the game. the BL novels have many difference alien species. Although I'm pissed the arachnid warriors from Murder aren't a faction. That would be ace. I was listening to a Guerilla Miniatures Games podcast a while back where Ash and Owen were talking about the direction 40k was going, story wise, and how to save it from disappearing up its own arse. Owen had a really good suggestion of the tyranids being the end of the galaxy (which, to be fair, is going to happen) and the Impreium having to Noah's Ark itself to Alpha Centauri, and when they get there in their very limited capacity it's already populated and a much larger galaxy has much larger civilisations and suddenelt the Spess Marines are not the biggest boys on the block. That idea could easily include the orks, eldar and other races, and has the opportunity to introduce a whole slew of new factions and neatly avoiding the two minutes ot midnight trap the setting is in.
  3. I have just ordered a tonne of 3d printed LOTR terrain for my birthday. I am happy.
  4. Only done one tournament before and that was Infinity, but my biggest takeaway is narrate what you're doing as you do it. IE, "I'm going to move my model here to this point to the corner of this wall where it can see your model here but not its squamates." It avoids ambiguity and allows your opponent a chance to disagree before any dice are rolled.
  5. Saw the GoW Thor and loved it, then I saw the bitching and my first thought was this response from Jean Francois Caron when asked why people in the World's Strongest Men comps didn't have abs.
  6. Gotta love a game community where you ask tips on how to paint the skin of a model and the guy who actually frikkin' painted the studio model tells you. (This one, for reference).
  7. Awesome. And yeah the new title masters are exciting. Really looking forward to a couple of the masters I play, and the new Hoffman title makes we want to play his keyword now.
  8. No *you* just started a work Teams meeting by shouting "Hallo guys! Marco here!" in a really bad italian accent.
  9. I know this won't impact most of you and it's possible you're not even aware of it, but sometime ago GW banned retailers from shipping their rulebooks overseas. So, I could jump on Wayland Games, fill up a cart with minis all good, but the moment I put a GW rulebook in there it won't ship outside the UK. The is a major pain in the arse as the 'big' rule books cost twice the amount here than in the UK. Which is probbaly why they do it, to be honest. But I wanted to the MESBG rulebook and and armies book (which I did) I've have to pay $90-100 for each here. Luckily my mum was going to post me something for my birthday, so I both them from a UK seller and had them shit them to her to include, so even with the shipping I'm paying around $100 for both rather then the $180 plus post GW thinks we should pay. Not really any point to the this post, other than this one encounter with brand new GW items reminded me why I stopped with their games a long time ago.
  10. With the rise of STL files and the quality of (some) printed minis these days, it's time to start thinking about investing in a 3D printer. So, who has one? How much did you spend? What's the running costs like? Would you like to share some of your creations? I'll start off with a couple of figures I had printed by Mr Lee's MInis in the UK. These were the first 3d printed models I'd seen close up, and they're so, so good.
  11. Middle Earth. Got a tonne of second hand minis and rulebooks off Gumtree at eth start of the pandemic for the kids, but just starting to really get into it now. Simple enough for the kids to grasp, tactical enough to grow into. Also: Lord of the Rings.
  12. Chrome. This is how it pops up: The function menu thing is just for subtitles.
  13. Something else I just realised - you can't wahct the videos in full screen. Unless I'm missing something. Am I missing something?
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