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  1. The thing with that is they've had to try and fix it by introducing the token system to encourage peopel to queue for tank and support, and also to try and fix the token system by adjsuting how many token you get for a loss to stop people abusing it. What I liked about open queue was the flexibility to adapt to circumstances and the creaitivity that gave. Yesterday I played a game where we were just stuck at the first choke on Kings Row. The defenders just had too much firepower and our tanks were just shredded and me and the other healer could not keep up. But I could pretty guara
  2. Got a stick up his butt. Appropriate.
  3. I honestly want them to scrap role queue. I seemt o eb alone in the opinion that role queue was the single worst move OW made and is symptomatic of them changing the game to quite the wishes of the top 1%of players.
  4. Totally with you on the Rein thing. The recent Rein changes are awesome and I love playing him now. Although when you have a pokcetd Rein they can be hard to stop, but that's the game right now and goes to show the position of the healing. Re, the skill tress, PVE only. Jeff confirmed it in an interview after ythe presentation, as they unbalance the game too much. Although he did say he's not discounting the possibility of arcade games using the skill trees in PVP.
  5. I also liked what we saw for OW2. I'm not really interested in the PVE, but I'm willing to be swayed, and if we end up with Project Titan anyway then sure, why not. I mean, I'll be getting it anyway. I was dissapoitned by no news on what's going to happen with OW1 though. However, as it's been noted, several of the smaller changes that were being tested for OW2 have been included in OW1 anyway (such as the token system), so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some stuff mke it's way across to OW1 early just to keep people ticking over. I also woudl;nt be surprised if one of those thi
  6. Speaking of, I'm finally finishing one of my WIPs now. Words cannot express how much I hate assembling miniatures, especially those on sprues that come with multiple poses. But these hearthguard are done now so at least I'm on my way to getting these done. Nothing fancy, just block colour and dipping.
  7. OK, I ended up going with the vikings, ordered some Gripping Beast Hirdmen to flesh out my force to 6 points. Let's do this!
  8. A little OT and a cross post from the brexit forum, but I went to buy some small things from some UK retailers, because I've been doing it since 2016 when the pound took a pounding due to brexit but this is the first time since Jan 1st when the relationship ended and..... damn, check out these shipment costs: Pre Jnuary those postage costs would have been around $8 and $12 respectively. Lost of people here got stuff from UK retailers because the exchange rate made it sensible, even with postage, which was eveer too high. But now? Yeesh.
  9. Also leaked that OW will be going FTP. We'll learn more from Blizzcon online but I'm sure there'll have more content in the pipeline. They're not stupid and it sounds like they've known about the release date being pushed back for a while. One thing I woudl like fixed though is the queue time estimator. God knows how many times I'v joined a DPS queue with a priority ticket fo less then 1 minute and still been in skirmish 8 minute later.
  10. The Chinese New Year event is on now. No one cares. The Ash outfit is pretty cool, though. HOwever, what is news is the voice actor who voices Genji let slip in an interview that he has yet to voice any lines for OW2. That suggests one of two things - OW2 is a long way off and the indications of an early 2021 release were wrong, or they got another actor and this is all super awks. Blizzcon is later this month. We could hear word about a release date, but even with that it's gong to be a long way off and OW hasn't had any new stuff outside cosmetics in a long time, and
  11. Cheers Cocky. I did enjoy painting something a bit more vibrant than usual. Your stuff is starting to rub off on me
  12. Not part of the HH, but I recently picke up Blood of Asaheim by Chris Wraight and it was very good. I want the follow up but can't find it physically for less than $50.
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